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NAR, The National Association of Realtors®, provides many programs and services that assist members in increasing skills, proficiency, and knowledge. Designations and certifications are an opportunity to both display to clients what you've accomplished as well as expand your own experience and sk...
For those that are not familiar with the neighborhoods surrounding the University of Chicago, the neighborhood that UofC is located in is called Hyde Park.  The neighborhood directly to the south of the university is called Woodlawn and to the east of that area is Jackson Park Highland and then S...
Lori Michelle Ryan recently put out an article about 6 secure jobs based on Laurence Shatkin's new book, ""150 Best Jobs for a Secure Future".  In the book, she summarizes Mr. Shatkin's top 6 secure jobs.  Given that security was the basis for the ranking, it shouldn't be surprising that nothing ...
As unexpected 'Spring-like' weather is penetrating the Midwest, many are wondering, How Do I Avoid A Lender Killing My Deal. Although a couple weeks ago this topic was brought up by a Realtor client who was struggling to keep their deal in life-support and out of cardiac-arrest, the post is being...
Last week, Zillow said the 100 economists it polls for its quarterly survey on the real estate market had revised downward their expectations for home prices this year. Nationally, home prices are forecasted to drop 0.7% in 2012 which is more than the 0.2% predicted at the end of 2011.   For 2013...
Based on information reported last week about sales prices in Northern Illinois, some counties experienced bigger drops in prices than others. The median selling price last month dropped almost 16% in Lake County and 13.7% in McHenry County from year-earlier comparisons. In Cook County, sales ros...
Even when the general media is reporting less than exciting news, that doesn't mean some pockets of strength do not exist. Take Evanston for instance, a relatively small area just north of Chicago, right along Lake Michigan that appears to have hit bottom sooner than Chicago and has been reboundi...
Granted, it has been a while since I last sat in an economics class, but I faintly recall one or two principles of economics.  When prices goes down, buyers typically show up. This past week in Chicago, it was announced that the median selling price dropped 13.5% to $165,000 from $190,750 as 607 ...
But wait, there's more.....housing data that is. CoreLogic estimates that for every two homes for sale across the country, there is one in shadow inventory.  They're defining a shadow inventory as a distressed property that is not  listed for sale. Furthermore, three states -- Illinois, Florida a...
Computers Can't Call Clients, Only You Can! Your computer (and the internet) can allow you to do an awful lot of things, but your computer can't call and connect with your client.  Calling and Connecting Counts! Client Reactivation - Your voice and your personalized message via the telephone let ...

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