real estate: HERA and HVCC information on how the new government regulations may impact closing dates. - 07/15/09 04:50 AM
I know many of you keep updated on all aspects of being a Realtor but here is some information that may have slipped by you.  The mortgage industry is going through some changes especially those that impact time-lines.
HVCC has already went into effect May 2009.  Home Valuation Code of Conduct main goal is to boost the overall sincerity of the valuation process.  A stipulation worth mentioning is that borrowers receive a copy of their appraisal reports no less than 3 days prior to the closing absent a borrower waiver of this condition. 
HERA effective date is July 30, 2009 and amends the Truth … (1 comments)

real estate: You want me to pull what off of the purchase agreement? - 06/25/09 05:20 AM
Just when you thought it was safe to go outside, in the proverbial sense, you are hit with something new.  Purchase agreement is all initialed, dated and signed.  The seller has agreed to include in the sale his riding lawnmower and a few other items.  Then behold a call comes saying, sorry but that cannot be included in the purchase agreement.  Needs to be off of there.  Okay, so we are trying to do things above board and now this.  Now you have to go back and explain this to your clients that this needs to be done over, and need to … (8 comments)

real estate: Iowa Septic Tank Law postponement is vetoed. - 05/27/09 01:56 PM
The Governor of Iowa has vetoed to postpone the start date of legislation passed earlier for inspection of septic tanks at time of transfer from a sale.  The new law requires that every home/building served by a septic system have that septic system inspected prior to the sale or deed transfer for the home/building.  Some where hoping for the postponement so things could be better organized and getting people certified to do the inspections.  Some counties in Iowa already have this in their laws, so the transition will be nil.  Many Realtors in the state are well aware of this new … (2 comments)

real estate: Issues, Politics, and Real Estate. The Joy of Politic's - not. - 03/27/09 07:05 AM
My recent visit to the Capital of my state too visit with IAR lobbyist and our state representatives has me wondering how many out there in the real estate world really pay attention. I blogged about the visit and I am surprised at the number of comments made, actually the lack of comments. I have had some readers and I am thankful that they stopped by. Some of the issues we face in my state of Iowa is in my opinion poorly written or absurd. Last year was the ‘Septic Tank Certification' when selling. This goes into effect July 1, 2009. … (2 comments)

real estate: A day at the "Hill" with Realtors from around Iowa. - 03/25/09 04:00 AM
Yesterday, March 25, 2009 was bus-in day for Iowa Realtors.  It was a long day but worth the trip.  I went representing Sioux City and we had 18 that attended.  We boarded a bus at 7:15 and got on the road about 7:30.  We stopped and picked up 4 more in Webster City.  Arrived in Des Moines about noon and dropped off at the convention center for lunch and speakers.
The key speaker was John Tuccillo the former Chief Economist for the National Association of Realtors.  He is considered one of the foremost real estate economists in the nation.  It was … (2 comments)

real estate: IAR Bus-In Day March 24, 2009 - 03/23/09 05:58 AM

Tomorrow I will be going on the Legislative Bus-In day.  Iowa Association of Realtors does an annual trip to the Capital to meet with the legislative delegation.  This is a great opportunity to discuss the issues and let the legislative body know we are following what they do on the Hill. 
This is free for Realtors and if you aren't going, plan on attending in 2010.  For those going, hope to see you there.
 Stop by my website by clicking here.  Thanks for reading. 

real estate: Optimism for a weary soul is hard to come by, but I will keep putting one foot in front of the other. - 06/19/08 10:25 AM
I finally had to do it.  Being a single parent and trying to stay in Real Estate has been a challange.  I had a part time job which is now my full time job.  My dream is on the back burner but I am not done.  For those in this situation I will be optimistic that things will get better and hang in there.  It is tough and the way things are wtih the economy I do not think it will be an easy road for some time. 
Some bloggers on AR have said there areas have picked up, which is … (14 comments)

real estate: Hyperion Resources: Relocation to the Elk Point, South Dakota. - 04/07/08 09:22 AM
Pondering what to write about in my blog! 
In doing this I have decided to write a number of blogs about relocation to Elk Point, South Dakota and the surrounding area.  I can hear you thinking!!  Elk Point, South Dakota, what's there?  Well!  Hyperion Resources is what "will" be there.  Actually, it will probably be located in Elk Point.  Final approval is pending.  Here is a short rundown of what is to be expected in regards to jobs as a result of this venture in South Dakota.
Thousands of acres of farmland in the southeastern tip of South Dakota could … (1 comments)

real estate: Cherokee, Iowa a great place to live. - 03/26/08 09:13 AM

Cherokee Iowa is one of my favorite towns.  It lies east of Sioux City about 65 miles.  The first time I drove through Cherokee heading north I though it a quaint little town.  The downtown is done nicely and reminds me of a time gone by.  There are nice little shops up and down the main street. 
The town of Cherokee has a few parks and the crown jewel of the city park system is beautiful Spring Lake Park, located along Hwy. 59 South.   This park has 40 camping spaces with electrical, water and sewer hookups, shower and restroom … (0 comments)

real estate: What you get for your dollar in Sioux City real estate. - 02/27/08 02:00 AM
Part of my motive for doing this is that I read somewhere that "why would anyone want to retire in the Midwest".  Coming from California, I know many, once hitting retirement could not afford to stay in that state.  I have run across more and more that are thinking of going back to the state of their parents or grandparents.  Where the cost of living is lower, which in turns stretches their dollar.  Some retiree's say that this allows them to do some traveling during the winter months. 
My other reason for putting this information out there for people to read … (5 comments)

real estate: LeMars, Iowa a great place to live. - 02/21/08 08:47 AM
Welcome to Le Mars, Iowa - "The Ice Cream Capital of the World".  LeMars is located in North West Iowa in Plymouth County.  Le Mars is 25 miles north of Sioux City, 85 miles southeast of Sioux Falls, 120 miles north of Omaha and 205 miles west of Des Moines. U.S. Highway 75 along with state highways 3 and 60 offer an excellent transportation network to nearby interstates as well as venues such as the Iowa Great Lakes. Le Mars features a municipal airport with a 4000 foot runway.
They also have many quality hotels, attractions, restaurants, and shopping opportunities for … (2 comments)

real estate: Getting to know the neighborhood: Hinton, Iowa. - 02/10/08 12:02 PM
The city of Hinton is located in the valley of the Floyd River in Plymouth County. This area of Iowa consists of rolling hills broken by small streams and rivers. In 1856, the first settlers moved into Plymouth County and in 1858 formally organized the County as a government unit.
Hinton is celebrating its 125th birthday.
Statistics & Facts:
The population of Hinton is approximately 808.
The approximate number of families is 255.
Hinton's location is 42°37'N 96°18'W; land area is 0.54 square miles (347 acres).
Avg price of a home currently on the market in Hinton $208,977.00.  To check … (3 comments)

real estate: Things To Do Sioux City, Iowa. - 11/19/07 07:30 AM
Get To Know Sioux City, Iowa.
Some of the Annual Events in Sioux City:
Rock In Summer
The event is usually held on Saturday in early June.  Each year Downtown Sioux City hosts the annual June Jam music festival.  . You'll hear Folk Music, Blues, Rock, Punk, and Country.  A little of everything for people to enjoy. 
For more information:
This event is held in the middle of June.  This premier event in Sioux City draws thousands of motorcycle enthusiasts to the City.  Historic 4th Street is closed down letting bikers park their bikes along the street.  … (0 comments)


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