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Fortunately, we do not have to choose whether what we do is more about Real Estate or People; I think we all know the essence, the bottom line; the nitty gritty  of real estate is "people". Most often we are thinking of the people rather than ourselves. If you have been a real estate professional...
Same Saturday, Part 2 of 2. After stopping by the office in Biloxi, Skye and I decided to visit the Tea Party before scavenging the Edgewater Mall for the Shoe Mission. Following are photo highlights. These are publicly expressed sentiments of some who attended the Tea Party. This is simply a por...
Saturday, July 18th, 2009--From Shoes to the Tea Party and in between... Part 1 of 2 This morning's mission: Find a new pair of Converse All American Light Sneakers to replace:      Can you imagine? Not a store carried what a teen wanted.These are her favorite shoe. Nothing else will do. When I p...
A client of a client of mine is an investor planning to get her real estate license soon. She is not going the Career REALTOR or corporate route, rather licensee/investor route. So, we were wondering if anyone at Active Rain in the Houston Area would have suggestions for a broker match. . Of cour...
The weekend of Saturday June 13 and Sunday June 14 we are focused on the open house in Gulfport's Westbury Community. However, we split our staff so that we can attend showings in other communities as well. (I will have opportunity to get better Westbury photos this weekend). This Saturday, June ...
Utilities for these communities: Avondale, Janus Road, Deer Creek Road, Quail Creek Cove and Quail Creek Circle (and other nearby communities represented by other agents): Coast Electric: 228-388-3109 It will run you $290 between deposit and meter fee to get turned on. I have heard from residents...
Nightlife here in the MGC can be very noisy. Its the birds! Here it is almost 12AM and the birds are having a wild Fiesta. Of course I could close my doors and windows... Just think. If my air conditioner were working and I lived in a climate controlled home I would not have realized the birds we...
Rather than reinvent the wheel I have left the reporting to those who do it well. Please remember to regularly check in with local news sources. Some, but not all are: the Sunherald, Gulf Coast News, WLOX . It seems the consensus for open date for the Promenade is late October.         2009 Progr...
If you start a real estate rent to own conversation--you will likely get a variety of reactions. Some people have already been burned by a rent to own company, some people assume that the buyer/renter still have to come up with a big down payment. All I can say is--for this one time in your life;...
*Note: This blog is posted to various Active Rain Groups as well as Localism because I am seeking the opinions of Active Rain members. At this time comments cannot be posted to Localism blogs. FAQ's: Why spend time Blogging? At this time my profile has been viewed 10574 times. At some point blogg...

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