professional: I'm Not A Salesperson! - 12/04/07 04:03 AM
I'm Not A Salesperson
This is something we all tend to either say or hear. I'm not a salesperson. I can tell you this, from my experience. Most people that hear the words sell, sale, sales, sales rep or sales associate, tend to be not interested and run like those words are a plague! Which is NOT the case!
When you meet a new person what do you do? YOU SELL YOURSELF! By letting them know they can trust you. Someone is just not going to trust you out of the blue. You have to EARN that trust. By letting them get to … (2 comments)

professional: The Tree Of Your Life, What happens? - 11/30/07 11:42 PM
Sometimes things seem to go to smooth,
and you don’t realize just how important the little things are.
You keep telling yourself that one day you will do them,
everyday you say it over and over, but that day never comes.
Out of the blue, something comes along and shakes your tree,
stirring up your life, telling you to wake up and open your eyes.
Your tree of life has been hit by a breeze,
that rattles the branches of your conscious.
The leaves of your thoughts slowly begin to break away,
and drift around you, making you realize the importance … (2 comments)

professional: Personal and Professional Life At Home... - 11/30/07 04:02 PM
When you first start your home business, everything is great. Your excited and eager to get the ball rolling. You set a goal, a plan and talk it over with our family, who in return are excited for you as well. You may get tingles down your spine just at the thought of being able to work in your pajamas and never, ever having to worry about that commute, getting stuck in traffic jams or having to leave a bit early just to avoid the jams, spending more time with your family as well. Having a home office can be all … (6 comments)

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