A Glimpse Through The Gates The other day as I turned the corner of a familiar street  I saw it.  A gated property.    Its entrance is covered with vines.  This time the gate was open and I was able to see a glimpse inside.  Not overgrown but definitely plentiful.  Actually it was wonderfully lan...
  The Upcoming Weekend   We welcome another weekend.  For some it begins on Friday. Maybe even Thursday.  For others, it may start on Saturday.  Of course, there will be those who respond:  "what weekend?" and continue with their normal everyday routine.    A weekend may seem shorter in length th...
  And As May Draws To A Close Some Random Thoughts  It's May 26 and although this month still has days left to experience, it is definitely inching its way towards June.  Each month is comprised of many special days and events which range from obscure to commonly known.   My email inbox has remin...
 When Smoke Gets In Your Eyes And Other Annoyances   I remember when I first started wearing glasses.   It was particularly memorable because it was the same year that my experience with orthodontia and the onset of puberty each made their initial appearance.  Being an eleven-year-old boy is not ...
 Yes, It's Different But I Have Become More Acquainted With Change Each And Every Moment And That Continues  Yes, the world is experiencing a lot of changes but that's not that much different than in years past.  When it comes to time we might include centuries, scores and decades as we look at c...
 Groundhog Day In May   It seems we can find similarities in a lot of things.  While concentrating and in times when seemingly nothing is occurring.  Recently, references to Groundhog Day, the movie, are playing over and over in my mind as associations to it seem repeat-worthy by some.   But, in ...
 Recommended Required Rejected And Other Randomness   Pretty simple words but interpretation can change the message.  And not only can it, it does.  And seemingly often.     Off on a different path but the same route: I still remember the signs at the entrance of some business establishments whic...
 When Cliques Cick   The word clique can conjure up some varied feelings.  Maybe some are less than favorable.   A visit to the dictionary or flipping through the pages of a decades-old junior high school yearbook may bring back memories that are not so fond for some.   Fast forward to days of fr...
 That Was Then And This Is Now   Just moments into reading an article, a date was mentioned and included the year 1918.  This was long before my arrival on the planet but definitely one that seems to have a certain fascination of sorts today in some circles.   Despite other details that I quickly...
 Have You Been Deleted?   My incoming email has been decreasing in number.  I understand a part of the reason but I am also aware that I have been playing a more active role deleting some messages. Much more rapidly.  While I don't subscribe to many, the unsubscribe function is also being utilize...

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