home inspection: The Maryland Summer Heat is Back !! - 04/20/11 10:03 AM
OK well I did another Home Inspection today in Gaithersburg Maryland.  Wow the heat came back and reminded me just how hot attics get in the summer here in Maryland.  The sweat was dripping and the air was thick it was a Long 15 minutes.  Fortunately from past experience I have learned to turn on the AC just before doing the attic inspections so that when I get out, the house is cool, (hopefully).  Oh well it's all good and I am glad the good weather is back and I am seeing an upward trend already in the Real Estate market … (0 comments)

home inspection: Some People Have No Scruples or Ethics - 03/30/11 02:42 PM
OK those of you who know me and Maryland Home Inspection Services knows we do a very thorough and honest Home Inspection.  We have a motto here, "It Is What It Is".  That applies to all homes, or any property we inspect.  We aren't deal killers, we simply do our job and report the conditions of the property as we see it at the time e of the inspection.  We offer our professional opinions and help in every way we can.
OK so last week I did an Inspection in Maryland and it was a "flipper" property.  The seller (contractor) and … (8 comments)

home inspection: Very Important Safety Issue - 01/21/11 07:21 AM
OK we all love a nice warm, cozy, crackling fire especially in the wintertime.  OK well you must remember a few important safety facts regarding your fire.  Fireplaces get HOT!!!  The mantle, screens, hearth, surrounding materials, utensils and especially Glass.  If you have a glass front the glass can get Extremely Hot and can burn just by a quick touch.  Also all the components of the fireplace can burn you and especially kids.  All of us here at Maryland Home Inspection Services want all of you to enjoy your fireplaces, but just always remember to be safe and exercise caution when … (2 comments)

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