pasadena home staging: Home Staging Nets Seller 1500% Return On Their Investment! - 08/23/14 12:01 PM
What's the home staging return on investment?  A Pasadena home seller nets 1500% return on their home staging and home preparation investment!
For every dollar they invested preparing their home for sale, they netted $15 in the sale price of their home. Having invested approximately $20,000 in home staging and taking care of maintenance, painting and wall paper removal, these clients received $300,000 over their asking price. Craig Maxwell: "Our Pasadena home was nice but a bit tired, and our agent arranged for Michelle to evaluate and stage our house. (We were lucky, because she is in great demand). In … (7 comments)

pasadena home staging: Your Place Your Space talking Home Staging with Michelle Minch - 11/08/12 10:17 AM
Lucky me! Tomorrow I'll be on the radio being interviewed about home staging. Ana Hitzel, the host of Your Place, Your Space hosts a weekly show about home and life improvement on AM1680 KNOC (Orange County and Beach Cities). Tune in or you can stream it from the radio station website.
This Friday on Your Place Your Space home and life improvement radio we talk home staging with Michelle Minch, owner of Pasadena's Moving Mountains Design. Michelle began her career as a Stylist and Visual Merchandiser for commercials, music videos, TV and feature films. All her past experiences have translated … (2 comments)

pasadena home staging: Pasadena Penthouse Pops with Home Staging - 12/04/10 01:08 PM
Pasadena Penthouse Condo Pops With Home Staging Last week we were hired by an out-of-town homeowner to stage her Playhouse District Pasadena condo. The condo had been on the market for 84 days before staging. In the best case, we would have staged this condo before it hit the market. But this homeowner was very smart to stage it when it hadn't sold for almost 3 months. While we were staging, some potential buyers came through. This was the second time they saw the condo. The first time, it was unstaged. Their comments: "This looks so much nicer than I remember", … (13 comments)

pasadena home staging: Pasadena Home Staging - Hard To Believe Its The Same Bathroom! - 09/19/10 08:17 AM
We recently were asked by the listing agent, Irina Netchaev, to perform a home staging consultation on a Sierra Madre view home that was going on the market. The home has great "bones" and an awesome view, but some of the decor and interior finishes had become dated. One of our recommendations was to make a few cost effective changes to the master bath to make it more luxurious and worthy of a master suite. This worked into the homeowners' plans as they had recently discovered a leak that would require them to tear our a shower wall to repair it.

pasadena home staging: Pasadena Home Stagers - Hacienda Heights Home Staging Photos - 09/13/10 05:13 AM
Last week we staged this terrific Hacienda Heights home for on of our San Gabriel Valley real estate investors. We have staged or currently have 4 homes staged for this investor since the beginning of the year. She has gathered a team to help sell her homes - a great real estate agent, Ben Tong, GoGo Realtors, and a professional home stager who understand the market where her investments are located. This real estate investor knows Moving Mountains Design will put together the most cost effective staging packages to help sell her real estate assets.
Here's some before and after photos … (21 comments)

pasadena home staging: Pasadena Home Staging - New Construction Pasadena Luxury Home Staging - 06/20/10 05:47 AM
We staged this beautiful Pasadena luxury home this week. I had gone to see this home approximately 3 weeks ago and had done a home staging estimate for the builder/home owner and listing agent.The owner decided that he wanted to put the home on the market without staging "to test the waters". After 2 weeks of a "lukewarm" reception, he agreed to have the home staged by Pasadena's finest home staging company, Moving Mountains Design.
Upon viewing this home I recognized that the rooms were A) HUGE and B)undefined. I've staged hundreds of homes, and it was hard for me to … (13 comments)

pasadena home staging: Staging An Affordable Housing Condo In Pasadena #2 - 05/14/10 06:39 PM
Yesterday we staged the second Affordable Housing condo for a real estate investment group. We destaged the first condo we staged in this development (because it had sold) and moved everything into this unit.
Read: Even Small, Inexpensive Homes Benefit From Home Staging - Pasadena Home Staging Info
The first unit we staged sold within the first month of staging after having been on the market for almost 3 years!
The unit we staged yesterday in this Pasadena condo complex is a mirror image of the first unit. I changed out some of the artwork & accessories, just to freshen … (6 comments)

pasadena home staging: My Favorite Home Staging Before & After Transformation Photos - What's Yours? - 05/10/10 11:37 AM
As a part of the series My Favorite Home Staging Photos, I'm posting my favorite before and after home staging transformation photos.
These photos were part of a Pasadena home staging project in which I was hired not only to stage, but also to help the homeowner get organized and get rid of years of accumulation of clutter.
Here's the daughter's bedroom before:

This shot was taken after we had spent a couple of hours clearing the floor just so we could walk in the room. Nothing was added and nothing was stacked on something else. This is just how … (14 comments)

pasadena home staging: Staged on April 1, Sold And We're Destaging Tomorrow! - 04/26/10 02:46 PM
Proof that home staging in South Pasadena works! We staged this cute South Pasadena Tudor cottage on April 1. It sold quickly and now we're destaging it 26 days later! Contingencies were removed on Friday 4/23, but we didn't have time in the schedule to destage until tomorrow.
The sellers are thrilled. The listing agent is thrilled. And I'm thrilled to have happy clients.

Click on the photo to see more pictures of this cute South Pasadena cottage.

pasadena home staging: The Garden Conservancy Pasadena Garden Tour - 04/25/10 01:59 PM
Today, my friend Mary Gray who owns the garden accessory store Pot-ted in Los Feliz, and I went on a tour of some beautiful and historic Pasadena gardens. The tour was part of the Garden Conservancy Open Days program.
According to their brochure "The Garden Conservancy is the only national nonprofit organization founded to preserve exceptional American gardens for the education and enjoyment of the public."
Six Pasadena homeowners generously opened their private gardens to Garden Conservancy guests this year.
I love to look at local gardens. I always walk away with lots of curb appeal ideas for my Pasadena and … (6 comments)

pasadena home staging: Curb Appeal On The Cheap - Tips & What To Buy - 04/23/10 08:17 AM
If you're thinking of putting your home on the market in the coming weeks, one area you will probably have to address is your curb appeal. The front of your house is the first thing potential buyers see when they pull up to your home.
Here's some inexpensive home staging tips to up your curb appeal:
Clean up the yard - Get rid of gnomes, toys, gardening tools, trash cans and your "project" up on blocks. Cost = $0 Really clean up the yard - Rake up leaves, grass clippings, dead branches. Cost =$0 Trim back bushes from the front of … (10 comments)

pasadena home staging: Even Small, Inexpensive Homes Require Home Staging - Pasadena Home Staging Info - 04/18/10 01:10 AM
A few weeks ago, my Pasadena home staging company, Moving Mountains Design, I was hired to provide home staging services for a very small (600 sq. ft.!!) 1 bedroom, 1 bath Pasadena condo. I was hired by a real estate investment company that does condo conversions and also purchases foreclosure properties including new construction condo projects that have gone belly up. Every unit in this project has sold except for this one. The unit is very affordably priced at $225,000, which is cheap by Los Angeles real estate standards. The real estate investment company is hoping that once staged, this unit … (11 comments)

pasadena home staging: South Pasadena Home Staging A Tudor Cottage - Sneak Peek - 04/10/10 07:44 AM
We staged a very nice Tudor cottage last week in South Pasadena. We met the homeowner and within a couple of days we had a signed home staging contract and turned it around very quickly. When empty, the living room looked long and narrow:

Adding a Persian rug and appropriately sized furniture makes the living room look proportional and comfortable:

The brick red sofas add color and life to an otherwise very neutral white room. The creamy tones of the Persian rug lighten and brighten the space.
To see more photos and learn more about this South Pasadena home … (23 comments)

pasadena home staging: Pasadena Home Stager Is Featured In Article "Sold On Staging" - 03/27/10 02:37 PM
A few weeks ago I was interviewed by a reporter for the Pasadena Star News for an article about home staging. They sent out a photographer when we were staging this Altadena home. Originally the article was supposed to be published on March 13th, but they held it for 2 weeks so it could be published in all of the San Gabriel Valley Newspaper Group's sister publications, I think 7 in all.

I think the article gives a very well balanced look at how much home staging costs (in the Los Angeles-Pasadena real estate market) and what to expect from … (26 comments)

pasadena home staging: Los Angeles Home Staging - A Hollywood Condo Home Staging Video - 02/28/10 04:34 AM
Los Angeles Home Staging - A Hollywood Condo Home Staging Video
Here's a home staging video of a Hollywood, CA condo we staged recently. I posted photos here: Los Angeles Home Staging A Hollywood Condo - Multiple Offers After The First Open House!
I thought it would be nice to show what we do when we are actually staging a home for sale.

pasadena home staging: Los Angeles Home Staging - An Altadena Home Staging Video - 02/26/10 05:27 AM
Los Angeles Home Staging - An Altadena Home Staging Video - Officially my first Flip Home Staging Video!
This is a video of a home we staged last week in Altadena, CA. I've had my Flip camera for a while (I accosted many of you with it at the RESA International Home Staging Conference in Las Vegas at the end of January :o)
This is a quickie video. I'm still learning about all the ins and outs of the Flip and the editing process.
I hope you enjoy!
For more information about this home and to see still photos and … (21 comments)

pasadena home staging: Altadena Home Staging - Pasadena Home Stager Scores a Home Run - 02/21/10 06:38 AM
We staged this beautiful occupied Altadena home on Tuesday of last week. When I met with the Realtor and homeowner on Thursday afternoon, I was told that they already had an offer coming in after the first open house!
The homeowner was using the livingroom as the master bedroom. I won't show before photos of that room because it was heaped with everything they were pre-packing. Here's an after photo of the livingroom after staging:

Here's a pretty detail shot:

To see more photos and a couple of slide shows of this beautiful Altadena home read Altadena Home … (23 comments)

pasadena home staging: Pasadena Home Staging - A San Dimas Home Staged & Sold in 12 Days! - 02/06/10 02:34 PM
I was called by a Monrovia real estate agent to provide a home staging consultation to one of her clients as part of her listing package. She did a great job working with her clients and they enthusiastically completed all the tasks on my consultation to-do list.
We staged on January 19, 2010
The house hit the MLS on January 21, 2010
The house was in escrow with multiple offers on February 2, 2010
12 Days on Market! Multiple offers!
This was an occupied home staging. We staged using much of the homeowners' furniture. I used a few pieces of rented … (29 comments)

pasadena home staging: Seeing Red In Home Staging Photos - 09/07/09 02:31 PM
We all know the importance of having eye-catching MLS photos. I'm all about taking great photos for my Los Angeles home staging clients. Beautiful,eye catching home staging photos accomplish 2 things:
They showcase the house to appeal to the greatest number of buyers on the MLS and in marketing materials. If my photos get them in the door, then the listing agent has a better chance of selling the home. They showcase my ability as a home stager on my home staging website and in my portfolio Lately, I've been using red accessories, throw pillows and bedding more and more because … (49 comments)

pasadena home staging: Model Home Staging a Pasadena Townhome - 06/08/09 03:19 PM
Model Home Staging A Pasadena Townhome
A couple of weeks ago, I was contacted by a very upset Pasadena builder. It seems the home staging company they had hired earlier, had sent them an email that they would not be able to stage the builder's model the following week. She asked if I would be able to stage a model home in time for the scheduled open house and do it within their budget. Of course I said yes!

Read more: Home Staging a Pasadena Townhome
Southern California home staging company Moving Mountains Design offers vacant home staging, occupied home … (9 comments)

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