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Everybody knows heat rises, right?  Well, it also transfers.  Think of cold air as empty air and heat is what can fill it up.  Heat energy transfers from hot to cold trying to create an equilibrium, this process is called heat gain.   Too science-nerdy for you?  To break it down for you... heat g...
The neighborhood of Nottingham Green is holding its annual yard sale on Saturday May 2nd!  Nottingham Green is located on the west side of Newark, Delaware.  The cross street to find it is Radcliffe and can be found on a map here.   It is a mixed age neighborhood so there will be bargains for al...
Ok, so I am a bit of a tree hugger... and I need to do something on Earth Day to help save the planet.  Anyone out there looking to do something to help out, but doesn't have the time?  Stopping junk mail catalogs is a huge way to help! Over 19 billion catalogues are mailed in the United States a...
With declining markets in most areas along with landlords on fixed mortgages, renting is becoming more expensive than owning your own home.  Some municipalities realize the benefit of ownership and are chipping in contributions making it more affordable to own.  As an example, the City of Newark,...
Getting the facts about your local market is a part of being a responsible home owner.  It is just as important as checking on your 401k, IRA, or money market accounts.  For most home owners, their home is the biggest investment they will make and being informed is the best way to protect your in...
Whether you are a procrastinator or just don't want to give your money to your Uncle Sam till the last minute, you can find a post office with extended hours here!  Need a break from doing your taxes, follow this link to see a vintage WWII propaganda video from Walt Disney Pictures featuring our ...
Love Delaware?  Here is the Official State of Delaware website.  It has great information like employment opportunities, local meetings and events, news, and even school announcements!  It is a great resource for all your needs. Love Delaware enough to move here or become a first time home buyer?...
As the credit market continues to flat-line and shrink, consumers are finding it harder and harder to obtain loans.  Only consumers with the best credit are eligible for lending programs that give them the opportunity to own their home or buy the things they need.  Here are three good ways to imp...
Think house values in Bear aren't worth taking a look at?  Think again.  Bear Delaware is located around the intersection of rt. 40 and rt. 7 and is designated by zip codes 19701 and 19702.  Only an 18 minute drive from downtown Wilmington, Bear is a commuters delight.  It offers fantastic shoppi...
 Great!  You will be adding equity and improving the overall enjoyment of your home.  There are a few things you should consider before you start digging holes.  First, adding a deck will not double the value of your home, but it will add over all equity to your home.  You can expect to recover 9...

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