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Earlier this week, I was having a conversation with a real estate peer and the question came up, "How do you manage your online ratings"? Almost unanimously, each person said that they don't manage their online ratings and many of them didn't even consider that they could manage their online rati...
Earlier today, we received the following message, "The value opinion is wrong, please correct it to what we think it should be."  Interesting comment indeed given that the message was from a homeowner who asked for the opinion of market value because they wanted an appraisal in their file for the...
As a real estate practitioner, is this your job or is this your profession? This seemingly simple question really is quite a significant inquiry into how your view what you do.  Maybe you get up each day inspired and forward-thinking about how you can make a difference.  Maybe you get up each day...
The preceding post generated a host of insightful comments and unfortunate situations. http://activerain.com/blogsview/3350830/my-oh-my-you-have-a-big-mess One in particular that rung true was that some individuals may not just be a hoarder, but a stacker. Think magazines from decades gone by sta...
There are many things that can definitely shift your demeanor out of high gear and into low gear when walking into a property for the first time.  One of them is the unexpected experience of walking into a property and finding it an utter mess, possibly even despicable.  And when asked something ...
There is much talk in the media and the investing communiting about developing strategies REO to Rental.  One immediate upside is neighborhood stabilization, which most will agree than an occupied house is much better than a vacant house, all other things equal.  In a city like Chicago, there is ...
Beazer Homes, an Atlanta-based home builder, is building a $150 million bundle by buying rental homes.  An announcement last week by Beazer noted that the company is has created a real estate investment trust (REIT) to buy, renovate and rent single-family homes.  Beazer developed the REIT with Ko...
Have you ever wondered if the arrival of Wal-Mart stores increases or decreases the prices of surrounding homes? The argument goes something like Wal-Mart Stores Inc. will hurt small businesses, put a damper on wages and increase traffic.   Well, two college professors decided to investigate thei...
  "And....they're off!" A familiar call heard of the announcer as a horse racing event commences.   And it seems, this is becoming a familiar call of the foreclosure activity, specifically in Illinois and Chicago.  Based on a recent report from RealtyTrac, foreclosure activity rose 29% in May 201...
  Marianne Sullivan, SVP of Credit Portfolio Strategy Underwriting & Pricing, for Fannie Mae, recently gave a speech addressing the ‘next frontier’ of mortgage evolution.  Sullivan predicts that eMortgages may be "the next frontier" in origination. In her speech, she pointed out that there are cu...

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