nc: Cary, NC: Edgehill Farm, A variety of affordable housing options in a central location - 01/10/10 09:48 PM

Edgehill Farm is an affordable neighborhood of 256 homes of various types, in Cary, North Carolina. Edgehill Farm is situated northwest of the intersection of High House Road and Old Apex Road, and is accessed from either High House Road or Old Apex Road. There is little through traffic, so streets are commonly quiet.
View current Active Home Listings in Edgehill Farm.
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Raleigh and NC State University are an easy 20 minute commute. The regional employment center, the Research Triangle Park, "RTP," is about 25 minutes. Heavy drive-time traffic can affect either commute. … (3 comments)

nc: REBLOG, and Congratulations to Penny Hull, Top Builder/Contractor Blogger:Top ActiveRain Bloggers in Their Field 2009 - 01/08/10 03:38 AM
Congratulations to Penny Hull for a well-earned #1 Blogger spot on AR!

Top 28 ActiveRain Bloggers in Their Field - 2009
ActiveRain is a great resource and library for information and content from a variety of members and contributers in numerous fields of the Real Estate Industry.  It seems that everyone is always climbing and chasing the "Member on top of the mountain!"  These folks have climbed and ended at the top for 2009.
Here are the Top Bloggers in their fields based on the shear volume of content they have contributed to the Network and Community. Please take … (8 comments)

nc: Cary, NC: Art-O-Mat? We got that! - 12/27/09 02:05 PM
Getting Art from a vending machine?  Sure.  Why not?
That is the concept behind Art-o-mat.  Art-o-mat uses old cigarette vending machines to dispense small objects of artistry to buyers.  Apparently, we have had one in Cary for about 10 years.  I didn't realize that.
Of course, with North Carolina being a leading tobacco and cigarette production state, it is easy to see recycling cigarette vending machines for productive purpose.  Kind of "swords into plowshares" philosophy.
Cary was to move their Art-o-mat into the refurbished-into-a-community-arts-center Cary Elementary School upon completion of an addition and remodelling.  Then the Cary Town Council moved start of the … (0 comments)

nc: 1127 Brookhill Way, Cary, NC 27519 is a gem of a home - 12/17/09 01:33 PM

3 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, 2 car garage, 1894SF, $289,000.00

What can I say?
With a list of builder upgrades that doesn't seem to end, and improvements afterward by the owners, this affordable Cary NC home was built in 2007 and is dressed to kill. It is perfect for the first time buyer with an eye on an $8000 tax credit!
Granite. Stainless Steel appliances.
42" overhead cabinets.
Large, hard-working kitchen island.
Range, refrigerator, washer and dryer convey.
Desirable open floor plan.
Gas log fireplace
Wood floors throughout the main level.
Surround sound wiring in living room.

nc: Don't make decisons today that will limit your choices tomorrow! - 12/16/09 02:52 PM
"Don't make decisons today that will limit your choices tomorrow!"  I heard that quote from another agent recently, and really liked it.
 Dream Home!
What does it bring to mind?  
Working with young people who are so enamored of homeownership that they want to throw caution to the wind.
Spending 100% of ones' preapproved loan amount to get into a new house, without a plan to improve income to have enough discretionary money to enjoy life outside the house for years to come.
Getting 100% financing on a house so it will be years before there is enough equity to be able to sell … (4 comments)

nc: So, who's getting richer? And Where? Forbes places Raleigh-Cary #16 for increasing pay. - 12/16/09 02:08 PM
Just out yesterday:  Forbes ranks American metropolitan areas in terms of where incomes for educated workers are increasing fastest.  With a 13.54% increase from 2005--2009, we are only slightly behind Charlotte-Gastonia-Concord, NC-SC which weighs in at a 15.45% increase.
Yes, we have been fortunate to miss the brunt of the recession, although that is slight comfort to folks who have been laid off from their work.  As a REALTOR® working in Cary, NC, I see many buyers, and also I have been blessed to have not experienced the funding issues that many colleagues relate on line.

nc: Can you say "Family Friendly?" BusinessWeek does in Chapel Hill, NC! - 12/11/09 05:00 AM
I'm not real crazy about referring to "Family Friendly" properties, towns, etc when I am talking with clients and potential clients.  Fair Housing issues and all, you know?
But... BusinessWeek has published a ranking naming Chapel Hill, NC, as one of the top places in the country to raise kids.   The University influence on the public schools, the highly educated populace, great natural surroundings, and small town vibe seemed to click with them.
I wasn't raised there.  Wonder what that portends for me?

nc: Raleigh-Cary ranks 30th in Brookings Institution's assessment of the Top 100 Metro Area's Economic and Employment Muscle - 12/11/09 02:16 AM
A pretty good rating for Raleigh and Cary, NC, in light of the current economic recovery.
When calculating "economic and employment muscle," the Brookings Institution ranks Raleigh-Cary in 30th place among the top 100 metro areas.
With some diversity of our economy, we have avoided much of the impact of the recession, and kept relatively stronger than many areas around the country. 
From a housing standpoint, I think lower new home inventory in Cary, Raleigh, and surrounding towns and availability of desirable locations will help propel real estate and construction into 2010.  Of course, while real estate is local, financing is dependent on national trends.  … (2 comments)

nc: Why do I need your Referral? I already have a phone book... - 12/04/09 08:11 AM

Seems like a lot of Cold Call Referrals making the rounds lately.
As if local folks can't reach out to local folks.  Au contraire: We have ways.
That's right.  I have a whole stack of phone books.  Cary, Raleigh, Apex, Morrisville, Holly Springs, Durham, Garner; I have them all.  If I wanted to call someone with whom you have never spoken; if I wanted to make contact with no information, just a name and a number; if I wanted to make a cold call to someone who is definitely NOT expecting to hear from me....
Well, I have that opportunity already.  … (7 comments)

nc: Wordless Wordless Wednesday: Silverlake in Cary - 10/28/09 12:01 AM

nc: I had lunch with David Williams yesterday - 10/14/09 01:05 PM
What fun!  I always enjoy bantering with David Williams, and lunch now and then sets the table for a great conversation.
Yesterday, sitting at the Hibernian in Cary, on the patio in 75 degree weather was no exception.  They also make a great BLT at the Hibernian, and the coffee is rich and tasty, too.
So, yesterday we dropped names of people we both know.  Of course, since I'm a carpetbagger and David is a lifelong Cary, NC, native, his Rolodex is much more impressive than mine.  And it is fun to fling a rumor on David before he hears it … (4 comments)

nc: Cary, NC, 6105 Larboard Drive: Custom Former Parade Home in a great neighborhood! - 10/09/09 04:10 PM

At $439,900, 6105 Larboard Drive is a grand home, and very affordable for a custom home which made its debut as a Parade of Homes contender in 2006.

6105 Larboard Drive is Triangle MLS #1689210.  Call me for your personal showing!

This lovely home offers the touches you would expect in custom construction, in a never-ending list of features:

Hardwood floors, finished on site.
Heavy Moldings throughout the home.

Oversized Kitchen, with Granite counters, Stainless Steel appliances, open to the family room, breakfast room, back stairs to bonus and Home theater, with a butler's pantry for … (0 comments)

nc: Cary Unveils our new Town of Cary Website! - 10/01/09 06:18 AM
Just today, the Town of Cary, NC, announced that they have gone "live" with the new town Website.
Well, sort of "live."
A few pages wouldn't load for me, but I assume that is because the announcement and email blast spurred a lot of residents to try to take it for a test drive.  What an endeavor, to link up to 55,000 files!
First look tells me that it is a more contemporary interface on the home page.
And it appears that access to information like Council Meeting minutes, Projects and Initiatives will be more direct.  The old site, which won awrds when … (0 comments)

nc: "Make" the Market? Or Serve in the Marketplace? - 09/30/09 12:57 AM
The frenzy I see at the looming expiration of the $8,000 1st time Buyers' Tax Credit has me revisiting some thoughts I have had for a few years.
While the Cary/Raleigh area has fared better than many other market areas, we are not immune to the forces affecting the real estate industry.
As a real estate broker, what is my role in the scheme of things?  Should I toil away creating demand for housing among those who barely can afford to buy?  Should I work to convince folks to climb out on a limb, to risk everything to stretch to buy a home so I can … (2 comments)

nc: North Carolina Residential Property Disclosure Statement: Notes for Sellers and Buyers - 09/26/09 10:40 PM
The North Carolina Residential Property Disclosure Statement can be filled out by sellers on line, and printed out.
NOTE:  North Carolina Consumers should discuss questions about disclosure with their professionals, attorney or real estate agent.  While none of the following is meant as legal advice, and readers should not assume I am offering them agency representation, here are some informal notes to consider:
For Sellers:
You pretty much have to do it.  You are required to offer this completed form when selling property, unless your sale falls into a Disclosure exemption.  Ask your professional.
Your agent can not/should not complete this for you, unless your … (2 comments)

nc: Speechless Speechless Sundays: Later... Davis Drive, Cary, NC - 09/26/09 08:54 PM

nc: Town of Cary plans website upgrade - 09/25/09 12:18 AM
"The Town of Cary has scheduled an upgrade for its Web site,, from Friday, September 25 through Sunday, September 27. The Web site may be unavailable for all or part of this period as we prepare to launch a redesign of the site."
The Town of Cary offers a wealth of information on the Town website.  It is currently a little challenged in navigational efficiency, but still works well, albeit with a dated feel. 
I'm looking forward to "New and Improved."  Optimistically, at that. I think the Town has the ability to make access to information easier, and do it with … (4 comments)

nc: Raleigh's Flagship Newspaper, The News and Observer, has a new website. - 09/23/09 10:52 PM
The Raleigh News and Observer has unveiled their new site.
It has a cleaner look.
I think the advertisements, whose presentation, of course, is the biggest design challenge, still intrude tremendously.  I resent an advertising header that makes me scroll down for content that doesn't make it to my screen.  But, navigation is simpler and the site is cleaner.
One suggestion would be to let me find the columnists and bloggers by name and with less clicking and scrolling.  If I can't find Barry Saunders, AC Snow, Ruth Sheehan, et al, easily, the site will fail.
The N&O should be able to be a … (6 comments)

nc: Wordless Wednesday redux: They don't build them like THAT anymore! - 09/23/09 03:51 PM


nc: Listing Photos: The camera never lies - 09/20/09 01:56 PM
I recently sold this home in Apex, NC.  It has a GREAT hot tub area.  Room for about 10 people.  You could teach the kids to swim in it.
I shot a lot of photos of the hot tub, trying to show it well.  One photo had still water, and great reflections of the home.  Others have the tub jets running, and show Life and ACTION.
Which one is better listing photo from a marketing standpoint?  (Trick question.  Look closely and maybe follow them to Flickr for full-sized photos.)

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