property managers: Security Deposit Tips for Property Managers, Landlords, and Tenants - 01/13/14 03:46 AM
By Matt Donnelly
A security deposit is an amount of money — ranging from hundreds to thousands of dollars — that a tenant pays a landlord or property manager at the beginning of a lease above and beyond first or last month’s rent. The security deposit is kept by the landlord or property manager in a separate interest-bearing bank account and is returned to the tenant when he or she moves out at the end of their lease. However, if a tenant damages the property, the landlord or property manager will use some or all of the security deposit to pay … (0 comments)

property managers: Why Property Managers Should Use Green Pest Control - 01/08/14 04:47 AM
By Beth Clymer, North Fulton Pest Solutions, Atlanta, Georgia
Green pest control is here to stay, and property managers should take note.
Green pest control is the wave of the future for property managers. (Flickr/Wonderlane) For years, pest control was associated with harsh chemicals, noxious fumes, and routine and regular spraying (done by a masked technician complete with ominous goggles and fitting rubber gloves up to the elbows). However, with the onset of the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) movement, this image is beginning to change for the better.
Marketing your property as a clean and environmentally responsible environment for children, pets, and the elderly with … (0 comments)

property managers: How to Grow Your Property Management Business - 01/08/14 04:44 AM
By Loretta Morgan, Jam Property, Caloundra, Queensland, Australia
You’ve chosen a career in property management, and you’re passionate about what you do. Maybe you’ve started a property management company. Now you want to be one of the best and to grow your property management business.
Growth is possible for all property management companies. (Flickr/crdotx)  
But how? This post will give you the tips and advice to get you there.
Get a Track Record, Get Experience  
A key aspect to becoming a great property manager is simple: Do more.
How can you do that? Be eager to learn … (4 comments)

property managers: Top 10 Tax Deductions for Property Managers - 01/08/14 04:40 AM
By Stephen Fishman
Property managers are engaged in a service business. As such, they are entitled to the fully array of business-related tax deductions. Almost everything you buy for your business is tax deductible sooner or later so long as it is ordinary and necessary and the cost is not unreasonable.
These deductions can really add up. For example, if you buy a $2,000 computer and use it for your property management business, you could deduct the full cost from your taxes. If you were in the 28% federal income tax bracket, this would save you $560 in income tax. In … (0 comments)

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