agent: Funny Market, and I don't mean "Ha Ha" Funny, in Cary NC - 04/06/14 11:59 AM
Handing off keys and lockbox covers to the next agent, who is patiently waiting, just like I did for the agent before me, and watching the next agent roll up while the guy after me goes into the house.
Multiple offers, time and again, and hoping to at least "Win, Place, or Show."  Too often "Also Ran" with an offer over full list price and few good comps to support it.
"Funny?"  Not to buyers.
And, it isn't a free pass for sellers, either.  Buyers' remorse is kicking homes back on the market, when the buyer brings in an inspector who … (1 comments)

agent: Searching Listings for Home Theater Rooms in Cary, NC. - 01/13/11 03:56 PM
Home Theater Rooms are a popular feature in upscale houses in the Cary NC area.

And a smart listing agent markets them prominently in the home's description in the MLS.Also, Home Theater is an available search field for consumers looking at real estate agent websites to find a home.
All home theaters are not equal.  They will vary from basic four or six seat rooms for a small family, to a room with a dozen or more seats which becomes an entertainment center for hosting guests.
But, certain features in a home theater are "must haves."  Must have a large video … (0 comments)

agent: "I am not an attorney" is NOT a quaint slogan. It is a fact of life. - 06/28/10 07:09 AM
"I am not an attorney" is a phrase that is confusing to some consumers.  I can understand that.  They often do not recognize the boundaries and limitations of a real estate agent's job, or an attorney's job, for that matter.
In North Carolina, we brokers cannot draft contracts.  We can complete standard forms as offered to us from the NC Association of Realtors in cooperation with the NC Real Estate Commission and the North Carolina Bar Association.  We can fill in the blanks, hopefully competently.  On our standard forms, "Additional Provisions Addendum" and the "Repair Request and Agreement," we can enter desired repairs and … (6 comments)

agent: Raising the Bar? Forget the Bar! Let's extend ourselves to operating on a higher plane of achievement! - 04/17/10 01:54 PM
Todd Waller wrote a post, "How High? Raising the Bar" that deserves more discussion.  I applaud the effort to increase the level of professionalism in his firm.  Really, I do.
Lenn Harley reblogged,"How High? Raising the Bar" and the reader comments indicate that many commenters posted without reading Todd's post.  That is my interpretation of their focus on the 4-year degree.
I read Todd's criteria as saying there are other qualifying criteria that can offset lack of a degree.  I think the underlined criteria are clearly meant to legitimately offset a diploma, if necessary:
"Possess a college diploma (four-year degree), OR a broker's license OR … (40 comments)

agent: REBLOG OF RUSSEL RAY'S POST: You obviously are confused about my job and the role of home inspectors! - 01/01/10 10:33 PM
Russel Ray tells of one of those agents, one who would throw their ethics, integrity, and their client under a bus for convenience and profit.
The agent's attitude exemplifies a standard complaint of consumers who think all agents do not want good home inspections, that agents only care about closing a deal no matter who gets hurt.
My comment to Russel:
Call her broker.  Agents that stupid need to move onto their true life's work, and it ain't real estate agency.  And the client had such faith in you, you SHOULD have immediately informed the client.
That agent has done more than err in … (6 comments)

agent: "Make" the Market? Or Serve in the Marketplace? - 09/30/09 12:57 AM
The frenzy I see at the looming expiration of the $8,000 1st time Buyers' Tax Credit has me revisiting some thoughts I have had for a few years.
While the Cary/Raleigh area has fared better than many other market areas, we are not immune to the forces affecting the real estate industry.
As a real estate broker, what is my role in the scheme of things?  Should I toil away creating demand for housing among those who barely can afford to buy?  Should I work to convince folks to climb out on a limb, to risk everything to stretch to buy a home so I can … (2 comments)

agent: Agent gives lockbox codes to weekend visitor? Sheeesh! - 09/28/09 03:10 PM
When I got the call, at first I thought I would have a little rental referral. 
Agent calls.  Folks are in town to find a home.  "I know this is short notice, but they need a rental and someone who knows the area to show them homes on their list."
Me:  "How did they make the list?"
Her:  "Through a property manager.  But the property manager doesn't work weekends, so she just gave  them the lockbox codes.  I didn't feel too good about that."
Me:  "!?!?"
I proceded to tell her that I can help her folks, but if she was looking for … (11 comments)

agent: Are you speaking for yourself, or for your clients? - 09/24/09 04:54 AM
Barb Szabo posted a good one this morning, asking us if our clients approve the emails we send while working for them.
She gave me credit for thinking about it after I posted a comment in her blog. Well, I hope agents are having clients vet some of the emails I see.  It is worth waiting a few extra minutes for the agent to speak with their client and to make sure they are on the same page.
But every now and then I think we all see an Realtor who thinks they are a principal in the transaction, one who takes things … (10 comments)

agent: Common Home Purchase Transaction Steps in Cary, NC - 08/26/09 01:29 PM
Common Steps to Buying a Home in Cary, NC
1. Select REALTOR®, review "Working with Real Estate Agents." Complete "Exclusive Right to Represent Buyer"  
2. Preapproval with lender  
3. Describe desired property. Review listings and visit selected homes on market.  
4. Determine a prospective property to buy.  
5. Do homework on specific property details and pricing.  
6. Arrive at offer price and desired terms, including proposed closing date.  
7. Write up offer, "Offer to Purchase and Contract" with addenda as needed.  
8. Deliver Offer with any addenda, NC Residential Property Disclosure Statement, Preapproval … (2 comments)

agent: New Home Search Solution. Same friendly service! - 04/21/09 04:01 PM
My clients have another tool in their toolbox.  I have signed up with IDXBroker for their MLS Search solution, and my friend Hal took it live tonight.  Good job, Hal!
It is a first-class deal for clients and Realtor, offering the ability to search for homes within several parameters I did not have to offer before.
And the user interface is simple and intuitive.
Now visitors to my site can search via Google Maps, neighborhoods, City, Zip Code, and drill down to main floor master suites and fenced yards.  Schools are also available search fields, too.
And they can search the MLS … (2 comments)

agent: Condominium or Townhome? Can you tell? - 03/31/09 03:30 AM
The distinction between condominiums and townhomes escapes a lot of folks. And many North Carolina agents, too. So I did a little Real Estate Show test from photos of buildings in Raleigh, Cary, and Apex, NC.
Play the real estate show below and on a piece of paper indicate whether each of the 15 structures in the photo is a condominium or townhome.
See, you can't really tell by looking at a building.
You MUST look at the legal description to determine whether you are looking at a condominium or a townhome.
The difference is not the … (6 comments)

agent: First-Time Homebuyers: $8,000 is not enough to make a stinky deal worthwhile! - 03/30/09 06:06 AM
So, every agent in Cary and Raleigh and Wake County is trumpeting the $8,000 first-time HomeBuyer's Tax Credit.  And we are all reaching out to first-time buyers to help them.
Well, the Tax Credit is great for Buyers who need to do something this year.  It can make buying more palatable in a tough market, amongst incredible doom and gloom.
But, $8,000 is NOT a good enough incentive to get into a bad deal.  $8,000 is not enough money to compensate for poor real estate advice from a professional Realtor who is supposed to represent you as a fiduciary.
First-Time Buyers, … (4 comments)

agent: Nothing to say? Can't say it? Not allowed to say it? - 12/02/08 07:00 AM
So many agents...
So few bloggers...
This one struck a responsive chord today:
From Seth Godin today:
"...Persuading someone to start a blog is evolution marketing. Lots of people have been brainwashed that they have nothing to say, or can't say it, or aren't allowed to say it."
How many co-workers have ever glazed over when you mentioned blogging on real estate?  I usually have figured that the issue is the fear of nothing to say, or hear that they 'just aren't good writers."
And every now and then you hear the agent who says their broker won't turn them loose to … (12 comments)

agent: Good news! LADOM and CDOM come to the Triangle MLS today! - 11/11/08 07:56 AM
What a welcome addition in Raleigh-Cary, NC, area Real Estate!
As of today, we have two Days On Market details in the TMLS:
"LADOM" and "CDOM."
LADOM is for "Listing-Days-On-Market" and will tell us how many days that specific MLS number has been Active.
CDOM is for "Cumulative-Days-On-Market" and will tell us how many days that specific property has been Active, across all the MLS numbers.  Buyers routinely ask for DOM when considering the Sellers' level of motivation.
So, if relisting is done with a new agent, CDOM reflect the entire time that it has been on the market.  And if pulled and relisted by the … (11 comments)

agent: Attention Buyers: Staged homes sell for top dollar! How much are you willing to pay for staging? - 11/02/08 01:05 PM
No one advertises home staging services to Buyers as a way for them to save money or build value; at least not in the Cary, NC, real estate market.
Staging services are marketed to SELLERS as a way to get increased prices!  "Top Dollar!"  That can be a good thing, depending on which side of the transaction you inhabit.
But Buyers have fallen into requiring staging in homes for some reason.  Maybe to feel like they have had the full buying experience?  At what cost?
So, my question to Buyers is:  How much extra are you willing to pay for transitory decoration and … (17 comments)

agent: Fiduciaries, "Creating Urgency," and Concerns about focus - 10/02/08 02:14 PM
I have heard a lot lately about Realtors "Creating Urgency" in prospective Buyers.
I don't like it.  At all.
I don't like the concept, that someone should be pushed by a real estate agent to commit to being a Buyer.  Why?  So I can pocket a little more cash?  Is that being a strong fiduciary?  I think it seems too often to be self-serving.
My Buyer Clients are folks who have already made the decision that they will be homeowners, whether first-timers, move-up Buyers, or folks relocating to the Raleigh-Cary, North Carolina area.  They will create their own urgencies, from their own lives.  … (2 comments)

agent: Buyers' Agent Bonus and Additional Compensation Disclosure Redux: Questions North Carolina clients might ask - 10/02/08 12:43 PM
Having established that North Carolina Agents will need to disclose Additional Compensation, agent bonuses, and legal kickbacks and valuable awards from third parties when showing homes, I think there are several great questions for smart clients to ask.  I would ask them if I were a prospective Buyer in the Raleigh Cary area.
See, the new North Carolina Agency Fee Disclosure rule operates at the Managing Broker or Firm level.  Technically, that is the level at which the client engages agent services.  The Client is technically not hiring the specific person, the "Individual Agent," but is actually engaging the firm.  So disclosure is intended to clarify … (6 comments)

agent: Buyers' Agent Bonus and Additional Compensation Disclosure? Oh, Yeah! We got that and more in North Carolina! - 10/01/08 02:30 PM
What fun!  A hearty welcome to NCAR Form 770!
Often when I see a group of people squirm, I start to grin, and I had that opportunity over the last couple of months when contemplating the new NCREC rule regarding Additional Compensation Disclosure.
Squirm.... Squirm...  GRIN!  GRIN!
Gosh, what a low blow!  Now an agent has to disclose in writing (writhing?) any co-broke or agent bonus above a negotiated "baseline" prior to the client entering the decision-making process on a property.  This mostly impacts Buyers' Agents, due to the nature of co-brokes and bonuses.  It is uncommon, although possible, for the Buyer to … (9 comments)

agent: Cary NC Real Estate Adventures: Which key to use? The one in the lockbox, or the one over the door? - 06/17/08 02:46 PM
A while back, I was showing Cary, NC, homes to clients, and we called in on a drive-by to get an appointment to see a home.  No problem, got the appointment and the lockbox code.
And the front door was open...  A nice couple came out.  House was vacant.  The Feller said, "What should I do with the key?"
Me:  "Uh... The lockbox, maybe?"
Him:  "No...  It was over the door."  And he started to put it on the ledge over the door.
I said, "Hold on."
He gave me the key, and we went in, saw the property, and decided to … (6 comments)

agent: Cary NC Real Estate Adventures: Closing Coordinator Keeps Grateful Agent On Track! - 01/19/08 10:50 AM
Yep, that's right.
Claire Hanes helped me slip out of the transaction strait-jacket.  It helps me be a better agent.
And that is what I owe my clients, continuously improved agency.
I'm a little bit of a control freak, so sometimes it is hard to let go of details.  And I would be pulling my hair out with a few transactions going at one time, and trying to stay on track with buyer or seller, dates and places, vendors and closing attorneys.
Recently our Keller Williams, Cary, NC, office was blessed that Claire Hanes offered to begin contracting to coordinate closings.  I knew it was a good … (4 comments)

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