activerain: No Rhyme. No Reason. Just A Thought. - 05/17/19 11:27 AM
No Rhyme.  No Reason.  Just A Thought. 

No Rhyme.  No Reason.  Just A Thought.
Things happen. And then they don't.   No complaints from me.  Not this time.  Disappearing posts.  Photos/images there one minute and then gone the next.  Comments going AWOL.  Other things happening.  Oh, well.  
Some say glitches are to blame.  And perhaps that is true.  At times.  For me:  I can usually point to the source and he can be found in the mirror.  Quite frankly I prefer not to try looking at that guy.  Because if it's ActiveRain or something/somewhere else the source of the error/the misunderstanding/the issue that goes … (42 comments)

activerain: It's That Time Again: Rabbit Redux Of Sorts - 04/19/19 10:42 AM
It's That Time Again:  Rabbit Redux Of Sorts
It's That Time Again: Rabbit Redux Of Sorts   And I guess it's down a rabbit hole of sorts.  Rabbit holes can be a familiar place but hopefully not so familiar they become commonplace.
You know it's been said history repeats itself and that happens with some regularity for me.  Hopefully more good things remembered than bad times that are best left unvisited for a return trip.   As an aside, I have revisited blog posts here on ActiveRain for old times sake, to jog a memory or to make sure I am not repeating myself too many times … (37 comments)

activerain: And Then - 04/08/19 02:19 PM
And Then

And Then
A Comment, A Quote, Some Searching And Then Voila
Well, this actually involved or evolved in a bit different way.   But it really did start with a comment. At least this ActiveRain post.  I can't(or won't) speak to how other posts(mine included) come to be.    Like most things it led to some thoughts, a quote or two found and researched(very loose definition of the term mind you), an idea sparks and then a post is born.  More or less. Emphasis on the less.  Particularly this time.  Especially.
It can happen quickly or it can include some percolation.  … (37 comments)

activerain: And Then I Pondered - 12/22/18 12:30 PM
And Then I Pondered
I ponder.  Again.  It's been awhile.  I have never actually stopped pondering.  Just not here in an ActiveRain post.  I took some time away. In cognito.  Kinda. And sorta.  Some know.  I may tell you and others.  Maybe not.  That's just me.  Before.  And now too.
I came back.  I logged in.  Some familiar faces.  Quite a few new ones too.  I started reading posts.  "LIking" them.   Officially and not officially.  My relationship(love/hate so to speak) with the ActiveRain Question and Answer section followed.  Actual commenting was next.  And now this moment.  But I never left pondering.   It's a part … (30 comments)

activerain: Today Is An ActiveRain Anniversary For Me Of Sorts - 11/21/15 03:48 AM
Today Is An ActiveRain Anniversary For Me Of Sorts
Five years ago, on November 21, 2010 I wrote an ActiveRain post.
It was my 39th entry and my first featured post.  
It remains as of this date, the post of mine that has received the most comments.  It wasn’t was short -- no photo and not even a link(all things I had no clue how to do) -- something I read in the newspaper that prompted me to ask a question.    Here it is: Realtors are Packing - I Mean Handguns!    
What does this anniversary mean?  Not much really in the scheme … (49 comments)

activerain: A Lunch Turns Into An ActiveRain Mini-MeetUp - 07/02/15 12:20 AM
A Lunch Turns Into An ActiveRain Mini-MeetUp
Jon Kolsky(JK) and I have been following each other for a while on ActiveRain. We comment on each other’s posts, call, send text messages. Jon suggested we actually meet in person for lunch since while we are not next door neighbors, we are not that far from each other.   Maybe we could find something halfway between Long Beach and Pasadena but nothing immediately came to mind so Long Beach became the de facto choice.  
After some very intense negotiations, Wednesday, July 1 would be the day, 1PM the time and Simmzy’s  ( was the … (54 comments)

activerain: Santa Monica Restaurant Prepares For AR Spring MeetUp - 05/10/15 08:59 AM
Santa Monica Restaurant Prepares For
AR Spring MeetUp

Breaking News
This is Big.
Endre Barath, Jr., Ron and Alexandra Seigel and myself
invite you to join us for
ActiveRain Spring 2015 MeetUp
No red paparazzi but good food and fun times.
We had fun in the valley in January.
What will happen near the beach in May?
Come Discover
The Place:
Il Forno Trattoria  
 2901 Ocean Park Boulevard Santa Monica 90405
Phone 310.450.1241
The Date and The Time:
When:    Saturday, May 16, 2015 at 5:30PM
Everyone is Invited -
AR Members and Anyone In The Real Estate Related World
Bring Cash as everyone is on their own
Please let any of the four … (27 comments)

activerain: I’m Building Quite The Resource Library In ActiveRain - 04/15/15 04:05 AM
I’m Building Quite The Resource Library In ActiveRain
I was having a Dick Greenberg  kinda moment(without the flashy sports car) when I published a second market report yesterday. Actually I was going to hit schedule but my finger slipped. Then I realized I had created an opening for a new post for today.   
Sure, like Ambassador Greenberg, I have quite a few market reports yet to publish this month...but I wanted to take some new neighborhood photos...yada...yada...yada....   
Then as things tend to happen….my mind wandered…
I thought of two recent initial meetings with buyer clients and the things we discussed --  well, I … (49 comments)

activerain: An ActiveRain Comment Can Become A Post - It’s The Magic Of AR - 03/24/15 07:58 AM
An ActiveRain Comment Can Become A Post -
It’s The Magic Of AR

Recently, I made a comment on a post by Photoshop Princess and New England Home Stager Extraordinaire Sharon Tara on her post I Want My Agent Physically Present Each Time A Stranger Enters My Home.   I wrote and apologized for my particularly long comment(you really should read Sharon’s post and follow her if you don’t already) and suggested my comment could become a post.   And isn’t that true about ActiveRain?  This incredible forum is full of ideas and concepts and re-interpretations and stories and sometimes … (76 comments)

activerain: 40 Year-Old Virgins, Unrealistic Buyers and Day Old Bread - 04/27/14 12:04 AM
40 Year-Old Virgins, Unrealistic Buyers and Day Old Bread
I don’t know about you
I keep a list of ActiveRain blog posts ideas that are still-to-be-written
Some are topics I want to do additional research
Others may just be words or quotes
Then there are post titles
40 Year-Old Virgins, Unrealistic Buyers and Day Old Bread
Yeah, really -- there it was again in my Google Docs file
It was a long yet productive day yesterday but I
still wanted to write one last post before I … (25 comments)

activerain: So Many Things Similar, So Much is Different All Real Estate is Local - 03/15/14 01:05 AM
So Many Things Similar, So Much is Different - All Real Estate is Local

One of the many great things ActiveRain provides those of us who participate
this is a place to hang out and discuss the topics we share in common.  
The good, the bad and the damn ugly(remember Dick Greenberg and his chandelier?).

If we choose we can read market reports from around the country(and Canada too, eh?).  We can see different formats and see how comparably sized or those with similar demographics to our own community perform.  
Even the … (36 comments)

activerain: Who Would’ve Figured ActiveRain and the NutriBullet? So Much in Common - 10/12/13 03:18 AM
Who Would’ve Figured ActiveRain and the NutriBullet? So Much in Common
The other day I was reading and commenting on some posts on ActiveRain. I stopped to take a look over at my friend Mark’s small start-up website, Facebook.
On ActiveRain, I have written about a 2013 New Year’s resolution of sorts to eat more veggies and fruits and less of that good tasting but bad-for-you stuff that I enjoy too much.    I purchased a NutriBullet in early January.
I really like NutriBullet and I found that Mark’s website had a group for those enthusiastic about the product. … (28 comments)

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