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If you have been following me for a while, you will know I am a big fan of renovation loans. I love that 1st time home buyers can buy low and roll in needed repairs  to a loan to make a home sustainable in return improving/stabilizing the value of a neighborhood.  Makes me very happy!   Till now ...
Sometimes I wish the banks would allow the Short Sale listing agent the opportunity to sell the home as a REO. I have about a 70 percent return rate on short sales.  Even though I am certified as a short sale agent, I do not do a lot of marketing for this kind of business, but I do list them. Usu...
Now that lending has gotten more difficult and credit scores (in my opinion) have gone crazy.  Land contracts seem to be on the rise. I really worry about these for several reasons.  I am sure there are people who have done them successfully, but I am still shying away from them. What I worry abo...
I rarely use the hand held telephone book anymore, in fact I believe the last one I got delivered to my house I threw away! I google everything!   If you do not have a website I am probably not going to call you.  Even if you were referred to me.  The advantage to me as a consumer, to be able to ...
One of my top ten pet peeves, is when I call a new doctor for an appointment and the 1st thing out of their mouth is what kind insurance do have? They do not pay attention to my name, ask me what I want to see the doctor for, how serious my condition is - just want to know how I am going to pay b...
I believe the future of preparing a home for sale is going to change.  As our market changes, needs and wants from buyers are changing as well. We all have read many articles about staging the home, adding square footage, paint the home to fresh current colors. Where all is this is still very goo...

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