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Today's NY Times has an article about the growing use of QR Codes, and the various ways companies are conveying information with them. Quoted from the article, "For marketers, "this is the holy grail of advertising - interactive media in public places," said Michael Becker, North American managin...
How many steps are there form the garage to the house?  Can you tell from the street or from a photo? These examples illustrate one indicator.     When you see that the bottom of the garage door is well  below the threshold of the front door, it is obvious that the homeowner will have to "make up...
                    That is a jpeg.  And it is my direct email.  I know the diehard manual spammers, lenders, coaches, SEO scammers, loan modders, website sellers, etc, might take time to harvest the email address.  Maybe.  Maybe not. But, I don't think the spambots are looking at QR Codes yet. ...
It was time to replace the water filter in our 1 year old refrigerator. I was a little skeptical about the need.   And I got a little more skeptical when I saw that the replacement filter was $40.  Forty Bucks! But, I have enough gray matter to know that it was all but a done deal.  So we bought ...
   .   Brookstone in Cary, NC, is just east of NC Highway 55, and south of the Westpark neighborhood.     The location is excellent, as it offers an easy commute to Cary, Durham, Apex, or the Research Triangle Park, nearby schools, proximity to various shopping and service options for daily needs...
Carla is doing a great job of staying on point in the Mortgage Backed Securities mess.  "1984 double-speak" indeed!  And if anyone is unclear, my comment on her blog is more than a little sarcastic.  I would rather have a flat market with integrity in function than deny due process to Americans....
So with the talk about QR Codes, early adapters are all abuzz, and traditionalists, I mean later adapters, are a little more tentative. How can you use this thing to bring value to your clients?  Is it just a toy, another gimmick with very little application?  Does it sound like "tiramisu"  from ...
I vote for a text label, even if that is a little less stylish or artful, or aggravates the cognoscenti, the early adapters. Posted as a Comment on a "Members Only" Post: "When I put the QR code on fliers, I will apparently aggravate you. I will tell you they are Smartphone scan codes, whether th...
    Westpark is a neighborhood of custom homes in Cary, NC.  Westpark is located on the east side of North Carolina Highway 55, South of the intersection with High House Road. View Larger Map   This location makes Westpark attractive for easy access to Cary, Apex, and north to Durham and the Rese...
Plenty of buyers scratch together funds to make a down payment and cover closing costs, and still need some funds for unexpected issues.  So every penny counts.  And digging deep for appliances can deplete discretionary savings quickly for some folks. So, they want to know if the appliances conve...

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