north carolina: Cary, NC Real Estate, Bishop's Gate: Wonderful move-up community - 03/23/12 10:58 PM
View current Active Listings in Bishop's Gate.
Bishop's Gate is a nearly complete new neighborhood off Southwest Cary Parkway in Cary, NC.  Bishop's Gate is located between Giverny and Olde Salem. Access to the neighborhood is via West High Street from the Cary Parkway.
Raleigh and North Carolina State University are a 25 minute commute.  The Research Triangle Park, "RTP," is about the same.  Both commutes can vary during heavy drive-time traffic.
The neighborhood was developed in 2003 by Centex Homes.  Approximately 175 modern Euro-inspired manor homes comprise Bishop's Gate, with home sizes ranging from 3300 to 5000 square feet. 
Typical amenities … (1 comments)

north carolina: Beating the Bushes for Leads? - 10/17/11 01:36 AM
That's exactly how one feller in North Carolina hopes to make new contacts.  Beating the bushes, literally.
Of course, he may not be a real estate agent, but if he succeeds will beating bushes with ball bats become the next Big Thing?
Testimonials for Louisville Sluggers as the prospecting tool of choice?
Spam for the right batting glove that helps the slugger bag "X" deals a month?  "I never knew the power of prospecting with a bat until I put on that glove."
I can see my email box now...
"Learn how Joe Shmo bagged 30 Bigfoot Buyers in a weekend, and how you can … (5 comments)

north carolina: Settlement. Then Closing. Then you get the Keys to the House. 60 Seconds in Real Estate Cary NC - 07/29/11 03:21 AM
Buyers are all excited about signing documents to buy their new home.  Sellers are excited about getting the home sold.
But in North Carolina, when using the NC Association of REALTORS® Standard Offer to Purchase and Contract, the terms indicate that Buyers take possession of the home only after the deed is recorded at the courthouse.
This can be an eye-opener if the agents haven't explained the details well.  Buyer agents need to counsel their clients to plan to get keys after recording.  And it works well if the agent helps schedule settlement early enough in the day that the deed can be recorded the same day.
Listing agents … (1 comments)

north carolina: ActiveRainPhotoBloggerContest: Dawn - 05/11/11 04:21 PM
The sun will rise tomorrow.
The sun will rise tomorrow for the ActiveRain Community.
And for Bob Stewart.
And Jon Washburn.
For all the hard-working ActiveRain staff.
It will rise tomorrow for Jorgen Hahn. 
For the folks at Market Leader, too, as they pick their way through pieces of the puzzle. who   as t
The sun will rise for we ActiveRain professionals who are members of this wonderful community, who patiently hang in there as the landscape changes beneath our feet, and as we watch, unwilling witnesses to a situation where business and personal worlds collide, and some portions … (25 comments)

north carolina: North Carolina's New Due Diligence Fee: Agents must educate their clients! - 03/04/11 03:16 PM
Since the beginning of 2011, North Carolina REALTORS® using the Standard NCAR Offer to Purchase and Contract have been endeavoring to come to terms with the concept of Due Diligence, and the optional Due Diligence Fee mentioned in the Standard Form, Offer to Purchase and Contract.
Some misconceptions are held by agents, and unfortunately are being promoted to consumers. This can work to make transactions more difficult than necessary, or may even create enough friction to help transactions fail unnecessarily.

..Dude, You're getting a House! Not a snow job!
What the Due Diligence Fee is: 1. Negotiable consideration from Buyer … (6 comments)

north carolina: The Numbers are In: U.S. Census says Raleigh, NC, Gained 46.3% Population in the last decade. - 03/02/11 03:11 PM
The U.S. Census folks have spoken: Raleigh, NC, ended the last decade with approximately 403,000 residents. That is an increase of 46.3% from the figures at the beginning of the 21st century.
Wake County also gained 43.5% in population to exceed 900,000 residents, as of April 1, 2010. That puts us very close to being the largest county in the State of North Carolina, as Mecklenburg County's population was totaled at 919,000. Predictions are that Raleigh and Wake County will surpass Mecklenburg County, becoming the most populous county in North Carolina, within a year or two.
Any way you look … (10 comments)

north carolina: Sophisticated and Genteel, Suave and Debonaire: The Raleigh Krispy Kreme Challenge, February 5, 2011 - 01/31/11 02:05 PM
The Krispy Kreme Challenge is my Favorite Charity Event I have Never Attended.
And I'm not going this year either.  But I sure get a laugh out of the event.  Here's the deal:
7500 registered runners will meet at the NC State University Bell Tower on Hillsborough Street in Raleigh, NC. 

"There and Back Again"
They will run two miles to the flagship Krispy Kreme Donut store at the corner of Peace Street and Blount Street.They will consume a dozen donuts, @ 2400+ calories and 144 grams of fat/dozen.(And that calcs to 90,000 donuts, 18,000,000 calories, and 1,080,000 fat grams.)They will … (6 comments)

north carolina: Daphne Covets Your Cash! A One Act Play - 01/28/11 08:01 AM
Act 1, Scene 1:
Busy, or not busy, real estate office.Phone rings.
"Hi, I'm Daphne, and I saw a property and want to make an offer.""OK."
Back and forth...  Negotiate... Negotiate...  Meeting of the minds.
"OK.  I need to wire the money for the for payment.  What are your Trust Account numbers and routing numbers for that account?""Okey-Dokey."
Curtain closes on Act 1, Scene 1.
Act 1, Scene 2:
Busy or not busy real estate office.Phone rings."Hi.  I'm calling for Daphne.""OK.""Well, not exactly OK.  Daphne was killed in a car crash this morning, and of course, she won't be buying that … (4 comments)

north carolina: Ripoff! Upfront Fees for Foreclosure Assistance are Illegal in North Carolina ! - 01/26/11 09:42 AM
It is sad to think, that no matter how tight a spot in which you find yourself, no matter how miserable you are as you try to set your financial ship right, no matter how scared you are, there is always someone willing to step forward to help make things worse for you, to help you dig a deeper hole.
For a fee, of course.
Triangle Business Journal today reports that North Carolina Attorney General Roy Cooper has won a court judgement against  Peoples' First Financial, Inc, banning them from operating in the state.And Cooper aptly describes the operations of too many of … (0 comments)

north carolina: Settlement vs. Closing in North Carolina Transactions: It is Important to Know the Difference! - 01/21/11 03:26 PM
Settlement vs. Closing in North Carolina Transactions:  It is Important to Know the Difference when making plans, whether you are buying or selling a home.
"Settlement" according to the NC Association of REALTORS® Standard Offer to Purchase and Contract is "...the execution and delivery...of all documents necessary to complete the transaction..."I.e., everyone pops into the closing attorney's office and signs papers, certified funds are received from Buyer or Seller, whichever applies, hands are shaken, and with this step completed, the stage is set for...
"Closing."  Recording of the Deed is recognized as the completion of the Transaction with the result of … (4 comments)

north carolina: NCPDE: Start-up, State-wide MLS in North Carolina? - 01/10/11 03:10 PM
Well, maybe.  The North Carolina Property Data Exchange folks think it is time.
We probably all have received the emails.   And got the $100 Lifetime Membership offer.  ___________________________________________________________________________________________
 Here's the email I received, with some agent names pulled out:
"We are very excited to tell you about the launch of our new statewide MLS for NC!  North Carolina Property Data Exchange, or NCPDE for short, is kicking off in January 2011.  NCPDE is a fully functioning MLS that covers the entire state.  You will not be required to join a local board of realtors to be a member of NCPDE, and is available … (5 comments)

north carolina: "Why do we have all these Fair Housing laws," is a common question from home buyers. - 01/05/11 12:14 AM
"Why do we have all these Fair Housing laws," is a common question from home buyers.  At least it is one I have heard several times lately.
The question usually arises when we are discussing Section 8 of the NCAR Buyers Agency Agreement:

Or the question may arise when Buyers begin to ask pointed questions revolving around demographics of a neighborhood or community, which can easily edge into troubling territory under the law.
"Why?"  Because, sadly, Fair Housing law is needed to protect people in the marketplace.  Unfortunately, dreadful acts of discrimination have been perpetrated in the past, and still occur today.  Even today, … (8 comments)

north carolina: Crape Myrtle Photos: The Antidote for Cabin Fever! - 01/04/11 12:30 PM
2010 was a great year for crape myrtles in Cary.  A great many crapes were loaded so very heavily with blossoms that their limbs bent nearly to the ground.
And the colors?  Absolutely riotous.  Nothing laid back about crape myrtle colors. 

Many years, the Japanese Beetles get to my first buds, before I get to the beetles, and we lose the blossoms.  Not in 2010!
I recognize that crape myrtles are so commonplace that they are hardly special to some people.  But I never tire of seeing them.  Big or small.  Huge or dwarf.  Whether placed as an accent at a … (13 comments)

north carolina: A New Year, and New Standard Forms from NC Association of Realtors - 01/01/11 02:20 AM
2011 is here and North Carolina REALTORS® have entered a new world of forms.
Anchored by a new NCAR Standard Offer to Purchase and Contract with significant revisions, approximately 20 standard forms and addenda to the Offer to Purchase and Contract have been changed.
While there was some housekeeping on several forms and a few points in the Offer to Purchase and Contract, the marquee change driving many of the revisions is the revision of the Offer to Purchase and Contract to incorporate a "Due Diligence Period" into the transaction.  "Due Diligence Period" replaces the former "Alternative 1" and "Alternative 2" Property … (7 comments)

north carolina: REBLOG OF MELINA TOMSON: Tie yourself to the mast - 12/07/10 10:06 AM
What can I say?  I Called the Shot.  I "Liked" it for FaceBook.  I commented.  I'm reblogging.
This is such a great post, describing the siren call of the internet to the uninitiated and unguarded consumer.

This was originally posted on the Get Real Estate Blog.
I'm starting to see why Odysseus tied himself to the mast.
Temptation is just too great.
Sitting at home in the comfort of your electric blue Snuggie, homemade hot cocoa brimming with mini-marshmallows by your side, you decide you need some help. You don't need no stinking expensive lawyers or … (2 comments)

north carolina: Wake County and North Carolina Unemployment Rates Decline in October - 11/30/10 02:30 PM
People who are feeling the sting of an economic recession always want to know "when things will pick up."
Well, stats say "things are picking up."
The North Carolina Employment Security Commission released their October, 2010, Employment Report today.
66 of 100 Counties saw declines in unemployment, with 16 steady, and 18 showing an increase.
The Raleigh Cary Metro area unemployment dropped from 7.6% to 7.3% from September to October, 2010.
Statewide, unemployment in North Carolina was at 9.1% in October 2010, an improvement from September's seasonally-adjusted 9.3%, and a 1.4% improvement over September, 2009's 10.5% NC statewide unemployment rate.
This is how … (2 comments)

north carolina: North Carolina Rocks! Gems and Minerals, too! - 11/11/10 01:45 AM
North Carolina has a rich and diverse geologic history.  It can be fun and fascinating to explore.
The leading gold producer prior to 1849?  North Carolina 
Largest emerald crystal ever found in North America?  Found in North Carolina
Not to mention garnets and rubies among over 300 gemstone varieties!
In 1823, North Carolina became the first state to fund a geological and mineralogical survey.
And you can still pan for gold in Western North Carolina.
And there are more fun geological facts at those NC Department of Environment and Natural Resources links.
But, yesterday, I was running around Cary with … (10 comments)

north carolina: Cary, NC: Westpark Offers Custom Homes in a Wooded Natural Setting - 10/20/10 04:16 PM
Westpark is a neighborhood of custom homes in Cary, NC.  Westpark is located on the east side of North Carolina Highway 55, South of the intersection with High House Road.

View Larger Map  
This location makes Westpark attractive for easy access to Cary, Apex, and north to Durham and the Research Triangle Park.
Westpark was developed in the late 1980's, and homes were built by a group of local custom builders.  Homes tend to be from 2000 to 3000 square feet, and traditional style.
Attractive Westpark community amenities include wooded lots, walking paths, a community pool, community … (0 comments)

north carolina: "Does the house come with appliances?" That can be a benefit. Or not. - 10/20/10 03:57 AM
Plenty of buyers scratch together funds to make a down payment and cover closing costs, and still need some funds for unexpected issues.  So every penny counts.  And digging deep for appliances can deplete discretionary savings quickly for some folks.
So, they want to know if the appliances convey.  The answer is, "They are negotiable."  But, buyers should not assume that a home will come with range, refrigerator, washer and dryer.  If there is an over the range microwave or a built-in dishwasher, the standard Offer to Purchase and Contract includes them as fixtures.  If a "slide-in" range is present, local custom in … (6 comments)

north carolina: North Carolina's Outer Banks: A few Photos - 10/17/10 05:02 PM
The Outer Banks of North Carolina helped greatly to convince us to move here 13 years ago.
They have not lost any of their allure in that time.
For some reason, we did not visit the ocean this summer.  Stuff got in the way.  So, I got into my Flickr photos to remind myself what we missed.  And the images reminded us that we missed a LOT.  But, Fall is a great time to go to the beach.  It is quieter.  The weather can be cool, but pleasant, and we don't have to worry about sweltering heat.  And, in the fall, the … (18 comments)

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