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Reflecting on the statistics that were previously presented....So what if you are one of the 37%?    Based on the recent data indicating that 37% of delinquent owners have not made a payment in 2 years and 34% of delinquent owners have not made a payment in the past 1 year or more, the substantia...
  Just read an interesting article by Tami Luhby at www.money.com regarding research published by LPS, Lender Processing Services.  LPS gathers data and compiles statistics. The most recent data they have provided indicates that 37% of delinquent owners have not made a payment in 2 years and 34% ...
In the ongoing build-up to a near non-event, UAD, Uniform Appraisal, Dataset, is slowly rolling out across the country.  If you didn't like appraisals before, you are most likely going to have a stronger reaction after the full implementation of this new standard. Here is another installment of ...
Based on the many requests....but wait there's more..... The post about 3633 N. Sheffield which noted the Chicago Cubs / Wrigleyville rooftop / Lakeview Baseball club which was going to auction generated a lot of direct response. Here's the update: the sale foreclosure auction sale was listed as...
  Well, the primer continues... as I was reading some industry stuff, I came across this list by Ann O'Rourke of Appraisal Today.   Some humorous definitions. We had some great ones for Dodd-Frankenstein, Franken-Dodd, etc!!     Here's some:   UAD    University of Abertay Dundee (Scotland)   UAD...
Well, I know you are not even paying attention, but when you do, here's a primer: In the appraisal report, there is Q = Quality and C = Condition, but Quality and Condition were already on the appraisal report. What is new is that the Q and C now have a numerical indication. C = Condition Rating...
For eager investors in Northern Illinois, properties in Chicago, Evergreen Park, Bartlett, Dolton, Country Club Hills, Austin, Grand Crossing, West Loop, Goldcoast, and Bronzeville were acquired at real estate foreclosure auctions in Cook, Lake and Dupage Counties which are sure to make other's m...
  Well, you may or may not have read about it, but it is happening whether you like it or not.  Kinda like the government raising the debt ceiling.  The implementation of UAD, Uniform Appraisal Dataset, is rolling into existence with full implementation for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac on Sept 1, 2...
  Sometimes you wonder if you are all alone.  Especially when your POV (point of view) may not be 'favorable'.  And sometimes you know your stand by your POV no matter what others say.  And then sometimes, you feel better when someone affirms your POV because you may wonder if you are isolated......
  No matter how you slice it, the landscape is not what it used to be.  Granted, you may not even like landscaping, but in today's environment, you're going to deal with it.  Maybe, if you don't like the landscape, you can take refuge and look to the sky.  Yet, if you are Fannie Mae, they were ki...

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