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It was just time for a new driveway at home. Like a lot of concrete driveways in Cary, NC, and the surrounding area, orignal workmanship was poor, and the driveway had failed in only 14 years. It was full of cracks, had started to heave, and since water laid on it, freezing and thawing over time...
I believe folks visit real estate web sites seeking freely-given information. We have it:Read more: Mike Jaquish   And I believe that Debe nailed it with this post.  Consumers are tired of constant self-promotion.  They want value, facts, help, and a...
I had my first real estate signs made almost 6 years ago and in hindsight, I think I did very little right. Well, I got my name spelled right. But... I used my office phone instead of my cell phone. I bought sign panels to fit used frames that were given to me.  Cheap way to start, and a cheap w...
  I use flyers on my listings.  In flyer boxes, and of course in the home where I also offer a document package for the serious buyer to take along.. I'm not sure exactly why I do curbside flyers, but it feels like real estate marketing. And I know I do them better than a lot of other people. I ...
I'm hearing more reports about contract terminations in Cary, NC, since the initiation of new standard forms revolving around the revised NCAR/NC Bar Offer to Purchase and Contract that we adopted as of 1/1/11. We are in a transition.We are in the beginnings of a major change in selling and buyin...
TMLS # 1767689 "Remarks: WANTED:  1 Tractor Trailer Load of Treated Lumber, 1 Table Saw, 1 Radial Saw, 1 Circular Saw, 1 Skill Saw, 1 Cordless Drill, 1 Framing Square, 1 Level, 2 Hammers, 1 Air Compressor, 2 Framing Nailers, and Someone that Knows how to use them!  You got the Tools BUT Do you ha...
It's not like we have to give up all vestiges of privacy.  We can hold back. Some folks do.  Many folks. But Arlo and Janis today touched on a point that many of us hold near and dear. People really aren't interested in all our details.  Not near as much as aggregators of information are. Is GOO...
Yesterday's and Friday's server kerfuffles ruffled a few AR Members' feathers... One item I saw mentioned a couple of times was that the Leaderboard was down.  Can't check AR Rank. from my AR Home Page.  Oh dear! "How do I see who passed me?"  Well, once we get past "Curiosity Killed the Cat," w...
Everyone in real estate seeks to be thought of as an Area Expert, a HyperLocal Guru, the Go-to Person for information in their local area. We have the benefit of a great amount of local content available from the internet, public and private web sites, news organizations, photo galleries, etc, a...
We have a whole new week ahead of us. I expect to handle some obligations, delve into some opportunities, and also work through the regular drudgery stuff.  It's all part of the package when working in real estate. With any luck, I will be able to eat lunch most days next week, but that is about...

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