pasadena home stager: Model Home Staging a Pasadena Townhome - 06/08/09 03:19 PM
Model Home Staging A Pasadena Townhome
A couple of weeks ago, I was contacted by a very upset Pasadena builder. It seems the home staging company they had hired earlier, had sent them an email that they would not be able to stage the builder's model the following week. She asked if I would be able to stage a model home in time for the scheduled open house and do it within their budget. Of course I said yes!

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pasadena home stager: Los Angeles Home Stager - Altadena Spanish Cottage Staged Inexpensively - 04/26/09 10:57 AM
Add one Los Angeles home stager plus a fantastic 1928 Altadena Spanish Colonial Revival in (with an entry courtyard), the homeowners furniture, plus a few rented pieces of furniture, a Persian rug and some staging accessories et voila!
An interesting note about this lovely cottage: It was built and designed by Anna P Latham, one of the first women to be licensed as a building contractor in California. In 1928!

Here are some before and after pictures after staging. We brought in a new … (35 comments)

pasadena home stager: Gorgeous, Elegant, Magnificent, Stunning, Stylish, Sexy - Our Latest Pasadena Home Staging Project - 03/31/09 12:26 PM
There just aren't enough superlatives to describe the Pasadena home we staged last week. This is an owner occupied staging and we were fortunate to work with the homeowners beautiful furnishings. We added artwork & accessories from our extensive inventory. Here's the brochure for the home:


Contact the listing agent, Gerard Current at (626)893-5700 for more information about this magnificent one-of-a-kind home. You can also visit the web site
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pasadena home stager: Stylish Occupied Home Staging in Pasadena, CA - 03/27/09 02:30 PM
Staging An Occupied Pasadena Home With Art & Accessories Here's some photos from our latest Pasadena home staging project. Moving Mountains Design was hired by the homeowner/listing agent to "add the icing" to this beautiful home. As this was an occupied home staging, we used the homeowner's existing furniture and some accessories, and brought in art work, silk plants and additional accessories from our extensive inventory. We were very fortunate that the homeowner had some lovely pieces for us to stage with.


pasadena home stager: Your Home Staging Business - You've Got Questions, I've Got Answers! - 01/05/09 08:29 AM
Your Home Staging Business- You've got questions, I've got answers!
? ? ? After the recent round of  RESA/Stage It Forward Round Tables, it became clear that many professional home stagers, newbies and veterans alike, had a lot of questions about the business of home staging. I'm a big believer in the saying "A rising tide raises all boats", meaning the more successful one professional stager is, the more successful we all have a chance of being. As a successful veteran home staging business owner, I am opening up the floor to questions about the business of home staging. This will … (46 comments)

pasadena home stager: Your Home Staging Business - What certification did you get to become a home stager? Would it be beneficial for me to get this? - 01/05/09 07:16 AM
Your Home Staging Business - What certification did you get to become a home stager??  Would it be beneficial to me to get this?Here is the first question and answer in my blog series Your Home Staging Business - You've Got Questions, I've Got Answers!Q: What certification did you get to become a home stager??  Would it be beneficial to me to get this? from Marlene PelleginiA: Marlene, thanks for this question. I took the on-line classes provided by Home Staging Resource and I am "certified" by them. I thought it was a great program for what I needed. 'What I needed' … (11 comments)

pasadena home stager: "Follow Me On Twitter" Button For Your Blog Posts - 12/21/08 06:12 AM
"Follow Me On Twitter Button" to place in your blog posts.
This button is courtesy of Randa Clay. There are several more button choices available for free. I liked this one the best. Make sure you check out Randa's other amazing designs.

To turn this into a "Follow Me OnTwitter" button for your blog posts do the following:
-Copy and paste the Twitter icon above into your blog
-Click on the "link" icon (looks like 3 chain links)
-Type in (replace "MichelleMinch" with your Twitter user name)
-Click "insert"
-You're done!
If you would like to follow me on … (28 comments)

pasadena home stager: Pasadena Staged Home Sells in 5 Days! - 12/20/08 08:33 AM
Staged Pasadena home sells in 5 days!
I called the Listing Agent of a Pasadena cottage we staged 2 weeks ago, just to check in and lend support where needed. The listing agent told me that they got an offer after 5 days on the market and the house was now in escrow! The listing agent paid for the staging and we only staged the living room, dining room and kitchen to keep costs down. It is rare for the LA to pay for the staging, at least among the agents I work with, but this listing agent and her investor client have an ongoing relationship with … (26 comments)

pasadena home stager: Home Staging in Arcadia - Staged Cottage Sells Before The Sign Is Up! - 08/09/08 04:07 AM
Arcadia home staging helps sell home on the evening of the first open house. The owner/agent didn't even have time to get the sign up!
After sitting on the market for several weeks, with no offers (not even low ball offers) the owner/agent decided to stage this cute cottage in hopes of getting it to sell. He had gotten one of our brochures from another house we had staged in the area, and the listing agent on that house sang our praises. (See, leaving your marketing materials in homes you stage does help drive more business)
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pasadena home stager: Los Angeles Home Stager Interview in Chicago Tribune - 07/25/08 02:23 AM
I was recently interviewed by nationally syndicated real estate journalist Ellen James Martin for a column she was writing about home staging. Google Alerts let me know this morning that the article is appearing in the Chicago Tribune.
The article, Getting the Most Out of Home Staging, will appear in about 100 newspapers across the country over the next few weeks. Please feel free to show some stager love by leaving a comment at the Chicago Tribune web site (just below the article).
Just for the record, I am not the "Director of the Real Estate Staging Association" as quoted in … (36 comments)

pasadena home stager: A Home Staging Consultation Can Save You Money! - 06/04/08 11:42 AM
My client got a 1000% return on her investment of a paid home staging consultation!
A few days ago, my assistant Terri and I went to do a home staging consultation on a nice two story home in Sunland, CA. I talk and Terri takes notes and measurements. The homeowner showed us around the main floor, and we discussed the necessary repairs and improvements she and her husband were planning to do.
We went upstairs, and as she was showing us around, I suggested that she might want to freshen the … (20 comments)

pasadena home stager: Staged Home in Arcadia, CA Gets An Offer After First Open House! - 05/10/08 01:22 PM
Staged home in Arcadia gets an offer after first open house!
UPDATE: The REA called me this morning and told me the house is in escrow! Whoo-hoo!
Last week, Moving Mountains Design was hired to stage a 7,000 sq. ft. new construction home in Arcadia, CA. One of my assistants was in the hospital (thankfully she is on the mend and will be back at work next week), one assistant was on vacation in Brazil, and one assistant had to fly up to Sacramento to take care of her mother who had a stroke. It was the perfect storm of staging assistants … (39 comments)

pasadena home stager: Warehouse of the Year! - 01/12/08 07:26 AM
If there were such an award, I think I would have a pretty good crack at it, although my friend Jo Potvin of Design to Market in Cincinnati, OH would give me a run for my money (Take a Peak at our Warehouse). My company, Moving Mountains Design & Home Staging, outgrew our previous location - my guest house and carport. It took me a while to find it, but on December 15, 2007 I leased a warehouse in Arcadia, CA. It was about 1,100 sq. ft. to start with, and I added (well, I paid a contractor to do it) another 400 or … (62 comments)

pasadena home stager: 40% Off Sale On Photo Books from My Publisher! - 01/05/08 04:40 AM
Recently there have been several blogs posted on AR about using photo books as portfolios. Here are just a few of them:
 Juliet, Beth & Maureen are smart cookies... by Melissa Marro
I stole Juliet & Beth's Portfolio and you should too by Maureen Henry
Today I received an email from My Publisher, advertising a 40% off sale (for orders of $100 or more) or 20% off for orders $50-$100.  I thought this was a tremendous deal, so I am passing this along. I have downloaded their software and have started building my books. I plan to order several at this price. I will … (21 comments)

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