property tax: Florida’s Property Tax Fiasco, Like the Energizer Bunny, Goes On & On…. - 10/31/07 08:02 AM
Unbelievable!  After all of these months of wrangling, town hall meetings, etc, this is the best that they could come up with.  The major points of the proposed property tax amendment, which the citizens of Florida will vote on 1/29/08 are as follows:
The homestead exemption will be increased from $25K to $40 or 50K depending on who you speak to.  According to the Orlando Sentinel it will be $40K, but a news report on TV and an email from Governor Charlie Crist both refer to "doubling the homestead exemption." There will be some portability of the Save Our Homes, whether you are … (5 comments)

property tax: Buying and Selling in Today’s Market – Is It Right For Me? - 07/05/07 03:26 AM
We are all aware of what's going on in today's real estate marketplace.  There is no way that you can escape the news.  It's all over on the radio, television and in print.  So where do you stand? 
Firstly, the situation is not going to change anytime soon.  There are too many factors that have contributed to our present market.  One of the greatest, that most people are not aware of, is that of the mortgage lending business.  This has greatly contributed the our present set of circumstances. 
A little history.  A long time ago when someone took out a mortgage, … (0 comments)

property tax: Property Taxes – The Saga Continues - 06/06/07 05:37 AM
I've been very concerned about where we are going with the property tax reform, as I am sure most of you in Florida are as well.  Last evening there was a Town Hall Meeting in Apopka with Rep. Bryan Nelson.  The plan that was revealed was interesting, but I am still very skeptical. 
My first order of skeptism has to do with the implementation date.  Previously it had been talked about by members of the Florida legislature that they would ask for a special election in August of this year.  Both Mr. Nelson and an article in the Orlando Sentinel have … (0 comments)

property tax: Property Taxes – Our Nemesis! – con’t - 05/11/07 07:06 AM
I was actually planning on writing about our other nemesis - Homeowners Insurance, but today's Orlando Sentinel had much ado about property taxes and Marco Rubio's new plan.
It seems that State Rep. Rubio's previous plan was too drastic for many in the Senate, if not the House, to swallow.  As you may have read in my previous posts, I have been a strong opponent to his plan.  His new plan just seems to be a rip off of the one I wrote about yesterday, the one that was proposed by David Simmons of Maitland. 
Unfortunately, Rubio's new plan again goes too … (0 comments)

property tax: Property Taxes – Our Nemesis! - 05/10/07 02:49 AM
Finally someone has come up with a tax-cut proposal that is somewhat realistic.  David Simmons, a state representative from Maitland, has proposed a property tax plan that will offer big tax cuts, but asks homeowners of larger more expensive homes to get a lesser tax cut percentage.  More in line with how income taxes work.  Basically using a sliding scale approach. 
Here's how this would work.  All homeowners would get a tax break of 65% on the first $100K of assessed value of their home.  For homes valued $100-200K, these people would receive a 55% tax cut on the second $100K … (0 comments)

property tax: Why do people think we are Stupid?!? - 03/16/07 02:13 AM
It's just absolutely amazing to me that people must think we are stupid.  Here are two things in particular that I've just come across. 
My last post had to do with the Florida property tax issue.  This morning I received an email from a realtor in Miami that must be a supporter of Marco Rubio, the House Speaker.  Let me just give you a brief history here.  He is proposing that we eliminate the property tax on primary residences & reduce the property tax on other properties by 20%.  To offset this revenue loss he is wishing to increase the state … (0 comments)

property tax: Florida’s Property Tax Fiasco!! - 03/14/07 07:31 AM
I obviously haven't written in a couple of months.  It is not that I had not wanted, but did not wish to write about the same topic that has been so prevalent, the local market.  I was firstly concerned about the negativity that some may derive from this, even though we are in a quite healthy market in Central Florida.  I also needed some more inspiration to write. 
A client of mine had suggested that I write about the property tax issue that we are experiencing.  My first thought & reply was ‘no'.  I did not want to write about such … (0 comments)

property tax: Tax measure goes easy on the rich - 12/21/06 11:55 PM
In 1992 in Florida, a property tax break measure entitled, "Save Our Homes," was passed. What this does is take the Tax Assessed Value of your home at the time of purchase and limit this from being increased more than 3% per year for the current owner until the home is sold. The intention of this was to be of assistance mainly to the elderly from being taxed out of their homes. Unfortunately, the wealthy have received a proportionately greater property tax benefits than those intended. Read the complete article at,0,6678504.storyUntil Next Time - MARC IT SOLD! … (1 comments)


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