staged to sell: Some Recent Updates - 07/03/11 05:48 PM
As I mentioned in my last post, I recently staged a home in SE Portland... and it has already sold : )
After having sat on the market for 3 months, the staging did wonders : )
Also, an update on the quick selling home I blogged about in my  Craftsman Bungalow post, Andrea Dufresne, the Realtor I worked with just sent me a wonderful testimonial:
“I recently had a vacant home with an unusual layout and some other space ‘obstacles’. Michelle was sensitive to cost and was very thoughtful about which rooms really needed staging and which ones could do without. … (2 comments)

staged to sell: Neighborhoods with Flair - 05/25/11 11:06 AM
I recently staged a home at 4253 SE Washington:

I worked on emphasizing the homes natural cozy feeling, and in the livingroom showcasing that warm woodstove. This home was located in a cute neighborhood that is just a a few minute walk to Belmont, a pedestrian heavy street that features many eateries and shops, like the local classic Movie Madness:

An independent movie rental store that has a “museum of movie picture history” alongside the movies to rent. And just down the way there is also the delicious (and Portland famous) Pine State Biscuits:
A restaurant … (4 comments)

staged to sell: 11905 N.W. Oatfield Ct. - 05/19/11 09:49 AM
A recently staged a spacious 6 bedroom home for Lois Oliver-Miesbach.

As you can tell by these beautiful Realty Imaging pics, this home had wonderful natural lighting; which was one of the features I emphasized with the staging.

Click the google map to check out the listing : )

staged to sell: SW Chestnut Ln - 05/03/11 12:10 PM
6335 SW CHESTNUT LN, Beaverton, OR 97005

Recent home I staged for Living Room Realtors : )

staged to sell: Challenging Listing - 04/16/11 07:45 AM
Just received a wonderful compliment on one of the homes I staged:
I can't begin to thank you for the amazing job that you did on staging my "challenging listing" in Tigard. We were in contract within 10 days of going on the market. (This home had been on the market for 6 months with another agent). Seriously, "it pays to stage".
I love getting feedback like this, and it was a pleasure working with the agent, Trish Banning.
I'll post some pictures from this house soon : )

staged to sell: Staged to Sell (and they both did) - 04/02/11 04:44 PM

I've run into people who are very skeptical that a staged home will increase its value, and decrease its time on the market.
So, for those who love statistics, a recent stat from ASP emphasizes how much faster a house that is staged will sell. And here’s a little more proof: two different homes I staged both sold after one day on the market.


1714 SE 37th, Portland OR       

7305 N JERSEY ST, Portland OR                                                                        
I have worked with many wonderful and experienced Realtors in the Portland, Oregon area, and I understand … (4 comments)

staged to sell: Happy Spring, and Cleaning Green - 03/20/11 07:35 PM
Spring is here, which means so are the birds and budding plants. It's time to go for a walk, plant some seeds, read a good book outside, open the windows and let in a breeze,'s also time for some spring cleaning. 
So, here is a quick recipe for a green clean (for those so inclined):
General Cleaner:
½ cup vinegar
¼ cup baking soda
1/8 cup lemon juice
2.5 liters water
White Vinegar - is a natural deodorizer and just acidic enough to eat through dirt, grease and soup residue.
Baking Soda - also a deodorizer, mildly abrasive and softens … (5 comments)

staged to sell: The Problem with Virtual Staging (it's a lie) - 03/13/11 07:57 PM
For those who don't know, virtual staging is the use of photo manipulation to create a similar "staging effect" completely digitally. Often taking an empty room and overlaying photo furniture, or artwork (or -and far more ethically dubious, airbrushing and cloning away house flaws).
Photo manipulation is becoming increasingly common. This is the day and age where magazine models are not just airbrushed, but waist thinned and legs digitally lengthened. Often we can't even tell how many people or photos were stitched together to create that end product.  
 So, if we can't tell? What the problem...
Assume people will be … (13 comments)

staged to sell: Large and Cozy 2 - 03/05/11 08:12 AM
It was such a wonderful opportunity staging this home. In a larger home like this, I had to go about things with a slightly different mentality (just because there was so much space). I wanted the rooms to feel visually connected, leading the viewer from one part of the house to the other. At the same time there needs to be a clear enough divide that the rooms didn’t feel empty or over whelming. I was really pleased with how inviting and cozy it ended up.

Thanks for the great response on the last pics I posted from this … (9 comments)

staged to sell: Unique Clients, Unique Staging? - 02/18/11 06:08 AM
I’ve been thinking about all the unique and different types of people we meet in the staging business. It’s always interesting to see how clients’ lives and hobbies affect their home – and sometimes the way it affects some of our staging decisions. Even something like a multi pet home, or a home with specialized remodeling (extra modern TV room, anyone?) can make us work creatively to create a successful staging.
So, what are the most unique situations you guys have staged, and how did it affect the staging process?