beaverton and gladwin homes and land: Off the fence in Michigan - 03/07/12 08:54 PM

Dear Buyers,
If you have been on the fence about whether or not now is the time to buy,
The question should be, is it worth trying to do, not can it be done.
- Allard Lowenstein, twentieth-century American diplomat
Well, there are other factors to be considered ......
If you're waiting to find the bottom of the market, you could miss it, once prices start to rise - can you really be the one to wish for the economy to go backwards so you can make out ? Remember, what goes around comes around - and … (5 comments)

beaverton and gladwin homes and land: Super Bowl 2012 - 02/05/12 10:20 PM
Happy Super Bowl!
It certainly was a great game this year.
Went to our son and daughter-in-laws like we usually do to watch the game and enjoy some snacks. It's always a joy to see the two grandbabies! And they had a friend there with the tiniest cutest little  baby boy you ever saw!
Yes, I saw that great catch in the second quarter.
I missed the beginning of Century21's commercial: Faster - Bolder ....... guess I missed the end too!
I didn't win or lose any money this year.
Both my son and ex-maybe-in-law were rooting for the Giants!
Favorite … (4 comments)

beaverton and gladwin homes and land: Things that don't change - 10/12/11 07:32 AM
We live in an everchanging world...
However, some things should never change.
One is the practice of common courtesy.
I admit that I am usually in somewhat of a hurry, but despite that, I have patience and follow the basic speed laws...
Today I needed some envelopes and zipped up the highway to Fruchey's Family Market during my lunch time while working the Wixom Lake Century21 Smith-Miller office located on M30 just North of Strykers Marina.
After finally finding them, and that was with the help of one of the workers, I headed for the check out counter. The cashier had no line but was … (5 comments)

beaverton and gladwin homes and land: This is the song that never ends ..... - 10/12/11 05:11 AM

This is the song that never ends.........

It goes on and on my friend

Some people started singin it

not knowing what it was

and they'll continue singin it becuz
Sometimes something gets stuck in your head and its hard to get it out....
Sometimes its just a silly song....
Sometimes its just that attitude .....
Sometimes its just outdated ideas.....
For the current market value of your home, consult with a local realtor to determine the best listing price....
For current listings to consider if your looking to buy, consult with … (3 comments)

beaverton and gladwin homes and land: The beauty of Silence - 08/26/11 07:07 AM
This lily lives under the maple tree in a little circle garden that has a small variety of flowers that bloom throughout the year.
This is one of my favorite lilies and blooms towards the end. The red lillies bloom first and then the orange ones and then the yellow ones and then this one and there is a white one that usually blooms last.
Not only are these just beautiful but they have a nice aroma that greets me when I walk past.
Gardening offers many rewards. One of them being a suntan! or should it be called Sun kissed!

beaverton and gladwin homes and land: Clouds settling down for the night - 08/25/11 06:58 AM

Took a run into Beaverton last night to have an ice cream cone at the dairy bar on main st.
This was on the way home right about 8:00 PM
It looks like they came right down to earth for a visit!
I shoulda climbed right up to the top and took a ride around the world - is that where they go? Around? My luck they'd evaporate once we got real high and I 'd come crashing down at lightning speed and hit the earth with such force I'd make a big hole making it almost to China - … (3 comments)

beaverton and gladwin homes and land: Quote by Bon Jovi - 08/25/11 06:30 AM
The road ahead is as long as you make it.
But make it worth the trip.
Bon Jovi
 Weiman Rd South of Knox
Nothing is as important as passion. No matter what you want to do with your life, be passionate.”
  Knox Rd East of Beaverton
When I am a passenger in the car I tend to make use of my phone. If I am not talking on it I could be taking photographs if I am not texting! or ..... well ya'll know what phones can do these days..... 
              Mackinaw City

beaverton and gladwin homes and land: Do you believe in Miracles? - 06/09/11 09:24 AM
Last night as I was drifting off to sleep for the second time, this time it was my daughter who awakened me. The weather channel was showing a thunderstorm warning heading our way with possible 60 mph winds and hail.
I told her not too worry as I am not usually frightened by storms. The storm did not get bad, I believe it was above us as in north of us. However, I was unusually wide awake for this time of night....
A storm story on the weather channel caught my attention and goes as follows to the best of my … (4 comments)

beaverton and gladwin homes and land: Sights and smells in Beaverton - 06/08/11 04:43 AM

 In May I enjoyed the scent of lilacs as I would pull into my driveway.
Now, as I walk to my front door I am greeted with the aroma and beauty of the iris.
The snowball bushes are in bloom as well in my neighbors yards.
There should be beautiful flowers in bloom til the frost comes this fall.
Gladwin County has many popular lakes, such as Wixom Lake, Smallwood Lake and Secord Lake, Pratt Lake, Ross Lake and Wiggins Lake.
Thousands of acres of state land in the county make this area a sportsmans delight.
Come visit or make plans … (3 comments)

beaverton and gladwin homes and land: Beam me up Scottie - 06/03/11 06:46 AM

Come forth into the light of things; Let nature be your Teacher.       - William Wordsworth


beaverton and gladwin homes and land: Dancing and Music in Estey MI - 05/03/11 08:22 AM
If the world seems cold to you, kindle fires to warm it. - Lucy Larcom
One way to warm up so to speak is by dancing.......
Enjoy Dancing and Music
This coming Saturday
May 7, 2011
from 6:00 - 10:00 PM
at the Bentley Township Hall
in Estey Michigan
Admission $3.00
No Smoking
No Alcohol
Refreshments available
Join Dale Hafer and Friends for Dancing and Music this weekend
For more information
Please contact
Dale 989-430-1183

beaverton and gladwin homes and land: Happy Easter from Beaverton MI - 04/23/11 05:07 AM
Happy Easter!
Enjoyed coloring eggs with our beautiful granddaughter and family.
Motherhood qualified me to let the child within come out and play.        - Christy Borgeld
Hope to have a sense of humor all my life.....
Enjoy the holiday weekend. Be safe....

beaverton and gladwin homes and land: Wixom Lake Century21 Office - 04/21/11 06:30 AM
 Today April 21, 2011
View from my window at the office located at 5837 S M30 in Beaverton MI 48612 just North of the Midland County line in Gladwin County.
 Tuesday April 19, 2011
After our last winter blast earlier this week - I spoke with Mother Nature and asked her to pay attention here - we need our spring!
So today the sun is shining brightly and spirits have been lifted!

beaverton and gladwin homes and land: Happy St. Patrick's Day - 03/17/11 04:57 AM
Happy St. Patrick's Day

Weather is warming; we have blues skies and wind - feels like Spring is in the air.
My dad called to say he and my mom saw their first Robin on Monday the 14'th.
The best place to find a helping hand is at the end of your own arm.       - Anonymous
                                              Every now and again you don't need your arms n hands - lol!

beaverton and gladwin homes and land: Happy Valentines Day - 02/14/11 07:28 AM

Happy Valentine's Day
Love, like a river, will cut a new pathwhenever it meets an obstacle.- Crystal Middlemas -

Enjoy a beautiful view like this on the Tobacco River side of Wixom Lake.
Photograph by Marilyn Harrell - Highland Cove
Love is smiling on the inside and out.- Jennifer Williams -
Love isn't blind; it just only sees what matters.- William Curry -

beaverton and gladwin homes and land: Face the Sun - 02/12/11 03:41 AM
Keep your face towards the sun
so that you cannot see the shadows. What does this mean to you?
To  me it means focus on the positive, that is the sunshine The shadows are negativity.
We know they are there, both shadows and negativeity.
We can turn our backs to that.
With the sun shining on your face
it will warm you and
remind you of all that is good in life.
To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe.       - Anatole France
  IF you are looking … (4 comments)

beaverton and gladwin homes and land: Thirty Days of Thanks - Day Twenty-nine - 12/13/10 12:22 PM
Day Twenty-nine of
My Thirty Days of Thanks I am thankful for Electricity!
A first snow storm of the season takes out the power for hundreds or maybe thousands of area residents on Sunday December 12, 2010.
Ours was only out for six or eight hours. Long enough to be really happy when it came back on even though we did have a generator going for a while, it's still worrysome and chilly and limits normal home activities (like laundry!)
Especially glad it came back on before night set in since this morning it was only 6 degrees before the windchill … (0 comments)

beaverton and gladwin homes and land: Thirty Days of Thanks - Day Twenty-five - 12/05/10 10:26 PM
Day Twenty-five of My Thirty Days of Thanks
I am thankful for Energy!
Energy is an invisible little gift of inner strength that bubbles out in the form of action.
The above is my description! Let's look it up and see what it really means!
In physics, energy (from Greek ἐνέργεια - energeia, "activity, operation", from ἐνεργός - energos, "active, working") is a quantity that is often understood
It's behind the mischievious sparkle in a child's eye!
Don't sit down when you get home from work if you still have some because you might lose it!
It can … (4 comments)

beaverton and gladwin homes and land: Thirty Days of Thanks - Day Seventeen - 11/23/10 11:38 PM
Day Seventeen - My Thirty Days of Thanks
I am thankful for Holidays!
A Holiday is a wonderful time for so many reasons!
A day for traditions, family time and just plain fun along with some r & r!
What is your favorite holiday? What traditions do you bring to your family? Are you making tradtions for your children and grandchildren?
Even though it is said the best is in the middle, most remember the beginning and end or the best of times and the worst of times!
Life happens to all of us, but we can focus on the … (7 comments)

beaverton and gladwin homes and land: Thirty Days of Thanks - Day Eleven - 11/17/10 09:30 PM
Day Eleven of My 30 Days of Thanks
I am thankful for hugs.
A hug is a great way to greet or welcome some one. It's also a great way to say good bye. They are also great for comfort or celebration!
A hug is a form of physical intimacy, not necessarily sexual, that usually involves closing or holding the arms around another person or group of persons.
Hug someone today!

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