home selling: The Real Estate Market Rebound Effect - 11/25/11 03:20 AM
By Johnny Brooks
The latest housing market headlines are either encouraging or bleak, depending on your community. Foreclosures are steady, home prices are down and new-home-sales are stagnant. With so much bad news, many buyers are sitting on the sidelines, afraid to make a move. It's hard to believe, but we are now five years removed from the peak of the housing bubble. Many experts and economist say waiting for the bottom may not be the smartest strategy.
For one thing, there's no agreement on when or if the U.S. real estate market has officially touched bottom. Real estate is … (0 comments)

home selling: Miami Rentals - Options That Range From Oceanfront Locations To Downtown Miami - 11/10/11 12:45 AM
www.OnePlaceOpenHouse.comBy Joan VonnegutNo other place in the United States is as laid-back, refreshing, and fun as Miami. It is one of the places that is sure to provide people with a wide range of activities as well as entertainment options to keep any kind of person on the edge of their seat. There is simply so much fun and excitement going on in Miami that makes it one of the many places that people want to experience first-hand.
One of the main barriers that stand between people and being able to fully experience what Miami has to offer would be the … (0 comments)

home selling: What To Know About the Short Sale Process - 07/20/11 01:57 AM
The short sale process is still mysterious to many people, even after all these years. Plenty of buyers are confused about this procedure. Generally, a short sale is really a sale of real estate in which the sale proceeds fall short of the balance owed on the property's loan.
It frequently happens when a borrower cannot pay the mortgage loan on their property, but the mortgage lender decides that selling the house at a mild loss is better compared to risking a larger loss later.
Banks grant short sales for 2 reasons:
1. The seller includes a hardship such … (0 comments)

home selling: NBA All-Star Basketball Camp is a memorable occasion - 08/16/10 02:24 AM
www.OnePlaceOpenHouse.comThe NBA All-Star Basketball Camp was held at Michael-Ann Russell JCC and proved to be a memorable occasion for youth participants from all over South Florida.As the players 'gave their all' teaching the kids both the basics and the intricacies of basketball, the excitement on the kids' faces told the whole story...from the tips on basketball moves to life lessons on sportsmanship, the All-Star Basketball Camp provided it all.Congratulations to everyone who worked so hard to ensure such a successful event!  Thank you for the wonderful basketball camp and inspiring week with the kids.  Each and every sponsor of this event can be … (0 comments)

home selling: The Place… The Peace… The People: Keystone Point, North Miami - 05/19/10 02:05 AM
Keystone Point is one of North Miami’s best kept secrets.  This secluded waterfront community was designed for people who want to have a relaxing abode from the stress of urban living. Nestled in the very heart of North Miami, Keystone Point is only a short distance from the metropolis known as Miami and its equal counterpart Ft.Lauderdale. Here you will find breathtaking views of Bal Harbour and wide canal front homes giving the feel of “Venice” fit for a very relaxing and quiet living experience.
With a gated waterfront community, such as, Keystone Point, you are ensured the maximum enjoyment of relaxation … (0 comments)

home selling: Home Seller Disclosure Reduces Liability - 01/04/10 09:37 PM
Seller disclosure is critical to a smooth home sale and reducing seller liability, but not all homeowners are aware of its value to the home selling process. Seller disclosure, the obligation of a home seller to tell any potential buyer about problems in the property, is only mandatory in several states. However, it is rapidly catching on locally and many real estate companies are developing their own voluntary disclosure policies.
The reason is simple: disclosure reduces liability. If a home buyer knows about a problem up front, then they can't later claim you hid it from them. A buyer can file … (0 comments)

home selling: 2010: Year of the Short Sale or Fair Market Pricing? - 01/01/10 01:36 AM
As we enter a new decade I'm eager to see what 2010 holds for South Florida's real estate market and if many forecast predictions from last year will come true.  Due to the new short sale rules that are being put into place, more and more, I'm hearing my colleagues call 2010 the year of the short sale.While short sale success stories are more common as opposed to this time last year fair market pricing is still numero uno.  Many home sellers have come to the realization that their home was overpriced to begin with and as a result have either … (3 comments)

home selling: Understanding Seller Pricing In Real Estate - 12/03/09 11:37 PM
What is the fair price of a home? Many would argue the fair price is the one agreed upon between a buyer and seller when negotiations conclude in the offer and counteroffer process. While this is certainly one approach to the situation, many buyers make the mistake of assuming the listing price on a home has some inherent relationship to the appraised price. This is sometime incorrect because of issues involving the seller. 
Obviously, the first issue to consider with pricing is the natural tendency of the seller to try to get as much as possible for the property. In practical … (0 comments)

home selling: Quicksale in Today's Real Estate Market - 11/23/09 11:57 PM
Just Sold: 19370 Collins Ave #1211 Sunny Isles Beach, FL 33160Sale Price: $115,000
Appraised Value: $142,000  Commission: $6,900
The experts say that it is no longer a seller's market. This doesn't mean that it will be hard to sell, but you might need to make the extra effort to get your house to move faster. You've got to be proactive on price, marketing and more.  By completing a few easy steps, you should be able to get your house sold in the optimal amount of time. However be prepared for a marathon, not a sprint.  In most places, those heady days of putting a … (0 comments)

home selling: Should You Move or Improve? - 11/10/09 11:44 PM
By: Oliver Marks
Whether to move or improve is a harder question to answer than it was a few years ago, but a few cost-benefit calculations can help you make the right decision.
What do you do when your family outgrows your house, or when the quirks you once found charming about the place just aren't livable anymore? A few years ago, the answers were easy. With house values climbing an average of 50% from 2001 to 2005 and lenders handing out big checks to nearly anyone who asked, you could quickly unload a too-small house and use the profits to help … (0 comments)

home selling: The Price is Right - 11/06/09 12:49 AM
Pricing your home correctly is the first and most important step in the selling process. Whether you list with an agent or sell by owner the wrong price will cause lost income and/or excessive marketing time. You have options, either to contract with a professional Real Estate agent or do your due diligence and research to find the true Market Value of your home. In the 3 examples below we show why pricing is so important.
Example 1:
A $250,000 home is priced 10% below the true market value at $225,000. The home sells quickly with little or no negotiation … (0 comments)

home selling: More Rewards for Homeowners! - 11/03/09 02:06 AM
By now, you've likely heard about the $8,000 tax credit for first-time homebuyers, but if you already own a home, you can still take advantage of some of the rewards included in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, also known as the stimulus package. full story

When it comes to choosing professionals to assist you with your real estate needs...Experience is Priceless!  Andre'Shambley & Miami's Best Real Estate Team, 305-396-9106. MiamiBestTeam@AOL.com. www.OnePlaceOpenHouse.com

home selling: Learn 20 important steps to help you sell you home! - 11/01/09 05:01 AM
1. Make the Most of that First Impression
A well-manicured lawn, neatly trimmed shrubs and a clutter-free porch welcome prospects. So does a freshly painted - or at least freshly scrubbed - front door. If it's autumn, rake the leaves. If it's winter, shovel the walkways. The fewer obstacles between prospects and the true appeal of your home, the better.
2. Invest a Few Hours for Future Dividends
Here's your chance to clean up in real estate. Clean up the living room, the bathroom, the kitchen. If your woodwork is scuffed or the paint is fading, consider some minor redecoration. Fresh … (0 comments)

home selling: Drywall homes: bargain or bind? - 08/19/09 12:12 AM
by Mary Wozniak
Florida homes tainted by defective Chinese drywall are popping up on Realtor.com at bargain-basement prices. Although it is not required by law, many brokers have readily adopted a new drywall disclosure form developed by the Florida Association of Realtors® to use in sales transactions. There currently are nine drywall properties listed for sale on the site - all of them fairly new and for under $50,000 - but there also are questions about whether the low prices are worth the hassle the real estate could bring in the future. It reportedly costs about $100,000 to clean up a … (2 comments)

home selling: Women love to shop—for real estate! - 08/17/09 03:50 AM
The demographics of the typical first-time homebuyer are changing these days. More and more women today can afford to purchase a property on their own to build up valuable equity and are no longer waiting to find a life partner before they pursue the financial and lifestyle benefits of home ownership. One in four buyers these days is a single female, and new home marketing is actually starting to reflect that. We may be ready to jump into the commitment of home ownership but not all of us are willing to give up our valuable free time to outdoor chores. Single … (2 comments)

home selling: Cash Back Rebate Program is alive in South Florida...for home buyers and (renters too)! - 08/12/09 02:41 AM
Although the $8,000 first-time buyer tax credit program ends in just four short months. South Floridian home buyers can still take advantage of the Cash Back Rebate program offered by Miami Best Realtor Team.What is the home buyer Cash Back Rebate program? It is a cash refund for 1% of the property being sold purchase price.
Who is eligible to receive the credit? Home buyers who close escrow/proceed to finak settlement in the purchase of real estate in South Florida.
Do income limits apply? No.  The cash rebate is given to the party or parties named as the "buyer(s)" or "borrower(s)" on the HUD-1 closing … (1 comments)

home selling: A Housing History Lesson - 07/29/09 02:06 AM
There's been a lot of talk recently about the condition of the housing market. With our economy struggling and the mortgage industry adjusting, it's only normal that home sales and purchases may have slowed.
With home values down about 25 percent from their 2006 peaks, home sellers may be discouraged, but experts agree that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Homebuying incentives, mortgage reform and tax credits are making it an ideal time to purchase a home.
At its height, the good health of the housing market promoted overinvesting, quick flipping, overbuilding and credit overextension.
These indulgences led … (0 comments)

home selling: The Word on the Street: Curb Appeal Sells Homes - 07/02/09 01:43 PM
Have you ever judged a book by its cover? Or, have you, in a frenzied state at the movie store, with no time to kill, grabbed what turned out to be a very bad movie because the cover was, well, pretty. Although many of us might like to think we are above such biased judgment calls, in all likelihood, most all of us have judged something according to what has been presented on the outside. This phenomenon, holds true for prospective buyers looking at houses, as well. A large percentage of home buyers will decide whether or not they want to … (0 comments)

home selling: A Tip On How To Get Offers When Showing Your House - 02/23/09 11:27 PM
You are in the process of trying to sell your house and have your marketing up and running. So, how do you convert callers into offers? Here is one method. A Tip On How To Get Offers When Showing Your HouseOnce you have decided to sell your home, there are a couple of steps you have to take. The first is to get the home ready to show by doing repairs, landscaping and so on. Once you are ready to go, you have to start marketing the home. Assuming you have done all of this, the house is in good shape … (0 comments)

home selling: To Sell or Not To Sell....that is the question - 12/17/08 12:19 AM
Question:I would like to put my home on the market, but have no idea how to determine a fair selling price. Can you help?Answer: When deciding an asking price, your initial temptation may be to add to the price you paid until you are satisfied with the profit. In reality, though, this method will probably not put your price at the home's true market value.To figure out what your home is really worth, you need to try to put aside your personal feelings about the home and ask yourself what homebuyers may actually be willing to pay. Selling a home can … (0 comments)