los angeles: Pondering Those Good Vibrations - 05/22/19 08:56 AM
Pondering Those Good Vibrations
Pondering Those Good Vibrations  This post title might cause you to channel the Beach Boys.  That's understandable to me.  I don't if it's my California roots but that 1966 song did bring back some old memories as the inspiration passed me on the road the other day.  A rolled down window(a classic image for a classic song, right?) captured for a split second as it was the genesis of this thought I guess. 
But my mind was also influenced by the connections we make each and every day.  If we are fortunate we have memories of some of … (26 comments)

los angeles: And The Subject Was Roses - 05/19/19 06:44 PM
And The Subject Was Roses
And The Subject Was Roses 
The other day arrived with the sound not of a gentle pitter-patter but somewhat more intense. Definitely not a light rain or just a drizzle.  In Southern California we have experienced more precipitation than usual and most of us are grateful for that.  The usual walk as dawn was breaking that day would  be postponed. In the scope of things to be concerned this really is not an issue. At least I didn't think so.
Some people are always grumbling because roses have thorns. 
I am thankful that thorns have roses. 

los angeles: Wondering If There Is Something About Mary - 04/10/19 08:14 AM
Wondering If There Is Something About Mary

Wondering If There Is Something About Mary
As I was reading the news about Netflix and their proposed purchase of The Egyptian Theater in Los Angeles, my mind wandered.  No surprise.  These things happen.   I have been to The Egyprian a few times for non-movie events and the historic Hollywood site is a wonderful place for fans of architecture, film and yesteryear(the theater was built in the 1920s and was home of the first showing of a motion picture according to a Reuters story I read).     The Egyptian is currently owned by the … (36 comments)

los angeles: Pondering Processes - 03/15/19 07:51 PM
Pondering Processes
Pondering Processes
A kind of twist on thought processes.  Well kinda.  But a bit more.  Maybe.  Juat a thought.  Maybe More.  On second thought possibly less.  Worthy of additional thought.  And pondering.  Of course, wondering too. Because it's time.  Ir's always time.  To wonder. 
Pondering leads to many things.  Including more pondering.  But it also can lead to things beyond pondering.  It's interesting, to me, how the mind works.  Thoughts that seemingly overtake us.  Consume.  But what's the meaning? 
Do we learn more through those thought processes and additional pondering?  My pondering brings forth many thoughts.  And not always … (59 comments)

los angeles: Yes But Which Half? - 03/14/19 03:49 PM
Yes But Which Half? 
Yes But Which Half? 
Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted;
the trouble is I don't know which half 
                                                                                                           John Wanamaker 
You may know of John Wanamaker as the Philadelphia merchant(1838 - 1922) or perhaps of the department store that once bore his name.  His … (74 comments)

los angeles: A Windy But Not Really A Blustery Day - 03/12/19 02:36 PM
A Windy But Not Really A Blustery Day
A Windy But Not Really A Blustery Day
It was a rather windy day.  It felt warmer especially in light of the cooler remps we have been recently experienced in Southern California. A wind greeted me as well as I started on my walk in the neighborhood.  Not a hint of rain was in sight but palm fronds askew here and there indicated some recent activity. 
At first, my pondering led me to think of "March comes in like a lion, goes out like a lamb".
As I proceeded up the street I pondered Winnie … (36 comments)

los angeles: I Can't Get No Satisfaction - 03/09/19 11:14 AM
(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction
(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction  
'Cause I try and I try and I try and I try
I can't get no, I can't get no
Even if the song was not a Dick Clark certified billboard blockbuster in your day, you likely have heard of it.  Maybe you shouted it as the turntable of your phonograph spun the 45.  Could it have been you humming along as you cruised down the boulevard as it was playing on your car radio?  Perhaps it was background music while grocery shopping the other day or in the elevator.   
Written by Mick Jagger … (52 comments)

los angeles: A Critical Choice - 03/07/19 05:54 PM
A Critical Choice
A Critical Choice 
The world of critical review is interesting to me.  The varied quotes on the subject of criticism and critical review appear to cover a range of opinions much like a review of or by any critic might express.  Positive. Negative. Thumbs-Up.  Thumbs-Down. 
For those of you who have followed my posts over the years may know that I enjoy movie-going.  I often choose to see movies that are not widely known. Rarely a box office success in dollars, I see movies to enjoy.  And to experience.  Lots of different reasons.  Obscure may be an appropriate word to … (38 comments)

los angeles: Price Check At Register Six - 03/05/19 09:34 AM
Price Check At Register Six

Price Check At Register Six
You can learn so much while in the grocery store check-out line.   Although it may be an opportunity for some not-so-casual voyeuristic activity or harmless eavesdropping, the subtlety taking place at that unlikely business doesn't cease to amaze me.
A temperature check of the health of our community.  Well kinda.  It's the stuff that pondering inspires.
I wonder if more people actually know the names of the top American Idol finalists versus who are members of the United States Supreme Court.   This is not a pop quiz for the Jeopardy! television quiz show.  … (37 comments)

los angeles: Ted Talked - 03/01/19 01:28 PM
Ted Talked
Ted Talked
I don't know(but somehow I doubt)if Theodor Geisel was widely known as Ted.  But I feel "Ted" better known to most of as Dr Seuss in his words was expressing his love of life and living to me.  Not to everyone, mind you. Just me.  Dr. Seuss talked. To me.  The doctor and I were friends.  
I read many of those books seemingly endlessly starting with One Fish, Two Fish.  I read and re-read those in my possession to myself and to anyone close enough to hear my voice.  I am amazed at the creativity of the man.    Anyway in … (39 comments)

los angeles: Pondering Questioning - 02/26/19 12:54 PM
Pondering Questioning
Pondering Questioning
I pondered. Life is full of questions. 
Unanswered.  Still to be answered.  Ahh, the leading question.  Open-ended ones.  Some are rhetorical. Others are repeated.  Multiple times.  And repeated again.  Just because. 
Lots of questions.  Too many maybe?  Not enough perhaps.
I believe a lot can be learned when asking the right question.  Careful listening is a part of that learning process.  So much more than seeing a reaction or hearing one.  What has been said.  Or not. 
I am not an expert.  Not at all.  I am a student.  In fact, I learn nearly everyday.  But over the years … (45 comments)

los angeles: And The Winner Was.... - 02/22/19 02:37 PM
And The Winner Was...
And The Winner Was...
I was right...my prediction was correct...The awards presentation of the 91st Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is now history.  My prediction that the ceremony would extend beyond three hours was true.  Predictably.  Some quotes from the night but from the  past:
I, uh...I have a television so I'm going to spend some time here to tell you some things
[to orchestra conductor:] And, and... and sir, you're doing a great job, but you're so quick with that stick so why don't you sit.
'Cause I may never be here again

los angeles: Playing Hopscotch - 02/20/19 12:06 PM
Playing Hopscotch
Playing Hopscotch.
Don't wish to be normal.  Wish to be yourself. To the hilt. 
Find out what you're best at, and develop it,
and hopscotch your weaknesses, 
Wish to be great at whatever you are. 
                                                                   Lois McMaster Bujold 
While the rain took a break, I noticed a display of artwork on one of the sidewalks while walking in the neighborhood.  Take a pause.  Ponder-worthy?  Drawing comparisons between hopscotch and … (47 comments)

los angeles: And This Will Work Best - 02/04/19 10:12 AM
And This Will Work Best
And This Will Work Best  It doesn't matter what "this" is.  And for that matter "best" is not only subjective but it really doesn't have a definition.  Bigger.  Better.  More Value. Perceived.  Or Real. 
More Shiny.  Or Less Showy.  And as far as promised results are concerned.  Three out of five can't be wrong, can they?  Too broad a brush?  It happens in real life.  And of course in any sales promotion activity.  Puffery?  Perhaps.  Maybe it's something else.
Who is to blame?  Amd why is "blame" even being discussed?  Are we too trusting as consumers?  Too … (32 comments)

los angeles: On Uncertainty - 01/14/19 06:28 PM
On Uncertainty
The fastest way to break the cycle of perfectionism
and become a fearless mother is to give up
the idea of doing it perfectly -
indeed to embrace uncertainty and imperfection.
--Arianna Huffington
On Uncertainty.  I ponder.  It may be the ideal pondering activity. 
Unlike Ms. Huffington, I am neither a mother, not even a parent nor an influencer but I can ponder.  I take her words and try to find meaning. 
I'm okay with breaking the cycle of perfectionism although I have been known to relapse from time to time.  It happens. 
Becoming fearless.  I'm not without fear.  Some fear is rational as … (22 comments)

los angeles: Raindrops, Maybe Some Magic, A Surprise Clear Day and A Rainbow Too - 01/08/16 12:33 AM
Raindrops, Maybe Some Magic, A Surprise Clear Day and A Rainbow(Of Sorts) Too
We’ve experienced some rain this week in Southern California so I was a bit concerned that the first broker caravan yesterday at my new listing would be a little wet.   Early Thursday morning, raindrops could be heard on the skylight in my kitchen so I prepared for my journey to place my Open House directional signs before returning home to change into my clothes for the caravan --- nothing worse than a soggy real estate agent, right?
Then something happened....as if by magic...daylight hit and so did a glimpse of … (18 comments)

los angeles: Los Angeles, CA - Come Meet Congressman Xavier Becerra 2.19.15 - 02/18/14 01:00 PM
Los Angeles, CA - Come Meet Congressman Xavier Becerra 2.19.15
Congressman Xavier Becerra(D-Los Angeles) will meet his constituents for one of his town hall type meetings where you can share coffee, ideas and opinions with the Congressman.  

Wednesday, February 19, 2014 6PM to 7PM, doors open 30 minutes prior to the start of the meeting.
Lincoln Heights Recreation Center
2303 Workman Street, Los Angeles 90031  
Parking entrance off Daly Street between North Broadway and Manitou Avenue
Meet with Congressman Becerra to voice your opinions
Congressman Becerra currently represents the 34th congressional district which includes … (5 comments)

los angeles: Los Angeles CA Monterey Hills Real Estate for Sale and Market Update - 12/02/13 04:15 PM
Los Angeles CA Monterey Hills Real Estate for Sale and Market Update

This is a summary of Monterey Hills real estate for sale and market update as of December 1, 2013 according to our local multiple listing service(mls). Monterey Hills is a planned community of condos, townhomes and one single family home development within the city of Los Angeles(zip code 90042).   
Construction began in the late 1970s. Bradley Court(16 single family homes) was completed in 2000 as the most recent development in the community.   

Most of the individual communities have a … (15 comments)

los angeles: Los Angeles CA -- Coffee and Meet Congressman Xavier Becerra June 15 - 06/14/13 03:17 PM
Los Angeles CA -- Coffee and Meet Congressman Xavier Becerra June 15

On Saturday, June 15, Congressman Xavier Becerra would like to hear directly from those in the 34th Congressional District he represents.   Congressman Becerra will host a Coffee with your Congressman event at Wilshire Park Elementary School located at 4063 Ingraham Street in Los Angeles 90005.   The event will be held from 10:30 to 11:30 AM and doors will open 30 minutes prior to the start of the meeting.  The parking entrance is on Ingraham Street between Wilton Place and Norton Avenue.  
If you are … (10 comments)

los angeles: Purple Rain in Southern California - 06/03/13 12:27 AM
Purple Rain in Southern California
A few weeks back I wrote a post on the blooming of the Jacarandas on the streets in Southern California.   
The Jacarandas Are Back, It’s Soooooo SoCal & A Sign Of Spring  

While the trees' purple blooms are still quite evident, you can see the blooms starting to fall and blanket the streets, sidewalks and lawns of our neighborhoods, parks business districts.   
I call this phenomenon Purple Rain.    Let the purple reign.....

Purple Rain in Southern California 

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