networking: Why Networking is So Darn Important In Real Estate - 05/08/14 03:18 AM
I have built quite a social presence on-line.  It didn't happen overnight.  The one thing I make clear is that I am a referral agent.  Being on various social networks and attending various conferences through the years.  I have met some incredible real estate agents.  Agents who clearly are successful and always happy to accept a referral. 
Networking is so Important - Get To Know Your Peers - Join Real Estate Groups Online
I know we all have these stories where we refer business to an agent and the agent drops the ball. It happens on occasion and it happened to me … (3 comments)

networking: Real Estate Bar Camp - South Florida - Are You Going? - 10/06/11 08:24 AM
So I have a confession...yes I am a virgin...A ReBar Camp Virgin. While there have been numerous opportunities, I've either had to cancel or could not make due to previous obligations. I am so excited to finally attend one.  
I think one of the things that really interest me is the opportunity to see many of the tech savvy REALTORS who will be attending who have been my friends off line and online.  Not only see them but network and participate in a non-conference.  Very exciting 2 me plus go back to my old stomping grounds!

There are only … (3 comments)

networking: Coach Steve....This One is For You! - 08/15/07 07:27 AM
Recently I have had the opportunity to talk to many Activerainer's over the phone for numerous reasons.  I have come to realize that each and every person on this network has something phenomenal to contribute. 
I learn from everyone and never do I under estimate the power and knowledge that each individual has.
With the network growing and over 43,000 associates here, it's can be overwhelming and difficult to make new friends or even reap the maximum benefits from this incredible network.
Did you ever hear the phrase, Diamond in the Rough?  I believe this statement holds true on our network.  There are many … (19 comments)

networking: Excellent Business Practices Produces Good Results!!! Part 1 - 01/28/07 09:30 AM
  When starting my career in Real Estate in the early 90’s I was told to make sure and have at least 1 year in savings to start my new venture.    I ended up selling my first property after 9 months of being in the business, 2 companies later and taking 3 unsaleable  listings .  After blowing through all my savings and spending it on senseless real estate tools I became frustrated.  My biggest mistake was starting out with the wrong company, depending on floor time and most of all spending my hard earned cash on real estate products that I … (31 comments)

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