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Today is my last day of being an "active" realtor here in Sioux City.  I do not want to discourage anyone from this profession.  But I do pledge to inform others of the positive and negatives of choosing this as a profession.  I would not recommend this career path to someone that is a single par...
I know many of you keep updated on all aspects of being a Realtor but here is some information that may have slipped by you.  The mortgage industry is going through some changes especially those that impact time-lines. HVCC has already went into effect May 2009.  Home Valuation Code of Conduct ma...
With Fourth of July weekend here I want to give a shout out to the dogs that serve this country.  I know handlers out there that depend on these partners to do a very dangerous job.  They are sent into mind fields sniffing for bombs.  We also have bomb sniffing dogs here in the states that work a...
Just when you thought it was safe to go outside, in the proverbial sense, you are hit with something new.  Purchase agreement is all initialed, dated and signed.  The seller has agreed to include in the sale his riding lawnmower and a few other items.  Then behold a call comes saying, sorry but t...
The Governor of Iowa has vetoed to postpone the start date of legislation passed earlier for inspection of septic tanks at time of transfer from a sale.  The new law requires that every home/building served by a septic system have that septic system inspected prior to the sale or deed transfer fo...
Actually we do need to have ethical standards.  It would be nice if everyone could play by the rules.  But, not everyone plays nice in the sandbox.  If you look at surveys or statistic's on where real estate agents fall on the list of honest professionals we are just above lawyers and used car sa...
My recent visit to the Capital of my state too visit with IAR lobbyist and our state representatives has me wondering how many out there in the real estate world really pay attention. I blogged about the visit and I am surprised at the number of comments made, actually the lack of comments. I hav...
Yesterday, March 25, 2009 was bus-in day for Iowa Realtors.  It was a long day but worth the trip.  I went representing Sioux City and we had 18 that attended.  We boarded a bus at 7:15 and got on the road about 7:30.  We stopped and picked up 4 more in Webster City.  Arrived in Des Moines about ...
Tomorrow I will be going on the Legislative Bus-In day.  Iowa Association of Realtors does an annual trip to the Capital to meet with the legislative delegation.  This is a great opportunity to discuss the issues and let the legislative body know we are following what they do on the Hill.  This ...
For those that may have read an earlier blog were I wrote about having to work full time in retail.  I have left retail and moved into a part time job.  My big issue right now is am I at the right place for my Real Estate career.  I have been there over a year and still have had little guidance. ...

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