ethics: Craigslist: Cleaning up after Real Estate Agent Abuse. Finally! - 04/23/14 03:05 AM
"Each real estate for sale posting must be 100% about a single, specific, currently available property.
Lead capture, loans/financing, services, offers to buy, lists/directories, and/or driving users to a website are not allowed.
please do include: all relevant information about the specific property you are selling multiple high-quality photographs of the specific property on offer street address, and location on craigslist map please do NOT include: cartoon or graphic images, photographs of yourself or other people links to "more information" elsewhere photos with "click below," contact info, or other writing search links, or information about multiple properties advertisement for … (2 comments)

ethics: REBLOG of Bill Travis: NOTHING IS NEGOTIABLE ANYMORE - 06/18/11 02:00 PM
Captain Bill Travis does a great job of dissecting the arrogance and incompetence of the Lords of REO. It is unfortunate that REALTORS® rush to line up to serve them. We chip away at the integrity of our MLSs when we allow imperious asset managers to tell us how they will work with us and with the public. It is truly great to work in a market where resales and new construction still offer good competition to asset managers. . . . ___________________________________________________________________________________ . . NOTHING IS NEGOTIABLE ANYMORE
Banks have developed the policy of non-negotiable terms, such as:
Must use … (6 comments)

ethics: Can the "Evil Empire," MSFT, Actually be More Ethical than the "Do No Evil" Empire, GOOG? - 03/17/11 04:28 PM
You saw it first, here, on ActiveRain!
Some people say it is so.  That would be the folks at The Ethisphere Institute.  (Uh...  Try saying "The Ethisphere Institute" fast, three times.  "Theethithhth." )
Yep.  MSFT is perched on the 2011 list of the 110 Most Ethical Companies in the world.  GOOG, on the other hand, is not.  How can that be?  GOOG gives stuff away for F-R-E-E, making it the darling of the privacy-adverse amongst us.  And MSFT must have gone all Miss Goody Two Shoes after Y2K when Mr. Bill first pondered how many Bill-ions it would take to ELEVATE! himself to a Supra … (7 comments)

ethics: Running a Real Estate Brokerage or a Snakepit? Gossip diminishes everyone. - 12/29/10 12:59 AM
Stimulated by Ginny Gorman's thought-provoking post...
True Story, sanitized as much as possible, to protect the innocent.  And the guilty.  And ME.
Office Colleague stops by to chat.  Colleague is working a deal with Agent in another firm whom we both know .
Colleague is just back from dropping off the offer on one of Agent's listings. Agent is not in.  Colleague drops offer with one of the management team, Broker.
"Hi, Colleague!  What do you have?" says Broker.  "How are you doing?" (Colleague, Agent, and Broker all used to work together.)
"Hi, Broker!  I have an offer for Agent, who is not here."  replies … (8 comments)

ethics: Consumer Choice: Gossip sites or true Real Estate Sites - 04/27/10 08:18 AM
Welcome to Trulia Questions!
"Tell me about this house."
$85000 for a 3800SF home, nearly new custom home in a great Cary, NC, subdivision!
Who would dream it could come true for a lucky buyer?  One person had hopes.
And we see it every day.  Misleading home profiles meant to drum up traffic to impress advertisers.
In this instance, Realty Trac and Trulia team up to put up a second mortgage initial balance in the space typically reserved for the price of a home.  1st lien?  Fuhgeddaboutit!
And the consumer fell for it.  But, thank goodness, the consumer also asked a question … (4 comments)

ethics: Raising the Bar? Forget the Bar! Let's extend ourselves to operating on a higher plane of achievement! - 04/17/10 01:54 PM
Todd Waller wrote a post, "How High? Raising the Bar" that deserves more discussion.  I applaud the effort to increase the level of professionalism in his firm.  Really, I do.
Lenn Harley reblogged,"How High? Raising the Bar" and the reader comments indicate that many commenters posted without reading Todd's post.  That is my interpretation of their focus on the 4-year degree.
I read Todd's criteria as saying there are other qualifying criteria that can offset lack of a degree.  I think the underlined criteria are clearly meant to legitimately offset a diploma, if necessary:
"Possess a college diploma (four-year degree), OR a broker's license OR … (40 comments)

ethics: REBLOG OF RUSSEL RAY'S POST: You obviously are confused about my job and the role of home inspectors! - 01/01/10 10:33 PM
Russel Ray tells of one of those agents, one who would throw their ethics, integrity, and their client under a bus for convenience and profit.
The agent's attitude exemplifies a standard complaint of consumers who think all agents do not want good home inspections, that agents only care about closing a deal no matter who gets hurt.
My comment to Russel:
Call her broker.  Agents that stupid need to move onto their true life's work, and it ain't real estate agency.  And the client had such faith in you, you SHOULD have immediately informed the client.
That agent has done more than err in … (6 comments)

ethics: Agent gives lockbox codes to weekend visitor? Sheeesh! - 09/28/09 03:10 PM
When I got the call, at first I thought I would have a little rental referral. 
Agent calls.  Folks are in town to find a home.  "I know this is short notice, but they need a rental and someone who knows the area to show them homes on their list."
Me:  "How did they make the list?"
Her:  "Through a property manager.  But the property manager doesn't work weekends, so she just gave  them the lockbox codes.  I didn't feel too good about that."
Me:  "!?!?"
I proceded to tell her that I can help her folks, but if she was looking for … (11 comments)

ethics: North Carolina Foreclosure Homes: Affordable Housing or Money Pit Nightmare? Or something in between? - 09/14/07 12:17 AM
The message is made clear in "Agent Only" Remarks in the listings.  No disclosure is the most common thread.
"Caveat Emptor!  We aren't going to tell you much, if anything about the property, but here it is if you want it."
It is NOT my intent to say that ethics are violated here by foreclosure Sellers or Listing Agents.  I really only want to hammer home a point to Buyers who put their credit and finances on the line chasing profits that can be quite elusive.  The risk in buying these homes is great, and risk-adverse Buyers, or folks with fragile financial standing don't belong in … (14 comments)

ethics: Flip This House!.......Or not? Fantasy TV sets ambitious viewers up for disaster. - 05/29/07 12:37 AM
I have continuous opportunities to visit with folks who want to buy homes, do repairs, and sell them for a nice profit in a brief period of time.  It is a common ambition now, with the popularity of television shows that show the process as a psycho-drama, with cigar puffing "investors" who strut around preening for the camera and never get dirty.
We REALTORs who enjoy watching a little real estate-oriented TV have always known that House Flipping shows portray the real estate industry about as accurately as Star Trek portrayed NASA.  Any semblance of reality is purely coincidental.  There is a lot more to renovating a home than bellowing … (7 comments)

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