Monterey Hills, CA 2010 Sales Recap by Realtor Michael Jacobs Monterey Hills is a planned community within the city of Los Angeles consisting of condominiums, townhomes, one planned unit development and one senior living facility(rental).   55 units sold in 2010 according to multiple listing repo...
Pursue Deals, Not Capital I am not sure where I heard this but hearing it made me think of some of the posts I have recently read. Over the weekend, I was reading some posts about telemarketers who target us in the real estate community.  Some of the pitches include: "How would you like to improv...
Just a Minute, I'll do it in a second It's Late, I'll do it tomorrow(or the day after) It's Okay, To Be Lazy If You Are A Cat! If You Are Not A Cat Get Up and Just Do It! (with apologies to the fine folks at Nike) Don't forget those resolutions for 2011!
Okay, it's late, I'll do it tomorrow early Okay, it's early, I'll do it later Okay, it's Sunday(or insert the day of the week), I'll do it tomorrow(or the day after that) Okay, it's alright to be lazy! If You Are A Cat If You Are Not A Cat Just Do It (wi...
  And you don't have to spend thaaat much even if the lender says you can! One of the first steps in the home buying process is applying for and receiving a mortgage pre-approval.    After I have first time home buyers(and even move-up buyers) obtain a mortgage pre-approval, the lender will call ...
What will Mrs, Kravitz Tell The New Owners? Do you remember Mrs. Kravitz from the television show, Bewitched?  Even if you are too young to remember when it originally aired in the 1960s it still lives on in syndication.   Mrs. Kravitz was the nosy neighbor in the show -- constantly peering out f...
The Pasadena Star-News( reported in its Wednesday, January 5, 2010 edition  that the number of people affected by fraudulent ATM transactions at a now-closed Sierra Madre gas station has risen to more than 200 people.  The estimate of losses is estimated at more than $50,...
Are you looking for a change in 2011? Homeowners - Why You Should Hire Me To Represent You in The Sale and Marketing  of Your Home? I will help you get a clear picture of the reasons you are a considering a home sale by asking questions--lots of questions.   I will listen to you and I will be hon...
Is A New Home in Your Plans in 2011? Home Buyers - Why You Should Hire Me? I will help you get a clear picture of what you want and what you need by asking questions--lots of questions.   I will listen to you to determine the possiblity of a your new home based on your purchasing power.  I will ...
12 + 1 = 23 Remember the New Math? Try This... 12(months) +1(one extra payment--principal only) equals 30(year original loan) - 7(number in years of savings) 23 HUH? Did you know that there is a way to save a lot of $$$ on your mortgage?   Did you know that if you make just one extra payment a ye...

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