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Location, Location, Location is a mantra repeated over and over and over.  And for many parts of the country, the changing of the seasons from Fall to Winter brings a traditional slow down in real estate sales activity.  Yet, as the market moves into the 'cold months' in many of America's norther...
Sometimes you look around and all you see is emptiness.  Maybe you're sitting at your desk.  Maybe you're sitting at your favorite coffee shop.  Maybe you're standing in the line at a local store.  No matter where you might be, in the middle of all that is going on (or is not going on), there see...
Last week, we received a call from a past client who swore up and down that their house in Glenview, Illinois, which was purchased in 2007, has NOT gone down in value.  I'm sure that each and every one of you in the Active Rain community has had the pleasure of conducting a similar conversation. ...
Granted, we live in America...land of the car, the pickup truck and many, many automobiles.  But how often do you consider the cost of commuting?  What if someone told you it was $15,000 or more? If you're like me, not very often.  It is just what you have to do.  Yet, over the weekend, I came ac...
Just when you think that the little guy might be returning to the housing market to deliver local customized residential options, Chicago Real Estate Daily, of Crains Chicago, published an article that noted large, publicly held firms are holding nearly all of the top ten positions.  The article ...
Definitely one of the more challenging questions that many professionals do no ask, is where are your clients?  Yes, it is Monday.  For many, the beginning of another week of the same thing they've been doing for some long period of time.  For others, the beginning of a new week of opportunity, e...
Is it hot in here?  Or do feel that draft?  Maybe I need a jacket to keep warm...depending on which Chicago Neighborhood your paying attention to, you may feel quite differently about the temperature. Information below is based on statistics comparing Feb. - April, 2010 to Feb. - April 2011. Per...
12 properties were purchased on November 1, 2011, by real estate foreclosure investors in Cook, Lake and Dupage counties in Illinois, which included the Chicago metro area. Our client, Cherry Picker Investments, LLC, the top rated foreclosure investing solution service, continues to deliver excep...
Today might be your lucky day for a second chance instead of coming in second place.  If you are one of 4 million homeowners foreclosed upon in 2009 and 2010, you are being given an additional lifeline. From the Federal Reserve, you are able to request an independent review of your foreclosure pr...
When is enough, enough?  Based on an email from TJ McCarty, a member of ICAP, Illinois Coalition of Appraisal Professionals, a voluntary group of appraisers in Illinois, it seems that many more are saying they've had it! and are tired of being mistreated, disrespected and all around de-valued. As...

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