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Amazing Medicine: Girl Hears For First Time I posted the other day about an amazing double-arm replacement surgery, and as I was poking around online I found another medical story that made my jaw drop. Ten year old Sammie Hicks was born with a genetic mutation that stole her hearing. Since that ...
Tips on Getting Motivated Or as I like to call it, "how to get your butt out of bed and into the gym". :-) I think we've all had tasks that we were less than enthusiastic about starting, no matter how much we wish they were already over with. Sometimes just wanting to isn't enough. Sometimes you ...
Need a Date Night Idea? Come to Fontana! Music is a very big part of my life, and one of the things I love is going to see live music. The City of Fontana has found a way to make it even more special by hosting FREE Sunset Concerts on Tuesday nights through August 2nd. They're held at the Miller ...
Read This If You Love Animals and Want To Smile! If you've read my previous blogs, you know that I'm a HUGE animal lover and my two dogs, Cash and Grady, are a big part of my life. Pilot Jeff Bennett makes me look like a kitten-drowning, puppy kicker! Bennett is a business owner and pilot in the ...
Fallen Firefighter Hero Finally Gets Recognition Sixty years ago, 43 year old Chicago firefighter John Francis Minich died after saving twelve people from a building that had been set on fire by an arsonist. Unfortunately, until this past Saturday, this hero didn't even have a grave marker. That ...
Home Sales Hit 2 Year High! As we all know, home markets differ from region to region, but a new report out offers hope for the US as a whole. According to reports released today, the sales of newly-built single-family homes increased in May 7.6%. Of course, even with the rise, we're still far be...
Amazing Medicine - Mexico Man Received New Hands! I am constantly amazed at the things medicine can do nowadays. Things that were pure science fiction only a few years ago have become not only possible, but common. Limb replacement has yet to become commonplace, but the fact that we can replace e...
Cheap Gas Near You! Okay, "cheap" is a relative term, but with gas prices rising almost daily, it's more important than ever that we get the best deal we can. Now, at sites and Mapquest's GasPrices, you can enter your location and get real-time gas prices near you! Here in Southern C...
Not All Loudmouths Are Jerks If you've heard of new 49rs Running Back Brandon Jacobs, it's probably been about either his big mouth or his ill-timed haymakers (although I guess you could argue it makes you MORE bad ass if you knock a guy out while he's still wearing his helmet). Well, Wednesday M...
It's a Piece of Cake in Fontana! I love birthdays, not just for the presents but for the delicious and creative cakes that we get treated to! The best place to get your cake in Fontana is, hands down, Manila Piece O' Cake Bake Shop. The frosting is creamy and not too sweet, and they come up with ...

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