miami beach real estate: South of Fifth Condos - 06/08/09 02:04 AM
There’s a hierarchy of luxury in terms of Miami Beach condos. High-rise condos in South Beach tend to be the most sought-after condos with resort-style amenities and amazing residential features. But, within the South Beach condo community the pinnacle of luxury usually resides in a community of condos known as South of Fifth condos.
South of Fifth condos get their name for being south of Fifth Street in South Beach. Fifth Street is a popular road because it’s right off the exit of the MacArthur Causeway which connects Miami Beach to Miami. North of Fifth Street is the typical sights and … (0 comments)

miami beach real estate: First Time Buying Tips - 04/30/09 08:09 AM
Miami Beach homes have never been more affordable than they are now. Median prices have plunged, mortgage rates remain unusually low and the U.S. government is giving first time buyers an incentive to take the step towards homeownership. Like any major investment, especially something as big as a home, it’s important to do your homework.
If you’re looking to buy Miami Beach homes within a short timeframe, it’s probably not the best way to go about things. Always start off by taking into account what you can and cannot afford and how the additional costs of homeownership will affect your finances. … (0 comments)

miami beach real estate: How to Save on Closing Costs - 04/30/09 08:06 AM
After browsing through the large selection of Miami Beach condos you’ve finally come across the one you’d like and you’ve already done the research and chosen the best mortgage lender to business with. Before simply signing off on the dotted line, it may be worth your while to take a good look at the closing costs and how can you reduce the amount.
Closing fees can vary between loan-origination and third party fees, the lender can easily explain which fees fall under which category. You’ll usually find these listed as numbers starting somewhere in the 800 range up to the 1300s, … (0 comments)

miami beach real estate: A Good View is Good for Value - 03/26/09 03:55 AM
White sandy beaches looking out to the crystal blue ocean, a luminous skyline reflecting off glistening waters, a vast landscape pocked with colorful vegetation, these scenic vistas are some of the most sought-after in the world. If you have a place, or are looking for a place with these sorts of views, it can be a great investment opportunity. Having a great view sells a home like no other. Just like having an amazing master bedroom and bathroom can sell a home on its own, having a great view can do the same.
The fact that great views are so valuable … (0 comments)

miami beach real estate: Why is Buying a Home the “American Dream” ? - 03/24/09 04:10 AM
It’s said time and time again that property investment is the largest investment made by an overwhelming majority of people. At times the prospect of committing to a $300,000 dollar investment can seem daunting, but it’s not really as difficult as it seems. Often times many people can spend that amount of money after 15-to-20 years of renting and in the end have nothing to show for it. Paying off a home in a lot of ways is the first step to financial success.
A home is a veritable “nest egg” in that its large value becomes your financial stability. If … (0 comments)

miami beach real estate: Disclosure is Key to Home Selling Success - 02/26/09 12:18 AM
There’s a popular saying “always put your best foot forward”. While this is true with the real estate market, sellers don’t want to mislead potential buyers by withholding information- no matter how good it makes a property look. Just like people, no property is perfect and buyers respect honest over trickery.
Some things sellers should disclose when they are selling a property are: noisy neighbors, major repairs, minor repairs and traffic noise level. Many sellers think these problems will be deal killers, but if the buyers finds out by themselves the effect is always much worse. Not only are sellers required … (0 comments)

miami beach real estate: Vacation Home Foreclosures - 02/23/09 08:06 AM
The current real estate market declines are seen by many as a huge problem and others as huge opportunity. Condos and homes all over the country and in some other parts of the world have declined in value so dramatically that those who are in the position to invest are taking the opportunity to do so. Vacation property is usually purchased by people who have already paid off a home and want to continue investing in real estate. If that is the case then vacation spots like Miami Beach and the Caribbean are perfect for vacation property seekers.
Miami Beach condos … (0 comments)

miami beach real estate: Good News for Miami Beach Condos - 02/11/09 12:43 AM
Miami Beach condos have been viewed in the past as very expensive. Throughout the ups-and-downs of the Miami Beach real estate market, Miami Beach condos have remained at a high-end level in terms of real estate value. Their luxury and high price tags have often been the reason Miami Beach condos are in such high demand. But with the current market lull Miami Beach condos seem to be out of reach for even the upper-middle class real estate buyers.
Recent reports show the trend in Miami Beach condos might change soon and the prices may fall to become more affordable. When … (0 comments)

miami beach real estate: Home Buying Satisfaction - 12/04/08 06:29 AM
If you’re a Miami Beach real estate enthusiast or are embarking upon your first Miami Beach homes purchase, purchasing something like South Beach condos can in a certain way be considered a fun and exciting experience. However the thrill of owning Miami Beach homes can quickly turn into a headache if the prior research wasn’t done properly. As with any large investment, it’s crucial to know everything about your Miami Beach homes purchase before actually moving into it.
Miami Beach and thus Miami Beach homes are not necessarily everyone’s idea of a good place to live. Before deciding upon choosing Miami … (0 comments)

miami beach real estate: Miami Beach Foreclosure Mania - 11/07/08 05:54 AM
When the subprime mortgage crisis hit Florida it was assumed that high-end property like South Beach condos and Miami Beach homes would be immune to value plummeting. That, of course, was a wrong assumption. Prices for all property form luxury oceanfront homes to high-rise lofts. Forbes ranked Miami Beach toward the top of the list of “foreclosure hot spots”. Foreclosures aren’t the only thing bringing real estate values down in Miami Beach. The other culprit is overbuilding that has graced the Miami Beach skyline with dozens of buildings struggling to fill every unit with a tenant or buyer. This over supply … (1 comments)

miami beach real estate: Home Renovation Drives Real Estate - 09/04/08 07:43 AM
While the country’s real estate market may not be doing “too hot”, it hasn’t dissuaded newlyweds and stay at home moms to name a few from exploring how they can improve their living room home décor and beyond. People are always looking for do it yourself projects they can do at home and thanks to the advent of cable TV and satellite television, entire channels dedicated to the more entertaining aspects of real estate have become popular for would be interior designers and home builders.
Channels such as HGTV and The Learning Channel (TLC) have turned shows like “Flip This House” … (0 comments)

miami beach real estate: Working With Mortgage Closing Costs - 05/07/08 08:28 AM
For those who can afford to experience a short-term monetary loss, there's arguably never been a better time to purchase South Florida homes and invest in real estate.  Miami Beach condo and home prices are unusually low and mortgage rates are affordable, allowing those with impeccable credit to obtain agreeable financing.While low home mortgage rates are indeed attractive for anyone entertaining the thought of home buying, buyers should be aware of one important factor that comes into play when applying for a mortgage: the closing costs.All closing costs are not the same and it's not unusual for a mortgage lender to … (2 comments)

miami beach real estate: Lucrative South Florida Real Estate - 02/18/08 04:08 AM
What makes an average neighborhood an irresistible neighborhood?  Is it the townsfolk who inhabit it?  Or could it be the atmosphere and location and the important shops, schools and attractions next door?  It’s safe to say that all of these things play a key role in attracting buyers and investors.
Hamilton Heights in New York, Dallas, Charleston, Massachusetts, these are all neighborhoods name checked in a prominent publication considered to be some of the most lucrative in the country for their individual city developments, the overall neighborly allure and premium property values.
Another one of those is Miami Beach, singled out … (0 comments)


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