photos: Listing Photos O.o - 03/01/14 09:27 AM
I have reached the firm conclusion that there is no house out there, nowhere, in any stage of decomposition that cannot be made to look significantly worse by a determined, motivated punishing real estate listing agent wielding a cellphone camera, and practicing aggressive photographic abuse of innocent pixels to collect terrible photos.
And then there are the nice houses that are ignorantly besmirched by photographic torture.  Price is no issue.  Photo Cruelty extends across all price points.
What the H-E-Double Hockey Stix are some people thinking?
Big Saturday night here in Cary!  Hope yours is great, too!

photos: Can You Afford the High Price of Poor Real Estate Photography?? - 10/10/11 01:46 PM
The Price of Poor Real Estate Photography
I was looking at visitor statistics on my No Hassle Home Search this morning, and one detail jumped out at me.
I have recorded over 21,000 page views so far this month, and 25% or over 5,000 of those views were in Photo Galleries. I.e., consumers routinely look at the property photos when surfing the internet to search for homes. And I am sure that other agents generate more traffic than I do.
It is not unusual for potential buyers to email me and inquire if more photos are available for someone else's … (4 comments)

photos: Cary, NC: Stalking the ubiquitous Azalea and the lovely White Dogwood - 04/08/11 03:53 PM

Today was a great day for stalking azaleas and dogwoods in Cary, NC.  The
White Dogwoods are at their peak, and just past, so some are showing their lovely layers of blooms,
while others are turning green.   The best thing about White Dogwoods, the North Carolina State Flower, passing their peak?  The Pink Dogwoods
are taking over and next week I'll have photos of them.
I came upon a house as the owner was leaving, and she invited me to shoot everything I cared to, and even pointed out
the best angles.  We agreed that the … (10 comments)

photos: Leaving Sellers Up in the Air, and Buyers in Suspense, with "No Photo Available" Listings - 01/13/11 04:19 PM
Listings without photos.  Not even mediocre photos.  For days after going "Active" on the MLS.
There is really little excuse for it.  While it does seem awkward to have to post photos after posting the listing, and it is aggravating that TEMPO does not allow batch loading of photos, Listing Agents can still upload photos onto the Triangle MLS immediately after posting the listing.  And digital cameras that take presentable photos are cheap and getting cheaper.
So, why do agents leave Sellers up in the air and Buyers in Suspense every day on the Triangle MLS?  And why do Sellers … (15 comments)

photos: Fall into Winter in Cary. What a difference 5 weeks make! - 12/27/10 07:35 AM
I got out this year and got a few nice photos of fall scenes in Cary.  Shooting water, ponds, lakes, rivers or the beach all are enjoyable, so that is what I concentrated on.
Late in fall, I got this photo of a stormwater retention pond in Cary:
It seemed like a pretty agreeable snapshot to me.  Who would argue with the textures, lines, colors, reflections and the Carolina blue sky in the photo?
And yesterday we had 6 or 7 inches of snow in Cary.  I had to run to the office today, and decided to check this … (4 comments)

photos: The photo you get, and the one you wish you had gotten... - 12/15/10 11:44 PM
The photo that got away was probably more interesting than the one I took.  I came out of the house, and was surprised to see a trace of snow on the car windows.  I was pretty sure my wife, who had left for work before sunrise, had not noticed the skiff of snow, and she told me later that she hadn't.  So I pulled out my phone and snapped a shot.
And IF I had noticed the sunrise reflection in the window, I would have returned to the house and grabbed my "real" camera to see what I could do with … (17 comments)

photos: North Carolina's Outer Banks: A few Photos - 10/17/10 05:02 PM
The Outer Banks of North Carolina helped greatly to convince us to move here 13 years ago.
They have not lost any of their allure in that time.
For some reason, we did not visit the ocean this summer.  Stuff got in the way.  So, I got into my Flickr photos to remind myself what we missed.  And the images reminded us that we missed a LOT.  But, Fall is a great time to go to the beach.  It is quieter.  The weather can be cool, but pleasant, and we don't have to worry about sweltering heat.  And, in the fall, the … (18 comments)

photos: A quiet Open House: How do you spend your time? - 01/23/10 10:55 AM
I know. I'm supposed to take a stack of note cards, and catch up on my notes.
Or, I'm supposed to work on my laptop, on my database.
But after a full week, sometimes enough is enough. And I can only play so much Bubble Breaker on my phone. I DID get over 700 points twice today. That's pretty good for me.
Then I remembered that the Sellers had repainted the ceiling in their son's bedroom to cover his favorite green, and I needed a couple of photos of the paint job.
Out came the old Kodak. And one thing … (18 comments)

photos: Photos and Kisses..... - 01/16/10 05:52 AM
So, I'm minding my own business at my desk, and this pretty girl comes up.
Me: "Sweet Thing, I love it when you come to me with that look in your eye and give me a couple of kisses. But, I'm not worthy."
She: "Of course you aren't. But I felt guilty keeping all the kisses to myself."
Me: .........

Well, isn't that the essence of love, to share with those whose flaws we know best?

I am having a hard time getting satisfaction with my up close shots of stuff, like … (11 comments)

photos: Say "Hello!" to my little friend. Mr. Tripod - 01/12/10 02:52 PM
For the longest time I figured I didn't need a tripod to get good photos.  Sometimes, I was right.  And sometimes I was far from right.  I bought a cheap, cheap tripod a couple of years ago, and it served only to confirm my attitude that I would do all right without a tripod. 
My error.  I have determined that without doubt, that cheapie is NOT representative of the benefits of a quality piece of gear.  I got the itch a couple of months ago to get a tripod to go with my new camcorder.  (I knew immediately that I cannot shoot … (26 comments)

photos: Camera, Photo, Action. The Real Estate Agent's Primer - 09/14/09 08:36 AM
These are photos of cameras.
This is a photo of a house.
It was taken by a real estate agent.
With a camera.
This is a photo of a phone.  A smartphone.  Very smart.   A little eccentric, but really smart.
This smartphone even includes a camera, but it doesn't really take great photos.  I would not want MY house marketed with smartphone photos.
Next we should have a photo of a house, taken by a camera similar to the one in the photo of a camera, but as the caption says, "No Photo Available." Whoopsie! So, we … (16 comments)

photos: Photos of private homes on the 'Net? I say, "Yes." - 02/09/08 12:30 AM
Miriam Bernstein started another round of discussion regarding using private home photos on AR and Localism. 
After a couple of hundred words in response, I thought, "Gee, this is a post of its own."
I post neighborhood profiles with photos of homes.  I have hundreds of photos in my AR and Localism blogs, and some posted to Localism.  I have a couple thousand up on Flickr.
Heere's my mindset: 
I have found that people moving to the area, who have never spent quality time here, absolutely hunger for local information, and photos deliver it.  As a Cary, NC, real estate agent, I try to serve them and deliver … (16 comments)

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