real estate training: Why Consumers Hate Door Knocking Solicitors - REALTORS - 03/09/14 04:43 AM
It was a lovely Saturday afternoon and I was enjoying quiet time with my grandson.  My son and daughter in law went to work so it was just myself, my grandson and the pets.  Two barking dogs. Two dogs that let you know when someone is close by. They bark when ever someone comes to the house and knocks on the door.  We sometimes hate it and yet there have been occasions where "the barking" is really appreciated.  
These days I spend a lot of time with my grandson, he's two months and already he wears me out. So by the … (8 comments)

real estate training: Real Estate 101 - 12/20/13 12:47 AM
We often ask why people hate real estate agents so much.  All of us know people who are buying and selling and not selling with us. Usually its a friend from out of the area or someone who matters to you. One thing I notice is that once they are in a predicament, we'll get the phone call, can you help me this is what this agent did?  Oh boy here it goes...
Buyers - Sellers - Tenants - Landlords - Please Read Too many times buyer, sellers, tenants and landlords sign agreements and really have no clue as to what … (10 comments)

real estate training: Who Services Who In A Real Estate Transaction - 08/03/13 02:06 AM
Yesterday I received a phone call from a dear friend. Understand he's a really nice man, patient and intelligent.  He ran some scenarios by me.  His plan was to purchase a was a bank owned home listed by one agent and he had his own agent to get him where he wants to be.  It sure didn't work out that way as this buyer is seasoned, owns investment properties and was looking for a property for himself and his family.  After he ran all the scenarios by me...I responded with my opinion and what I learned is valuable...valuable enough to … (6 comments)

real estate training: Are You A Top Notch Commercial Agent? - 07/25/12 06:27 AM
Hello Activerain members Its been a long time.  I am in search of a top notch commercial real estate agent, the area is unimportant except they cannot b from Daytona Beach.  A top notch real estate agent is looking to make the transition from residential to commercial but they want to be trained by a pro.  A Commercial Real Estate Pro who is making money and has made money regardless of economy or area.  This agent is willing to pay to be coached.  Please email me at talk2midori at gmail dot com.    … (0 comments)

real estate training: Alphabet Soup or Real Estate Designations! - 05/20/10 01:53 PM
As you know that there are more and more real estate designations popping up.  Not only are designations given by NAR, independent training companies as well as real estate companies issue designations.  Recently while reviewing an agents site I think I came on to something.  I have to share.....
At one time I felt that real estate designations where not important, while we know in the industry they mean something...the initials that is...rarely did I ever really pay attention. 
Alphabet Soup or Real Estate Designations? But as I started reading the criteria in which an agent must obtain these simple initials...the … (14 comments)

real estate training: Remember Real Estate Is A People To People Business - 03/01/10 11:08 PM
When working with agents sometimes I need to set the record straight...there is some myth that you can sit behind your keyword all day...everyday....and create an abundance of business.....enough business to support yourself throughout the year...while it can happen if you are a or a but as an individual trying to earn a good living...I'm here to tell you that real estate is a people to people business.  Sometimes all you need to do to take your business to the next level is get in front of more people.
You have to step away from your computer once in … (19 comments)

real estate training: I Love The Activerain Newsletter! - 02/15/10 12:05 AM

It won't be long before I start my phone calls this see after being featured in the Activerain newsletter...2 times recently...I have to return calls for potential business.
Because two of my posts were featured in the newsletters and subscribers from around the globe read my posts and recieved it in their e-mail...
This morning I have much to look forward to...I have inquiries to follow up on...
With real estate training and writing web content....
I'm excited... I love the Activerain Newsletter...because... My posts blew up and I had no idea until I reviewed the newsletter! From … (25 comments)

real estate training: Shift in 2010 - 01/06/10 12:51 AM
Slowly I update my online presence, its painful but necessary with a brand new year ahead of us.  I didn't have to read a book to tell me to change the direction of my business..I just looked in my pocket book...and at the reflection of myself in the mirror.  I knew I had to make a truth...several changes.
I am no longer with CENTURY 21 Sundance Realty, it was a hard decision but when all is said and done it makes perfect sense.  My passion is not to sell real estate but to train agents...and write.
Shift 2010 I am … (17 comments)

real estate training: Isn't Daytona A Real Word? Not According To Spell Check - 12/07/09 11:03 PM
Spell check has really changed in the past few can find terms such as Google, Facebook and ActiveRain all in spell check...that's nice...but I have two questions.

Can ActiveRain Add Words To Spell Check? I ask this because I rely on spell check heavily...not because I can't spell...alright...sometimes I miss a letter or two.... Can I use the excuse that I type fast? 
Ha...I'm going to! :) Which leads me to the second question...
Why isn't Daytona included?  There are over 3,330,000 Google searches for Daytona and sometimes when I type at the speed of lightening I spell it … (12 comments)

real estate training: Why Do Some Real Estate Agents Short Change Buyers? - 08/05/09 12:01 PM
An agent works with a buyer for days...they get the buyer pre-qualifed for a loan and off they go in the car.  What is wrong with this picture? 
Why do some real estate agents short change buyers? I say this because we take the time to sit with a seller...we prepare to meet with the seller..we provide a consultation..we have them sign documents before we market their property and then market the property. 
Too many times I hear agents who discuss buyer loyalty but when I ask questions this is what I get:
Did you sit with the buyer and explain … (40 comments)

real estate training: Keep People on Your Posts-Consider The Way You Link - 07/30/09 10:28 PM
I was working on a localism post and created a list post..this list post had several links..the ultimate goal is to generate traffic and gain additional readers and if you want to keep people on your post-Consider the way you link.

One thing to keep in mind..your goal is to keep your readers on your blog and allow the link to open in a new window..never making your readers leave your blog post..
While many may think duh..there will be some who never thought about it.
Activerain makes it easy and automatically sets your link to open in … (13 comments)

real estate training: What Should I Blog About On Activerain? - 07/13/09 01:49 AM

Yesterday I received an email from someone who is dying to blog but the problem is they feel they are not creative enough...
Do not know what to write about...nor have the confidence to write a post.
So they asked me what should I blog about on Activerain? 
So I thought for those that are new...or even are a few topics that will help you to get read and fed..
And at the end hopefully a commission check and building strong business relationships!
Think local..your state..your city...your subdivisions The first time home buyer tax credit and … (60 comments)

real estate training: Recycle Online-Grab New Readers! - 05/11/09 11:10 AM
Ever have blog fog?  I have..either I am too busy..too tired or too blogged out..its happens especially if you spend a lot of time on line.  I admit I do and I get blog fog!

How about a great article you wrote some time back?  A message worth repeating and there is always the additional benefits of gaining readers by a blast from the past?  Ever thinking of pulling some of those archived posts out?  I am
Ever take a look at an old blog post?  Yikes sometimes I really get creeped out, In the early stages of blogging … (12 comments)

real estate training: Social Media Requires Balance-Short Cuts Allowed! - 04/30/09 12:46 AM
I have read so many debates on social media, as a trainer I seem to view things a bit different.  While I won't claim to be an expert I can tell you I've made many contacts..generated business and opportunities....and am still consistent and continue to build relationships every single day.
"Blog as I say, Not as I Do"  are the words spoken by me at a presentation I gave..while many are impressed with my social media skills..the skills are by far 3 years time I have been blogging as a trainer.
Key Point Here...Blogging As A Trainer! And I still … (13 comments)

real estate training: How Do You Use Your Blog Posts? - 04/29/09 01:27 AM
Recently I did a presentation at our Technology Fair...last year I opted for a PowerPoint..last year I must have emailed that power point over and over again and in some cases to the same person! 
Well, this year I decided one PowerPoint...period...why?  Because I have blogs loaded with training.  No emailing...its there for your use at any time...and I truly believe in blogging for what happened?
More visits on my blogs A few new subscribers and some traffic on a my new blog that I am building Great conversation and questions I have used blog posts for presentations many … (15 comments)

real estate training: Its A Doggy Dog World In Real Estate Today-CYA - 04/22/09 06:06 PM
I swear sometimes I think that some people involved in real estate transactions not realize the true value of services we all provide.  Often times the buying and selling process is downplayed by so many...until something goes wrong and then automatically people are pointing fingers and ask who's to blame? 
We urge people to use REALTORS because of our Code of Ethics... but many fail to realize that real estate today is a doggy dog world and they forget a couple of of the major roles we play is providing protection..not just for a seller but a buyer as … (22 comments)

real estate training: Problogger Challenge is Killing Me! - 04/22/09 01:43 AM
OK, not really everyone knows how much I admire the  problogger, Darren Rowse.  One thing that happened during this 31 day challenge is he got me in gear..with the help of the computer scientist and my brother...those neglected...abused and ignored blogs that I have created are starting to have some life again.

I have 6 outside blogs being serviced right them up...adding the correct plug ins and  content...different content from my 4 activerain sources and getting them ready to unleash to the world.
Its been hard work...and fun watching them transform daily...and in truth I have been busy!   … (15 comments)

real estate training: Can You Sleep With Yourself At Night? - 04/20/09 09:53 PM
When I started in real estate...there were many things I was willing to is no a matter of fact...I learned early on...despite what we call ourselves...we are sales people! 
To think that term is ugly or embarrassed by those words?  We sell houses...lifestyles..and regardless of what you must know your lines and have skill...and practice...
As I sit and listen to associates a few things come to mind....
Those that speak first loses..don't believe me try it in negotiations and watch the other party...just spit up everything that you need to know. Rehearse your presentations..that's right...don't tell me … (43 comments)

real estate training: Girls Just Want To Have Fun-In Daytona Beach! - 04/19/09 03:50 PM
One of the best gifts I have ever received from social networking is friendships...friendships that lead us off-line and into one another's lives.
Jeannette Neerpat and I really did not interact that often on Activerain...believe it or was a tweet!  I admit I am not the best twit but at one time...I was pretty good...
Good enough to meet Jeannette...mentor her and for her to take 3rd Place in the Makeover2Takeover..when you really think about networking is really incredible but what is remarkable is our friendship..I know I can count on her and she can count on me...our friendship … (14 comments)

real estate training: You Can Be Anything You Want To Be-Dream Big - 03/30/09 12:49 AM
Believe in yourself...dream big..and make it a great selling week!  Happy Monday
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