activerain real estate network: Daytona Real Estate Trainer Says Bye Bye - 02/07/11 01:21 PM
This is really a test post but I must admit there is some truth in the title.  For as long as I have been on Activerain I've marketed myself as the Daytona Real Estate Trainer, in many ways I still am but I am moving...moving...moving...
Daytona Real Estate Trainer Says Bye Bye OK Online That Is - It's a Strategic Move and the Daytona Real Estate Trainer says bye bye to ActiveRain.  In the next coming weeks my online presence will change here on ActiveRain and so will my location.  Stay tuned as I plan to be #1.  I have enjoyed … (9 comments)

activerain real estate network: Realize You Have A Huge Support System Right Here on Activerain - 10/28/09 02:39 AM
I don't know about you...but I receive emails daily from members on many cases these emails are requesting information on how to be a better REALTOR and to be a better social net worker. 
Realize you have a huge support system right here on Active rain There are occasions where I may not have the best answer and that's where the valuable members here on the network come in.  With all of the fantastic and advice.  I know if I do not have a clear answer, someone does right here on the rain.  I can't imagine my life today … (12 comments)

activerain real estate network: Critics Spell Success-Even on Activerain! Just Write! - 08/18/08 08:31 AM
I get inquiries frequently, as a matter of fact, I get requests, requests to write on different topics..for me its my favorite way to write.  I feel like I am writing for many..many who want to know and are afraid to ask.  Some who are intimated and some so new. 
I talk with Rainers alot..yes I pick up the phone and shoot the breeze, often time in ends up in a request for a blog post other times they talk to me in how they feel about the rain! 
Sometimes I hear they are uncomfortable...unappreciated...and nervous to write. 

My response....just write...write what comes … (35 comments)

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