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I just love a perfect blue sky day in Cary.  With a few pine trees, and a pretty house, a fellow can run down a camera battery in no time.It is even more fun with my new camera.  I bought a Kodak P880, for the 8 megapixels, the zoom lens, but particularly the 24mm wide-angle ability of lens.  The...
"Some think the world was made for fun and frolic, and so do I..."You can sing 'Funiculi, Funicula' for FREE!Some Words, and some fine Music.The English and the Italian are not the same, but, heck, ride the melody!I always find "Funiculi, Funicula," uplifting and energizing.  It's a GREAT melody ...
To keep the saw sharp, a feller should consult the news and ponder current events from time to time.Thanks to my friends at Yahoo:Hospital dietiticians squeek by on sub-prime budget.  Patients revolt.Missing identity.  Wrong house demolished.  "Oops" won't cover this one.  If it was in Raleigh, N...
I love this event, and missed it again.Next year, for sure.  From the sidelines, but I will be there.3000 North Carolina State University stalwarts braved the chilly morning.The challenge?Run two miles from the NC State University Bell Tower to the iconic Krispy Kreme store downtown.Eat a dozen g...
Let's visit Wexford in Morrisville, NC:  View current Active Listings in Wexford. Wexford is a recently completed neighborhood in the center of Morrisville, NC.  Wexford is situated off McCrimmon Parkway near Davis Drive.   Access and egress to and from the neighborhood are easy. Raleigh  and NC ...
A friend in the office told me he had picked up a good lead.He asked, "How many leads are you working now?"Me:  "I don't work with leads."Kind of a conversation-stopper.  I had to offer more.Me:  "I'm in the people business."And, what a coincidence....The very next day, I came across Chris Drayer...
Yep, that's right.Claire Hanes helped me slip out of the transaction strait-jacket.  It helps me be a better agent.And that is what I owe my clients, continuously improved agency.I'm a little bit of a control freak, so sometimes it is hard to let go of details.  And I would be pulling my hair out...
I have heard folks grumbling about Supras, and expenses, but I think I am ready.Ignore the combo lockbox that is so old its dial is a stone wheel.Forget the antique combo lockbox that is full of grime and worn smooth and can hardly be gripped to turn.I'm talking about the combo lockbox that some ...
With the dynamic growth of Wake County, NC, providing seats in schools is a difficult task for the Wake County Public School System.  WCPSS is subject to criticism because of the nature of the beast.Too many kids are added faster than facilities can be provided.This is compounded by a policy of a...
Too much variation in Realtor quality?Too many business approaches that confuse the consumer?A new day is dawning.  Ripped from the headlines in today's New York Times:"FDA says Cloned Food is Safe!"Jon Foster's quote is the clincher, "When you buy a box of Cheerios in New York and one in Champai...

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