buyers: Funny Market, and I don't mean "Ha Ha" Funny, in Cary NC - 04/06/14 11:59 AM
Handing off keys and lockbox covers to the next agent, who is patiently waiting, just like I did for the agent before me, and watching the next agent roll up while the guy after me goes into the house.
Multiple offers, time and again, and hoping to at least "Win, Place, or Show."  Too often "Also Ran" with an offer over full list price and few good comps to support it.
"Funny?"  Not to buyers.
And, it isn't a free pass for sellers, either.  Buyers' remorse is kicking homes back on the market, when the buyer brings in an inspector who … (1 comments)

buyers: Settlement. Then Closing. Then you get the Keys to the House. 60 Seconds in Real Estate Cary NC - 07/29/11 03:21 AM
Buyers are all excited about signing documents to buy their new home.  Sellers are excited about getting the home sold.
But in North Carolina, when using the NC Association of REALTORS® Standard Offer to Purchase and Contract, the terms indicate that Buyers take possession of the home only after the deed is recorded at the courthouse.
This can be an eye-opener if the agents haven't explained the details well.  Buyer agents need to counsel their clients to plan to get keys after recording.  And it works well if the agent helps schedule settlement early enough in the day that the deed can be recorded the same day.
Listing agents … (1 comments)

buyers: How many Home Inspections can a Buyer Afford before they are no longer a Buyer? - 04/21/11 03:52 PM
A new agent asked me, "Isn't it tough for buyers to pay for inspections on multiple homes until they find one that works out?  What can I do?"
Me:  "That is why they are hiring you, to help protect them, to help them avoid shelling out all their war chest on Home Inspections.  And to help them negotiate repairs to make a purchase home acceptable, when possible, rather than just terminating and paying willy-nilly out the wazoo for multiple home inspections."
When I was a new agent, I had first-time buyers pay for an inspection on a home, and the inspection was an embarrassment … (11 comments)

buyers: REBLOG of ALAN MAY: Lovely Rita Meter Maid!? - 06/14/10 05:59 AM
Buyers need to connect with a mortgage banker or broker they can trust to help them make wise decisions, and then heed the advice they get to increase the odds of getting to closing.
Alan May's credit scenarios in this post ring too true!

At our Monday morning staff meeting Greg Schneider, our PHH loan officer, mentioned that he has recently run into several loans, that have blown up at the last minute, because the buyer had parking tickets, that the local municipalities turned over for collection.
Those collection notices had caused the buyer's credit scores to drop as much as … (1 comments)

buyers: How to avoid selling a Listing: Annoy the Buyers' Agent! Or annoy the Buyers before they call an agent! - 10/06/09 02:43 PM
It's easy.  You too can help your Seller keep their home for a very long time.
A few easy tips to help you avoid putting your Seller out of the house:
Mess with my mindset.  Call me at 10:00 on Sunday Morning to repetitively and aggressively pitch your home before we view.
Ask intrusive questions in your email feedback request.
Lead me to show a truly grubby, but "immaculate for MLS puffery purposes," home.  "Thick Mold" is not staging.
Don't offer scanned disclosures on the MLS listing.  Or surveys.  Or photos.  Or any other helpful information.
Misspell the URL for your single property … (21 comments)

buyers: Attention Buyers: Staged homes sell for top dollar! How much are you willing to pay for staging? - 11/02/08 01:05 PM
No one advertises home staging services to Buyers as a way for them to save money or build value; at least not in the Cary, NC, real estate market.
Staging services are marketed to SELLERS as a way to get increased prices!  "Top Dollar!"  That can be a good thing, depending on which side of the transaction you inhabit.
But Buyers have fallen into requiring staging in homes for some reason.  Maybe to feel like they have had the full buying experience?  At what cost?
So, my question to Buyers is:  How much extra are you willing to pay for transitory decoration and … (17 comments)

buyers: Cary NC Real Estate Adventures: Red clay, drought, and cracked foundations. - 01/11/08 01:54 PM
We live with our famous red clay in the Raleigh-Cary, NC area.  It expands and contracts when it absorbs water or dries out.
This movement can be stressful to a home's foundation.  Masonry is meant to be rigid, not flexing and moving.
CRA-A-A-ACK!  And a beautiful home is now a beautiful question mark.  I like to take a walk around the perimeter of the home and specifically focus on finding signs of cracking.  As the agent, I prefer to point them out to my Buyers, so we can talk about them before they make an offer.  Why let something so evident pass, to be … (15 comments)

buyers: Listing Identity Crisis: Mobile, Manufactured, or Modular? - 03/29/07 11:07 PM
The proper identity of sectional factory-built homes routinely stumps North Carolina Listing Agents who often mistakenly label these homes.
Factory-built homes may be "modular" or "manufactured." The existence of a steel I-beam frame and wheels is not a distinguishing factor. The method of installation, via crane or roller system, is not an indicator. The amount of finish work required on-site is an irrelevant factor in distinguishing which it is. The Building Code to which it is built to conform is the identifying factor for sectional housing.
"Manufactured" homes replaced the "trailers" or "mobile homes" of the 1950's to the early 1970's.  The "Manufactured" … (4 comments)

buyers: Seller Asks, "Should we replace the carpet or offer a "Carpet Allowance?" - 02/16/07 02:17 PM
The nice folks were readying their home for market when the question came up, "Should we replace the carpet or offer a "Carpet Allowance?"
My input?
"If you can afford to, replace the carpet with a good mid-grade carpet in a neutral color.  It will save you money and take all carpet discussion off the negotiating table.  Furthermore, if you have estimates in the $3500 range for carpet, you need to think about an "allowance" costing you more like $5500-$6000.
1.  Buyers will want to be compensated for their time and effort to have the carpet installed, and the fact that they won't order … (8 comments)

buyers: About North Carolina Home Inspections - 01/27/07 01:30 PM
When buying a home, most Buyers choose to have a home inspection performed.  The inspection focuses on major systems of the building, is NOT a warranty or appraisal, and does not guarantee the longevity of any system.  Licensed home inspectors may be general contractors, or represent a particular trade, but are not necessarily skilled at all the trades needed to build a home.
Some licensed Inspectors are also licensed to perform Wood-Destroying Insect inspections and reports, but often the Buyer will contract with a Pest and Termite company for this report.  The Home Inspector is not a surveyor, but focuses on the home itself.
North … (3 comments)

buyers: Avoid Lease Option Heartache! - 01/07/07 08:57 PM
Avoid Lease Option Heartache
So, you have some income, but you messed up your credit a few years back and with a couple of repossessions and a foreclosure, you think you'll never own a home again.  How could it get worse?
Well, one way to make it worse is to fall into a predatory "Lease/Option" scheme with an unlicensed Seller. 
You've seen the signs advertising, "No Bank Needed!  No credit check! $2500 + $1100/month Lease Option.  FSBO.  No Realtors, Principals only."
It is one of the hottest marketing areas in real estate. 
Lease Option can be done "right," offering homebuyers an alternative path to … (13 comments)

buyers: First Time Buyers - 01/05/07 02:20 PM
So, you've been doing this real estate business gig for a while.  You have your scripts and marketing down pat.  You know your MLS and your housing market.  Showing homes is second nature and you can breeze through the features with aplomb.  No sweat, no worries, right?
Well slow down a second...
That young couple sitting at the table with you hasn't done any of it before.  So they're excited.  And they're sweating.  And they're worried.
They decided it is time to get out of the apartment complex they have been in for a couple of years.  They know they want a starter … (7 comments)

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