central florida real estate: Orlando, Step Up To The Plate - It’s Time To Buy Your Next Home!!! - 04/23/08 09:13 AM
Yes, Orlando, it is time to get off of the fence and purchase a home.  Let me qualify that.  That is if it is within your means to do so financially.  The previous mentality that we’ve seen has hopefully stopped, but unfortunately, once things get better, people tend to forget.  Sad but true! 
There have been several articles over the past week and half that I’ve read that have shown once again how Florida and especially Orlando have bucked the national trend in real estate. 
According to NAR (the National Association of Realtors®), not only did the number of … (8 comments)

central florida real estate: The Fed Rate and Mortgage Rate – What Does This All Mean? - 02/09/08 07:16 AM
First a little history.  The Federal Reserve System (commonly referred to as The Fed) is the central banking system of the US and is made up of 12 regional banks.  The Fed manages the nation's money supply via its use of monetary policy.  This refers to The Feds ability to influence the availability of money and credit which affects interest rates and therefore the economy. 
Are we good so far?  For our purposes here we are going to have a limited discussion and only touch upon one area of the monetary policies. 
Banks are required by The Fed to have a … (44 comments)

central florida real estate: Orlando & Central Florida, Orange and Seminole County – Education - 01/31/08 08:23 AM
Education in the Greater Central Florida area and the City of Orlando including Orange and Seminole County as with any area has numerous public and private schools available to you. 
We have a wonderful education system and with anything else some are better equipped than others.  That is not the point of this post, but to give you information on the various sources that are available to you. 
The Central Florida region is quite expansive, but is inclusive of Orange County and Seminole County with the City of Orlando being the largest municipality.  But unlike some other areas of the country … (17 comments)

central florida real estate: Orlando, Orange County, Florida – Arts & Culture - 01/30/08 10:58 AM
This possibly should be titled Central Florida - Arts & Culture because the Greater Orlando area encompasses more than just the City of Orlando when you talk about a subject such as this.  We ain't New York City, but we do have culture and attractions here other than Mickey Mouse, Shamu and Jurassic Park.
One would be quite surprised of the amount of Fine Arts and Culture that can be found in the Greater Orlando/Central Florida area.  We have the usual trappings of most large cities.  You'll find the theater, ballet, opera, museums, music, botanical gardens, festivals and the list goes on.  … (18 comments)

central florida real estate: Real Estate – What Is It To Me? - 01/29/08 03:50 AM
This is a great business.  There is nothing really simple with buying and selling real estate because of all of the complexities involved in what many of us may feel is a simple transaction.
The rewards that we acquire are bringing all of these individual facets together successfully for all of those involved.  To me that is the rush that I get out of my vocation. 
Are there some aspects of real estate sales that I am not wholly in love with - absolutely.  Are there some tasks that I'd rather not do, or at least to a lesser extent than others … (28 comments)

central florida real estate: Orlando, Orange County, Florida – Employment & Economy - 01/23/08 10:32 AM
If you'd like to read a general overview of the City of Orlando, Orange County, Florida, just take a moment to read this article first, Orlando, Orange County, Florida - The City Beautiful.
Orlando is generally known for being a tourist destination and as such we've had basically more of a service-oriented economy for many years.  But as you've read in the previous article, there is more to Orlando than just the theme parks.  Don't get me wrong, they make a great impact on our economy.  Orlando would probably not be where it is today if it were not for Walt Disney … (31 comments)

central florida real estate: Foreclosure Plan – Is this a Panacea or a Step in the Right Direction? - 01/11/08 01:47 AM
There was an article in this morning's Inman News Headlines by Glenn Roberts, Jr. entitled "Foreclosure fix: "'The Last Chance Mortgage' - How we got into this mess and how to get out."  (You will only be able to access this link for free on 1/11/08.) 
The article was in regard to John Vogel, Jr's. plan to not only solve the problem that we're facing but to go one step further. 
The plan is the best thing that I've read so far since we've been faced with this dilemma, but I see one major flaw.  Let's first look at what the … (12 comments)

central florida real estate: Central Florida – Now is the Time to Buy! - 01/10/08 08:27 AM
Yes, you heard me correctly.  Now is an excellent time to purchase that Central Florida home that you've been dreaming about!  You don't believe me, well then read on.
If you look historically, you will note that the real estate market is cyclical, but this can also be said of many facets of our society.  Check the relationship of recession and inflation in the basic economic cycle.  I'm not going to go into that for this article, but you should be able to see my point.  One more point, think of a fad, any fad, and you will realize that they as … (11 comments)

central florida real estate: Life and Real Estate – What Do You Want and Where Are You Heading? - 01/08/08 10:59 AM
What do you want out of life and real estate?
This is not meant to be a personal blah, blah, blah, but it's also the only way I know how to relate the way I see things.  Call it Marc's semi-educated outlook, if you wish.  I've been mulling this over in my head for a while since commenting on WooHoo Sally's post Business Plan 2008? The Art of Handling Life's Curve Balls ....First.  She told me not to hide the real me under the jokes, etc.  But it must be said that I do like the jokes and I do not think … (23 comments)

central florida real estate: Vacant House Safety - 01/02/08 11:35 PM
This is about vacant house safety because of a situation that I had to deal with over the last several days.  Obviously, this person was quite tenacious. 
With all of the homes on the market, many are vacant and we need to be more aware of our surroundings than ever before and CAREFUL!  Even looking back, I did something quite stupid myself.  OK, so a little history and a short story - Imagine that!
I have a couple of Central Florida rental properties that are not presently occupied.  One of them I hadn't been to in a couple of weeks.  I knew … (38 comments)

central florida real estate: Lake Mary Homes for Sale – Now Is The Time To Buy! - 12/20/07 12:11 AM
Yes, Lake Mary Homes for Sale - Now is the time to buy!  You may read this and say to yourself, "What is this guy on drugs?"  No and hardly are the answers.  But let's look at the facts and take a couple of things into consideration.  If you have decent credit and have some available cash for a down payment, then you will most likely be able to get a loan at a decent interest rate. 
You think I must be joking, but that's because you've been reading and hearing and have now succumbed to believing all of the doom and … (12 comments)

central florida real estate: Real Estate Contract – Right of First Refusal – Who Benefits? - 12/18/07 02:30 AM
This post came about because of one by Jessica Horton entitled, "Why put a carton of milk on layaway when your old dairy cow doesn't have any takers?"  In it she discussed about receiving a lot more real estate contracts as of late with contingency clauses for the sale of a buyer's home with no kick-out clause.
Let me preface this by stating that I make it a point to follow-up and follow through.  From the get go I get the buyers information in regard their lender, etc. and put calls through until I hopefully get more information back.  For the … (22 comments)

central florida real estate: Mortgage Bailout – Who’s Getting Bailed Out & Who’s Bailing Out! - 12/14/07 08:50 AM
OK, let's start with a brief understanding of the mortgage industry.  You buy a property and obtain a mortgage.  The lender then packages that loan with many others and then they are sold to investors.  Simple, right!  OK, so now we come to the mortgage debacle that we are seeing in the subprime market and we've all read about the bailout that President Bush is proposing. 
So now let's get back to our investor.  They bought a package of loans at a certain rate of return expected.  But if the rates are frozen, then this investor is going to get a … (9 comments)

central florida real estate: Longwood, Seminole County, Florida - 12/14/07 02:37 AM
Longwood is located in Central Florida abutting Altamonte Springs in Seminole County straddling I-4 (a major thoroughfare reaching from Tampa, on Florida's West Coast to Daytona Beach on its East Coast) and State Road 434.  Longwood is just minutes away from downtown Orlando, the Orlando Sanford Airport, Orlando International Airport and the major theme attractions.   
Longwood is rich in history including that of its early settlers John Neill Searcy & Edward Warren Henck.  Longwood has a historic district with many structures dating to the 1800's.  There is the Bradlee-McIntyre House, which was originally located in Altamonte Springs and is on the … (5 comments)

central florida real estate: Altamonte Springs, Seminole County, Florida - 12/10/07 03:39 AM
Altamonte Springs is located in the geographic heart of Central Florida in Seminole County straddling I-4 (a major thoroughfare reaching from Tampa, on Florida's West Coast to Daytona Beach on its East Coast) and State Road 436.  Altamonte Springs is just minutes away from downtown Orlando, the Orlando Sanford Airport, Orlando International Airport and the major theme attractions.   
The first settlers of Altamonte Springs, which is Spanish for ‘high hill,' were a group of businessmen who intended to create a tourist haven at Snow Junction, as it was then called.  It has evolved into a residential community with its strength lying … (22 comments)

central florida real estate: Keywords & Search Engine Spiders - 12/09/07 03:10 AM
We're all concerned about where our posts will show up and I've been researching many aspects of better rankings, etc.  One of the items I came across has to do with keywords.  Unfortunately, when I just went to look for the article I did not bookmark it - go figure! 
Anyway, it appears that certain Search Engine Spiders, and I know that this may sound ridiculous, but they look for the words/phrases that you utilize for your keywords/tags to be in alphabetical order.  There are only a couple that look for this, but I think that it would be advantageous, therefore, … (26 comments)

central florida real estate: It's All About Meme...Marc's Book Meme - 12/06/07 06:02 AM
We'll try this for a second time.  Thank goodness for a word doc.
I received an email from Midori Miller informing me that I am now tagged and need to write a post "It's All About MeMe..."  I hope you don't mind if I take you on a journey and do this a little differently.  Too many things are going through my mind.  I know, that's a scary place to be! 
While typing the words ‘MeMe,' I had a jolt back to a dear friend that always used the phrase "It's All About Me!" - and for him it was.  He used … (18 comments)

central florida real estate: Seminole County - Florida's Natural Choice - 12/03/07 10:40 AM
Seminole County is situated between Orlando's Central Business District, the Theme Parks and the Volusia beaches on the east coast.  The county can't be beat for accessibility to the best that Central Florida has to offer.
Seminole County is one of the fastest growing counties in Florida.  It is a collection of comfortable bedroom communities with housing ranging in price from very affordable to among the most expensive in the area. 
Seminole County has carefully protected its natural resources.  These include Lake Monroe and the scenic St. John's River, with its alligators and moss-draped cypress trees; Wekiva Springs State Park and the … (7 comments)

central florida real estate: Bloggers Beware! - 11/28/07 10:04 AM
OK, so now that I got your attention.  Normally I read the comics in the morning and we won't go any further than that.  This morning was slightly unusual in that I was busy putting together my installment of Links in the Active Rain Chain.  With that said, I just read a comic, Pearls Before Swine, that is just so apropo for us bloggers.
Yes, TLW, it's stolen as usual!  I guess that's one of my downfalls, or at least the one that I'll talk about on the Rain.
Till next time - Marc It Sold!

central florida real estate: I Have A Big Mouth - One Way To Have A Deal Go South! - 11/28/07 09:00 AM
Here's the deal or what may have actually been the deal!  I have several acres of land listed for sale.  An agent asked me to walk the property with her and her clients. 
No problem, while we were doing so it was talked about them possibly considering subdividing the property in the future.  Their Realtor, nor myself, thought that there would be an issue with this and further thought that they would be allowed to deed the property with it having ingress and egress via the other parcel. 
OK, so long story short, which is extremely difficult for me.  On Monday, I … (24 comments)


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