fontana: The New Kaiser Permanente Fontana Medical Center - 12/30/12 07:21 AM
Kaiser Permanente Fontana Medical Center  
Kaiser Permanente Fontana Medical Center is a 420 bed general medical and surgical hospital in Fontana, CA. that was built in 1955 to replace the smaller hospital at the Fontana Kaiser Steel Mill. Click this link to check out the new Kaiser Permanente Fontana Replacement Hospital that is scheduled to open in 2013. 
Kaiser Permanente Fontana Medical Center has grown into a teaching hospital with a licensed bed capacity of 444, more than 400 physicians and more than 5,000 support staff, who serve more than 500,000 members and community citizens. 
Today, the bustling Kaiser Permanente Fontana … (3 comments)

fontana: What’s Happening at the Fontana Center Stage Theatre - 12/29/12 05:52 AM
What’s Happening at the Fontana Center Stage Theatre  
MARK YOUR CALENDAR – The Fontana Center Stage Theatre at 8463 Sierra Avenue will be offering some exciting concerts and special events in the upcoming months of 2013. 
Beginning Saturday, Jan. 26, when Latin rock band, Malo comes to the Fontana Center Stage Theater for a concert. 
Followed up in February by "Happy Days: A New Musical" presented at the Fontana Center Stage Theater on weekends from Feb. 7-24.  
On March 9 and 10, there should be a lot of merry mayhem taking place when the Fontana Center … (0 comments)

fontana: Don't Just Give Up and Walk Away From Your Fontana Home - 09/25/12 05:04 PM
FACING FORECLOSURE? Don't Just Give Up and Walk Away From Your Fontana Home!!!
Did you know . . . if you have a Chase or Bank of America Home Loan on your Fontana home,  you may eligible for a relocation incentive of $2,500 to $20,000 when you do a Short Sale on your Fontana home?

Want more details? Contact us for a private consultation today and we'll be happy to help you navigate the very confusing road of foreclosure avoidance.

fontana: Need a Date Night Idea? Come to Fontana! - 06/28/12 09:30 AM
Need a Date Night Idea? Come to Fontana! Music is a very big part of my life, and one of the things I love is going to see live music. The City of Fontana has found a way to make it even more special by hosting FREE Sunset Concerts on Tuesday nights through August 2nd. They're held at the Miller Park Amphitheater and go from 7pm - 9pm. There will be lots of food and activities (even though I said "date night" the event isn't just for the adults - kids are welcome!), but remember to bring something to sit on!

fontana: Not All Loudmouths Are Jerks - 06/22/12 03:16 PM
Not All Loudmouths Are Jerks If you've heard of new 49rs Running Back Brandon Jacobs, it's probably been about either his big mouth or his ill-timed haymakers (although I guess you could argue it makes you MORE bad ass if you knock a guy out while he's still wearing his helmet). Well, Wednesday Mr. Jacobs proved that he's got a soft, mushy, human side.
Here's the story: Brandon Jacobs had been with the New York Giants (winning two Super Bowls with them, as a matter of fact) until very recently when he was traded to the San Francisco 49rs. Die-hard Giants … (15 comments)

fontana: It's a Piece of Cake in Fontana! - 06/21/12 09:43 AM
It's a Piece of Cake in Fontana! I love birthdays, not just for the presents but for the delicious and creative cakes that we get treated to! The best place to get your cake in Fontana is, hands down, Manila Piece O' Cake Bake Shop. The frosting is creamy and not too sweet, and they come up with some of the most amazing designs I've ever seen. They don't stop at cake, though - you can get pastries and breads - even creme brulee and Spanish bread. I have a sweet tooth, and Manila's never fails to satisfy!

fontana: Fontana is Back on Its Feet! - 06/20/12 12:05 PM
Fontana is Back on Its Feet! Today the Fontana City Council announced that Fontana is back on solid financial ground and approved its new budget. In recent years, in addition to feeling the normal effects of the recession, Fontana also had to cope with the loss of redevelopment funds and had been forced into major layoffs. This year marked an upswing with only one temporary position eliminated and two new positions added. The council also predicted a rise in property values in the coming months. Very good news!

fontana: Fontana's Gnarly, Dude! - 06/19/12 06:11 AM
Fontana's Gnarly, Dude! Okay, I will admit, I'm not a skater so I'm not up on the "lingo", but I DO know there's a new skatepark that just opened up in Fontana! I have not been on a skateboard in years, so I may not be using this facility a lot, but if you are a skater, this park is a dream come true. Fontana Skatepark is HUGE for one thing, and residents get a month of unlimited usage for just $5, which I think would make it ideal for a summer activity (especially with the costs of other local amusement parks and … (0 comments)

fontana: Fontana - Kicking Tail and Taking Names! - 06/18/12 06:46 AM
Fontana - Kicking Tail and Taking Names! Now, before you get the wrong idea, Fontana is a calm and peace-loving city. However, in the martial arts arena, we're fierce. Our local school is Fontana Karate-Do, and it teaches karate to all ages and levels of users. It's true that you can get a little bruised up as you learn, but it also teaches you how to both defend yourself and to move more gracefully, so in my mind it's worth it. It's a great workout but it doesn't feel like a workout because you're so involved in learning you don't notice. … (2 comments)

fontana: Authorities Need Your Help in Fontana! - 06/17/12 07:51 AM
Authorities Need Your Help in Fontana! I generally prefer not to write about negative topics, because that's not what I like to read about when I'm reading blogs, and also I feel that the news does a good enough job covering the ugliness in the world. However, in this instance, the Fontana police really need our help and I want to spread the word. Fontana is a very close-knit and above all SAFE community, so something like this has us all on edge.
During the past three months in Fontana, there have been four fires set at dental offices, one as … (1 comments)

fontana: Kaiser and Fontana = A Great Team! - 06/15/12 07:05 AM
Kaiser and Fontana = A Great Team! I have heard many detractors of Kaiser Permanente and I understand the frustration, because health is an intensely personal and emotional issue and who hasn't had an insensitive or, worse, incompetant doctor in their day? All I can say it must be another Kaiser that people are talking about because the one here in Fontana is fantastic! I have a friend who needed a stem cell transplant (they used her own stem cells) and since Kaiser doesn't have the facilities to perform the procedure, they coordinated and paid for her to have it done at another hospital. … (0 comments)

fontana: Spotlight on Burrtec Industries in Fontana - 06/15/12 06:23 AM
Spotlight on Burrtec Industries in Fontana Now, no one wants to talk about waste management, but it is CRITICAL to a well-functioning city, so it's worth discussing. Here in Fontana, we've been lucky enough to have the corporate offices for Burrtec Industries in our city for the past 25 years. Burrtec handles everything from recycling household trash to port-a-potties for events to residential garbage collection and truly are Fontana's unsung heroes. Additionally, Burrtec has been highly involved in the community, attending the various fairs, parades and other activities we have during the year. For example, recently they were at the Fontana Rotary Triathlon … (0 comments)

fontana: Looking to Volunteer? Fontana Has a Program for YOU! - 06/13/12 12:23 PM
Looking to Volunteer? Fontana Has a Program for YOU! This is no garden-variety volunteer program. Fontana is looking for volunteers to assist the local police. It doesn't take much of a time commitment and you'll get to be involved with crime analysis, neighborhood watch, traffic control, vacation patrol, "shop with a cop" and much more. You may be asking what it takes to volunteer - not much!! You just have to be at least 21 years old, have no felony convictions, get fingerprinted and pass a background check, donate four hours per week, and be of good character. You can find … (0 comments)

fontana: Fontana Feels The Need for Speed! - 06/12/12 07:24 AM
Fontana Feels The Need for Speed! You don't have to be a die-hard NASCAR fan to enjoy a day at the Auto Club Speedway here in Fontana. It's a large facility, so you should dress comfortably (and layer - it can get really hot or really chilly, depending on the time of day) and be prepared for fun! It reminds me a bit of going to the county fair - hot dogs, beer, people watching and lots of excitement. Now, the Speedway just issued an Open Challenge to Aerosmith singer / American Idol host Steven Tyler, so you never know who might show … (2 comments)

fontana: Staying Cool in Fontana! - 06/11/12 07:33 AM
Staying Cool in Fontana! Summer's here and as much as we love the sunshine, it's also important to stay cool and hydrated, especially since most of us participate in a lot of summer-time activities. This is especially true of inland Southern California where it can get VERY dry and hot in the summer months. The City of Fontana has a solution! They have opened the City’s Cooling Facilities to the public and invite everyone to stop by. "Cooling Facilities" are areas where the public can get relief from the heat during the day and provide seating areas, air conditioning and drinking water for residents … (0 comments)

fontana: Family Fun in Fontana! - 06/10/12 09:47 AM
Family Fun in Fontana! Fontana has always been a wonderful city for families in no small part because of the numerous activities for kids of all ages. In my opinion, the Family Fun Nights are the most fun and every year they work hard to keep things new and fresh. Every Tuesday during the summer (June 12 - July 31) at 5pm, you can head down to the park (a different park hosts each week) and participate in crafts, games, activities AND at dusk watch a fun family-friendly movie like Remember the Titans, Kung Fu Panda 2, Kicking and Screaming, and … (1 comments)

fontana: Pizza: The Perfect Food? Discuss. - 06/09/12 09:38 AM
Pizza: The Perfect Food? Discuss. Gooey cheese, fresh toppings, those giant slices you have to fold over to eat... I'm talking about New York style pizza and, unless you're IN New York, you're not going to find a better slice than at My NY Pizza here in Fontana, CA. Also, can you say "pastrami pizza"? Yes. It's as good as it sounds! In addition to a mouthwatering pizza, My NY Pizza also offers calzones (also a personal favorite), Stromboli, sandwiches, salads... I'm not saying you should eat here every day, I'm just saying you could and not get bored. ;-)

fontana: "Leading Edge" Leads to Success in Fontana! - 06/08/12 08:21 AM
"Leading Edge" Leads to Success in Fontana! As I've been researching my community, I've come to be amazed at the quality and dedication of our local businesses here in Fontana. One business that blew my mind is the Leading Edge Learning Center. I've heard of them, of course, but I thought they were more just to tutor kids struggling in school. The DO tutor kids, but they do so much more that I had to share what I discovered.
Firstly, it's a community based program so, while it is a franchise, it does not operate as thought it were. The Center gets to … (2 comments)

fontana: Fontana Loves Motown! - 06/07/12 10:05 AM
Fontana Loves Motown And really, who doesn't? I know I have for as long as I can remember - Diane Ross (and the Supremes of course), Smokey Robinson, Stevie Wonder... I could fill a hundred posts with all of the incredible artists and music that came out of Motown Records. This Saturday, June 9th, The Tibbies Center Stage Theater is presenting an all new show spanning the Motown era starting in 1959 all the way to today. I have seen several performances at Tibbies and it has always been an excellent experience, so I'm really looking forward to seeing what they've … (1 comments)

fontana: Hey Tiger! For the BEST Course, Come to Fontana! - 06/06/12 12:56 PM
Hey Tiger! For the BEST Course, Come to Fontana! Southern California has some of the most beautiful links in the world, and while I admit I am highly biased, I believe Sierra Lakes Golf Club is the best of the best, and I'll tell you why. It's the all-you-can-eat gourmet champagne brunch. It's the fact that Sierra Lakes was designed by renowned architect Ted Robinson, making the majestic mountains nearby frame the course for an incredible view. It's the perfectly maintained fairways. It's the quality of player you meet there. It's the challenge! I encourage anyone who enjoys golf that's visiting … (0 comments)

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