Reducing My Personal Footprint      Reducing My Personal Footprint  Not as a goal necessarily but as a lifestyle. A mindset.  It's a preference and it's mine.  It's the way I choose to live. It's been this way for some time and things of all kinds have become less important.  For many reasons. ...
 Word Play    Word Play  I really like words.  Short and long.  It doesn't matter.  Complicated and simple.  Learning new ones as well as recalling old favorites.  All sorts of words and how they form and comprise thoughts, sentences and more.  Paragraphs become chapters then books and possibly v...
 Talking About Common Scents        Talking About Common Scents  There seems to be no end to the conversation of common sense.  The discussion is a constant in our world.  Here and there.  Everywhere or so it appears at times.  But while some may be thinking of the role of common sense in life to...
  Solving That Math Problem In Your Head      Solving That Math Problem In Your Head   Some arithmetic calculations go to work and can be solved right in our head.  No paper required.  Seemingly little thought.  Almost automatic.  Well sorta.   Of course, this may take years of experience or educ...
 Obedience Training   Obedience Training  Even though I currently don't have a pet of my own it's not uncommon for me to see a large number of dogs(sorry, Ron and Alexandra Seigel cats on leashes haven't caught my attention as of yet) accompanied by their human partners while out and about.   Som...
 This Is No Knock Knock Joke     This Is No Knock Knock Joke    I recently saw the  newly released documentary Mike Wallace Is Here.  In fact I saw it when it was overlapping with the time I usually see 60 Minutes.  Tick Tick Tick...  Although the television show has been broadcast for a long tim...
 On Reciprocity   On Reciprocity The word and the concept has me thinking.  Once again.  It's a word and a concept that I have known for a long time.  I distinctly recall hearing about it again when joining ActiveRain.  The importance of reciprocity.  The why.  The whens and the hows.  Much of th...
 Three Dog August Night   Three Dog August Night   It's now August 3, 2019.  How did it get to be the third already?  And we can't forget that it is also now August as the year approaches yet another season next month.  As far as it being 2019, there's much to be said about the years passing by w...

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