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Well after blogging about time to re-group, no more 100 percent loans, we had a lender come on and tell us that she still has a product...........minimum 620 score and they DO NOT look at declining area.  (the program is for low to moderate income buyers) So a week after she posted this, her comp...
Friendly reminder to all, donate your unwanted items or come shop!Corner Stone University is getting all of our left over yard sale items for their Habitat for Humanity Division, so if we do not sell it, they will!  Yes, it is spring cleaning time.  Do you want something to do with that old junk ...
You can tell spring is here in East Grand Rapids.  Many reasons!Real Estate sales are up, homes are selling and life is good right now.  I must admit I was a little worried once the lending market got even tougher.  Credit scores have to be a little better then in the past, most all 100 percent l...
STOP!  WAIT and READ!Garfield Development Corp may have a better solution for you!  Garfield development Corp has a purchase and rehab program that will let you have your cake and eat it too!I was searching for homes for a client the other day, and did not realize how many homes were available in...
Hello everyone, Just wanted to let everyone know that the "Friends Lanscaping our World" website is now up and running.  We have been working really hard on this.www.flowgr.comMany more updates have to take place, so book mark and check back often, but at least we are live now. Hey, I was reading...
This is a great program for officers, teachers, and fire fighters/emergency medical technicians to purchase a specifically designated acquired home!Some details about this program:•·        Can purchase the home at 50 percent off list price•·        Home must be in the revitalization area•·      ...
Well as a Realtor, with one of my specailties  assisting low to moderate income home buyers, you can guess what my frustration level is with this new information.  I understand this is also effecting the MSHDA loans as well.............I have many buyers who have used MSHDA products and not only ...

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