talk2midori: Why Networking is So Darn Important In Real Estate - 05/08/14 03:18 AM
I have built quite a social presence on-line.  It didn't happen overnight.  The one thing I make clear is that I am a referral agent.  Being on various social networks and attending various conferences through the years.  I have met some incredible real estate agents.  Agents who clearly are successful and always happy to accept a referral. 
Networking is so Important - Get To Know Your Peers - Join Real Estate Groups Online
I know we all have these stories where we refer business to an agent and the agent drops the ball. It happens on occasion and it happened to me … (5 comments)

talk2midori: Collaboration - Surprised - Why - 05/04/14 12:49 AM
If you check search results often times you will find the big,,, Zillow and Trulia/Activerain before you see any agent websites.  I call them big dogs at least for real estate and they have one thing in common.  Collaboration.
Most agents are on these sites including their bios, their own websites and especially their listings..when you do things collectively...there is plenty of room for success...more opportunity of exposure..and increase the odds of selling listings.  
Years past I have always made predictions of the internet to times I would share and at the same time be laughed … (17 comments)

talk2midori: My First Real Estate Experience - 04/28/14 01:18 PM
Real estate is a doggie dog world.  Everybody and his brother obtained their license in the early 90's. When I first got my license I joined the Keyes Company REALTORS and was on a fast track training program. One of the assignments was to go on a listing appointment that you obtained through prospecting.  Our instructor wanted no excuses and by the next class wanted us to each go on a listing appointment.  So I grabbed a newspaper and called on for sale by owners and lo and behold I snatched my first listing appointment.  It wasn't too bad and in … (10 comments)

talk2midori: Take Life By The Horns - 04/15/14 07:46 AM
There are have been many events, moves and decisions that have clouded my judgment.  Stress, life, death and trauma will do that to a person.  Sometimes you have to rest.  In that time frame I did my best and I bounced back in 2012 and slowly the stress, life, death and trauma emerged again.  
When people say that they can't take anymore, the truth is they can and there is always a price. Something breaks down whether it is your health, your mind or your spunk.  It will affect business..the quantity and the quality 4 sure and can take a toll … (2 comments)

talk2midori: Do Not Discount Activerain University - 04/14/14 10:45 AM
Today I have been working away and I logged into Activerain as well as Trulia.  Not for myself but for one of my clients.  Holy Cow, once you fill in every little blank, it's amazing.  Everything that a consumer needs is right there at their fingertips. Things to attract home buyers and sellers to contact you are right there and all you have to fill in the blanks.  Here is the thing...
I'm pretty smart when it comes to setting up online profiles as well as connecting social media and creating a dynamic profile. I know a little code and … (31 comments)

talk2midori: Grab the Mattress and Run To The Bathroom - Tornado Warnings - 04/05/14 01:10 PM
While in Alabama visiting my mother I got to experience a tornado warning or flashed across the bottom of the t.v. screen..I don't know much about tornado's let alone how to survive I asked what do you do? I've never been through a tornado warning and in truth, tornado's scare the heck out of me.  I guess The Wizard of Oz created some of that fear in me. 
Turns out similar to a to the bathroom and cover yourself with a mattress.. OK brother tells me a siren will go off that's when you grab the mattress and all pile in the … (5 comments)

talk2midori: Why Consumers Hate Door Knocking Solicitors - REALTORS - 03/09/14 04:43 AM
It was a lovely Saturday afternoon and I was enjoying quiet time with my grandson.  My son and daughter in law went to work so it was just myself, my grandson and the pets.  Two barking dogs. Two dogs that let you know when someone is close by. They bark when ever someone comes to the house and knocks on the door.  We sometimes hate it and yet there have been occasions where "the barking" is really appreciated.  
These days I spend a lot of time with my grandson, he's two months and already he wears me out. So by the … (8 comments)

talk2midori: Text Messaging Success - 01/02/14 08:15 AM
 New Years I kicked back and really enjoyed doing whatever I wanted to do.  My head was in the clouds  playing on the computer, gazing at my grandson and enjoying the outdoors.  My phone was dead and I needed to make a bunch of phone calls but I didn't feel like I didn't. 
Once the phone was charged enough, I decided to text it instead.  I got this brilliant idea to text everyone separately rather than a group text.  Conversations sometimes arise that maybe you don't want to hear, I had an incident last week with a group text message … (49 comments)

talk2midori: Change - Reap The Rewards - 12/05/13 12:04 AM
Smart business people do not resist change.  They may not like it because not all personalities do yet the most successful people in life are not resistant to change.   Lets think about this for a moment before I read anything negative about the changes of ActiveRain.  Change is good and necessary for our ever growing population and if we want our businesses to flourish. 
Change - Progress - Increased Productivity - Increased Opportunity - A New Way - Rework  Reap The Rewards There was a time when man could only get milk from owning a cow or walking or riding a … (4 comments)

talk2midori: How To Make 2014 Amazing - 11/24/13 03:54 AM
Gosh we all say it.  We want it.  Success - Money - A life -  I'm gonna do it!  How many times have you said, 20?? will be my best year ever?  If you read my blog, you might have seen this statement on some post at least once in the new year ever since I have been blogging.  Every year I proclaim this will be my best year ever... yet every year you can pretty much call me a liar...I would agree....until I made some changes in 2012 that I still struggle with today. Some habits take longer than 90 … (48 comments)

talk2midori: Why You Should Not Add Wikipedia Information To Your Blog - 11/22/13 01:42 AM
Writing blog content may be challenging for some real estate professionals.  I get that, I write for a few.  In most cases agents are doing what they do best especially top producing agents and high volume real estate companies and that is to get out and see people and sell some real estate.  Many times real estate agents like the idea of having a blog and most guru's teach... you must blog to be successful.  I do not agree and that is another post.  
Let's get to the point.... Recently I had the task of editing 18 blogs for bad … (4 comments)

talk2midori: Who Services Who In A Real Estate Transaction - 08/03/13 02:06 AM
Yesterday I received a phone call from a dear friend. Understand he's a really nice man, patient and intelligent.  He ran some scenarios by me.  His plan was to purchase a was a bank owned home listed by one agent and he had his own agent to get him where he wants to be.  It sure didn't work out that way as this buyer is seasoned, owns investment properties and was looking for a property for himself and his family.  After he ran all the scenarios by me...I responded with my opinion and what I learned is valuable...valuable enough to … (6 comments)

talk2midori: Truth - Don't Believe Everything You Read On The Net - 03/10/13 02:21 PM
When gathering information from the web it is important to double check your information for accuracy and use a variety of sources to obtain your information.  False information on the web and in the wrong hands can ruin your credibility and cause unnecessary questions and mistrust from your friends, family, your employer and your customers.  I want to share this with you.
Google searches have become my best friend, I've moved, I'm single and truly anything I need to do or have done I google it. I'm one of those folks who appreciate reviews, accurate information and up to date information … (28 comments)

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