home staging nj: How to Use the Holiday Season to Declutter Your Home Part 2: Closets & Cupboards - 12/02/10 12:20 PM
The change of seasons, getting ready for holiday guests, family dinners, and get-togethers with friends!  Tis the season for decluttering!  What?  Who has time for that?  You do!  Really!  It's not that bad if you do a little at a time, as you go.  Here are some tips to get you on your way to a clutter-free home:
•   The Coat Closet:  The cold weather has come and the coats, scarves, gloves, and hats are at the front of the closet!  But what is lurking in the back?  What has fallen on the floor?  Get those coats that don't fit, … (3 comments)

home staging nj: How To Use the Holiday Season to Declutter Your Home Part I: Christmas Stuff - 12/02/10 10:55 AM
Is it really possible to declutter a home during the holidays?  There's shopping to be done, trees to be trimmed, decorations and lights to be hung, the list goes on and on.  How can someone even think about cleaning out a house with so much going on?  Well, I'll tell ya!  This is actually a great time of year to purge the stuff we no longer want!
Since it's unlikely we'll go through all the Christmas stuff any other time of year, take the time now to purge as you go.

 •   When you're decorating the tree, toss or … (3 comments)

home staging nj: Wouldn't You Love the Peace of Living in an Organized Home? Rose-Colored Staging Can Help! - 10/25/10 02:11 PM
Serving Burlington County and surrounding areas, we can help you get your home in tip-top shape! The holidays are fast approaching-- are you ready for guests? Although Rose-Colored Staging primarily stages homes for the real estate market, we also assist homeowners in: Decorating and setting up new homes for buyers Decluttering and organizing Holiday decorating Redesigning to make your home work for you Many people wait until they're selling their home to make much-needed improvements but why wait? Why not make the changes now that will change the way you feel about your home! You deserve to fall in love with … (2 comments)

home staging nj: 9/11 A Moment of Silence, Light A Candle - 09/11/10 10:32 AM
From my "Guest Blogger," my sister Lisa Rose:

This past year I went out with some friends and somehow 9/11 came up in conversation.  One friend's response went something like, "It's the past, so what? It's over."  I was shocked and mortified! (and oddly, speechless!)It is in my make up, no, not just my make up but my entire being to never forget my history, our history, America's history.  Was I cut from a diffferent form?  Am I the odd one here?  History is how we got to the place we are today, including the events of 9/11.  Am I … (6 comments)

home staging nj: PRICE REDUCTION on this Fabulous Haddonfield Home ~ 408 Maple Avenue - 09/10/10 07:56 AM
This wonderful 5 bedroom, 2 bath home in Haddonfield, NJ has had a price reduction and is now listed at $425,000! Full of charm, this house is a treasure! Take a look at the real estate show for pictures and details! .......................................................................................................................... .......................................................................................................................... Michele Rose is a Realtor and Professional Home Stager in Burlington County, NJ. She has been assisting both buyers and sellers with their real estate needs for the last 6 years. In 2007, she founded Rose-Colored Staging, a professional home staging and redesign business, to help sellers successfully market their homes with professional home staging. … (0 comments)

home staging nj: Has Your House Been Labeled? Top Five Tips To Sell Your House - 09/09/10 10:34 AM
From my sister Lisa, my Guest-blogger!
Hunting for a new house can be so exciting!  Potential buyers have a vision of a desired lifestyle, they crave the "perfect" house, they know everything will be better in "the new house."  Isn't life grand?  They've done everything by the book.  They are ready to buy.  Their agent brings them to your house and then?
No offer.  Why?  You may not know it yet, but your home may have just been labeled by the consumer.  Or worse, YOU may have been labeled by the consumer!As a consumer, I have visited Smelly House (not just a … (20 comments)

home staging nj: 408 Maple Avenue, Haddonfield, NJ ~ A Charming Home! - 07/31/10 10:43 AM
Just listed is this lovely home at 408 Maple Avenue in Haddonfield, NJ. Built in 1928, this home features custom trim work, glass doorknobs, hardwood flooring, and loads of charm! Updated kitchen and baths, ceramic tile, and a brick fireplace with surrounding cabinetry add to the appeal. Main floor is wheelchair accessible and offers a bath with shower stall and a bedroom, perfect for multi-generational living. Call for an appointment to tour this lovely home! You'll be glad you did! Charming Haddonfield Home! 408 Maple Avenue, Haddonfield, NJ 08033 View Map When you think of Haddonfield, you think of CHARM and … (0 comments)

home staging nj: Presidential Lakes July 4th ~ Family Fun in Burlington County! - 07/03/10 12:56 PM
There may be fireworks tonight all over South Jersey but Sunday, July 4th the celebrations are still happening in Presidential Lakes, Browns Mills, NJ, thanks to the local Fire and Rescue Squad!
  Beginning with the Parade at 10am, the festivities will continue at the newly reopened beach.  Speakers, refreshments, a hot dog eating contest, a watermelon eating contest, and games are included in the fun.  The beach, opened this year for the first time in many years, is sure to be at the center of the activities.
Come celebrate this joyous holiday of independence and freedom with friends and family!
And … (2 comments)

home staging nj: Happy Memorial Day! - 05/31/10 06:27 AM
"Let every nation know, whether it wishes us well or ill, that we shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe to assure the survival and the success of liberty."  John F. Kennedy

Thank you to all who have served our country! It is because of you that America celebrates its freedom and because of you that we are so blessed.  Let us never underestimate the importance of freedom and liberty and let us never underestimate the price.  Today we remember and honor our veterans.  Today we remember and honor those … (0 comments)

home staging nj: “You Staged What?” “The Candy! I Staged the Candy!” - 05/29/10 05:45 PM
Now, some of you will think I've gone way over the edge.  But some of you will understand, I know you will.  I've taken to staging candy. 
Now let me explain... I umm... well, may be just a little, just a teensy bit of a... perfectionist.
Just a wee bit.
I noticed it when I was out shopping for my latest staging project.
When I stage, I make it a point to always have an entry table in the foyer.  Just a console table, nothing large, but just big enough for a lamp, the Realtor's flyers, a small dish for Realtor's … (12 comments)

home staging nj: Budd's KNP Farmer's Market, Country Store, Kids Pick Your Own! - 05/13/10 08:51 AM

 Budd's KNP Farmer's Market, a little hot spot off the beaten path in Pemberton, NJ turns out to be a fabulous find!

I was on a quest for local honey (a teaspoon a day to battle seasonal allergies) only to discover a goldmine!  Budd's KNP Farms Country Market and Country Kitchen not only carries Bob's Buzzy Bee's Honey made in Yardville, NJ, but they carry an entire inventory of products including their low milk price of only $2.99 a gallon!  One visit and I was already hooked on this little gem of a country store.  "Old-fashioned" is right up my alley.

home staging nj: The Beauty of an Icy Windshield, Burlington County, NJ ~~ Wordless Wednesday - 12/30/09 06:57 AM

Michele Rose is a Realtor and Professional Home Stager in Burlington County, NJ.  She has been assisting both buyers and sellers with their real estate needs for the last 5 years.  In 2007, she formed Rose-Colored Staging to help sellers market their homes with professional home staging.

home staging nj: Are You a Facebook Friend Who Gets "Hidden?" - 10/30/09 05:34 AM
Your Facebook friends may have hidden you and you didn't know it!  Yes, you could be talking to, well, no one.  OK- maybe it's not that bad, but there may be some friends you are missing.
I have been on Facebook for about a year now and have amassed a modest 127 friends.  I don't often go seeking friends but I do love adding friends when they find me!  Facebook has been a great way for me to get to know friends better, colleagues, and sometimes even strangers if we have a common bond such as our business.
I love sharing … (125 comments)

home staging nj: The Cheapest Way to Renovate-- The Amazing, Wonderful Can of Paint! - 09/14/09 12:30 PM
Yes, a simple can or two of paint can totally transform your home!  Paint is, hands-down, the least expensive change to your home you can make, adding the biggest impact.  If you are not sure how much "bang for your buck" you can get just from picking up a roller, just take a look: 
This bathroom from a home in Mt. Holly was indeed hard on the eyes!  With outdated foil-like wallpaper, pink tile and flooring, everything about this bath would surely frighten most buyers away!  Since the very limited budget did not allow for updating anything else, we simply painted … (30 comments)