real estate: Listing Photos O.o - 03/01/14 09:27 AM
I have reached the firm conclusion that there is no house out there, nowhere, in any stage of decomposition that cannot be made to look significantly worse by a determined, motivated punishing real estate listing agent wielding a cellphone camera, and practicing aggressive photographic abuse of innocent pixels to collect terrible photos.
And then there are the nice houses that are ignorantly besmirched by photographic torture.  Price is no issue.  Photo Cruelty extends across all price points.
What the H-E-Double Hockey Stix are some people thinking?
Big Saturday night here in Cary!  Hope yours is great, too!

real estate: Realty Arts is Seeking Experienced Brokers in Raleigh-Cary Area - 01/13/14 08:28 PM
Brokers considering a fresh start at a new firm often make their move at the start of the New Year, when things are a bit slower and the move is a bit easier.
Realty Arts just might be a great firm for experienced brokers in the Raleigh-Cary NC area who desire:
Independence with guidance. Support without being smothered. Affordable costs of business.  Predictable costs without surprises.  Conference rooms in a centrally-located professional office to support your home office.  We are on the edge of Cary and Morrisville, with easy access to support the entire Triangle market. Affiliation with full brokers, working full time in … (0 comments)

real estate: I couldn't ask for a better reference... - 09/28/13 11:06 PM
"I told him you were the kind of guy he could reach out for some info about the current market without being pestered until he decides he's ready to do something."
THAT'S what I'm talking about!
No generic banal "Dripping."  (That "Drip" term always conveys some sort of runny, gooey post-nasal connotation when I see it.  Yuck.)
No Hassle.
No Pestering.
No self-serving "Creating urgency."
No Cassius Clay-style, "I AM THE GREATEST!"  Even though I may be.
Just service-oriented real estate dialogue, with answers to direct questions, and conversational sharing of information.  Relationship-building.
Treating people exactly how I want to be treated.  Since 2005.
And it is … (3 comments)

real estate: 120 Skipwyth Circle, Cary NC, 27513, $184,900 SOLD - 07/20/12 10:59 PM
120 Skipwyth Circle, Cary NC 27513
Triangle MLS #1846394!
3 bedrooms
2 Baths
Great modern floor plan
2 car Garage!
Great Cary location on a quiet culdesac street and close to everything!
Well-maintained and Spotless!
Fresh Exterior Paint, May, 2012
New HVAC Unit, July, 2012
Gas Log fireplace
Close to Umstead Park, North Cary Park, SAS, RDU, RTP, and everything Raleigh and Cary have to offer!


real estate: Beating the Bushes for Leads? - 10/17/11 01:36 AM
That's exactly how one feller in North Carolina hopes to make new contacts.  Beating the bushes, literally.
Of course, he may not be a real estate agent, but if he succeeds will beating bushes with ball bats become the next Big Thing?
Testimonials for Louisville Sluggers as the prospecting tool of choice?
Spam for the right batting glove that helps the slugger bag "X" deals a month?  "I never knew the power of prospecting with a bat until I put on that glove."
I can see my email box now...
"Learn how Joe Shmo bagged 30 Bigfoot Buyers in a weekend, and how you can … (5 comments)

real estate: Can You Afford the High Price of Poor Real Estate Photography?? - 10/10/11 01:46 PM
The Price of Poor Real Estate Photography
I was looking at visitor statistics on my No Hassle Home Search this morning, and one detail jumped out at me.
I have recorded over 21,000 page views so far this month, and 25% or over 5,000 of those views were in Photo Galleries. I.e., consumers routinely look at the property photos when surfing the internet to search for homes. And I am sure that other agents generate more traffic than I do.
It is not unusual for potential buyers to email me and inquire if more photos are available for someone else's … (4 comments)

real estate: 505 Spencer Crest Court, Cary NC 27513 - 09/17/11 02:27 PM
505 Spencer Crest Court is a lovely home, nearly new, in Bexley at Weston, in north Cary.

At $450,000 List Price, 505 Spencer Crest Court offers: 3252 Square Feet 5 bedrooms, including one on the main level 3 full bathrooms, all with tile Granite tops in the kitchen and master bath Stainless steel appliances, including gas cooktop Hardwoods on the main level and the entire staircase Excellent bonus room for media Large open 2nd level loft for reading nook, school desks, etc. Exterior is brick on four sides, with stone and fiber-cement accents Low maintenance lot, with reclaimed water irrigation and … (3 comments)

real estate: Stuff you can't get the Movers to take on the Truck. 60 Seconds in Real Estate Cary NC - 09/05/11 03:48 PM
Listing agent to the rescue! The movers won't take it?  Now what? There's always something when the movers arrive. Folks plan the best they can, but the movers prefer to not haul some of the items they have laid out.
Incendiary. Explosive. Corrosive. All the fun stuff in life won't get onto the truck. It can be inconvenient, but that is where a full service real estate agent can step in and help out. 
One of the best tools a good listing agent can have is a pickup truck.  I love mine.  This time, I was hoping to fill it up....

real estate: Beautify QR Codes in Cary Real Estate Marketing. 60 Seconds in Real Estate - 08/30/11 12:05 PM
QR Codes in Cary NC Real Estate QR Codes in real estate are a hot item right now.  Using QR Codes in real estate marketing is in its infancy, but beginning to gain serious traction. QR Codes can be used to convey great amounts of information to smartphone users who scan them.
I like the use of QR Codes for offering GPS coordinates, and since most smartphones have GPS capability, that seems like an efficient use. But one can also use QR Codes to offer purely real estate data and information.  A listing agent can connect buyers to photos, flyers, documents, … (9 comments)

real estate: 30 Days of Closings, 60 Seconds in Real Estate Cary NC - 08/17/11 05:59 AM
Cary NC Market Report 30 days of Real Estate Closing in Cary, as of August 17, 2011 Numbers are pretty stable in Cary real estate.  As of today, we closed 123 residential sales in the last 30 days.
Days on Market were 93 for those 123 listings.
Cumulative Days on Market, meaning that the property was listed more than once, were 115.
On July 17, those numbers were 87 and 114.
I pulled out three of the highest DOM properties, and the remaining 120 homes showed 86 Days on Market, and 102 Cumulative Days on Market. Fun with numbers...
Average selling … (0 comments)

real estate: Evans Estates Cary NC - 08/09/11 11:42 AM
Evans Estates, Cary NC  
Evans Estates in Cary NC is a custom home neighborhood, built in the late 1990's through the mid-2000's, developed by George Bailey.  Located near the intersections of NW Maynard Road and Cary Parkway along the east side of Evans Road, Evans Estates' location offers residents easy access to area features, including West Cary Middle School, I-40, Raleigh, RDU Airport, SAS, and Research Triangle Park.
View Larger Map  
Homes in Evans Estates  offer commonly expected features such as, modern open floor plans, 3 to 5 bedrooms, and 3 or more bathrooms, 2100--3600 square feet, plenty of … (1 comments)

real estate: Settlement. Then Closing. Then you get the Keys to the House. 60 Seconds in Real Estate Cary NC - 07/29/11 03:21 AM
Buyers are all excited about signing documents to buy their new home.  Sellers are excited about getting the home sold.
But in North Carolina, when using the NC Association of REALTORS® Standard Offer to Purchase and Contract, the terms indicate that Buyers take possession of the home only after the deed is recorded at the courthouse.
This can be an eye-opener if the agents haven't explained the details well.  Buyer agents need to counsel their clients to plan to get keys after recording.  And it works well if the agent helps schedule settlement early enough in the day that the deed can be recorded the same day.
Listing agents … (1 comments)

real estate: Going FSBO? Go for it, and Good Luck! 60 Seconds in Real Estate Cary NC - 07/24/11 11:55 AM
FSBO? For Sale By Owner?  FSBO in Cary NC? We are seeing more and more Cary homeowners test the real estate market with For Sale By Owner, AKA FSBO, offerings.
I think right now that approach takes some guts, as even the Cary NC real estate market is a little soft at some price points.  Hopefully, the FSBO Owner is trying to present more affordable home pricing to potential buyers.
But, I stop short of harassing For Sale By Owner sellers to convince them they are mistaken if they do not use me as their listing agent.  I assume that most people are sharp … (4 comments)

real estate: Zoysia Grass! Help your Lawn beat the 100° heat in Cary NC - 07/21/11 03:55 AM
Zoysia Sod Installation Yes. We are seeing 100° in Cary, several times over the last week or so. I had Empire Zoysia sod installed last week at home.  In near 100° heat.  It is supposed to be a "warm season" turf, and I surely hope so.
Green Level Environmental Landscaping of Cary NC did a great installation, and I was impressed how the crew pressed through the heat to finish.
Why Zoysia?  It will turn brown in winter, and some folks don't care for that.  But, it also will deal with the stresses of hot weather, will spread to repair itself, … (4 comments)

real estate: 60 Seconds in Real Estate, Cary NC: Open Houses! - 06/30/11 03:43 PM
Open Houses, in 60 Seconds Open House?  Sure! Cary listing agents often differ strongly on whether Open Houses "work."  Well, I say, Open Houses don't work.  Listing Agents work, and using an Open House as one means to market a property to buyers and buyers agents can be very productive. It sure is better than not trying.
My pitch, in 60 Seconds in Real Estate:

real estate: 60 Seconds in Real Estate, Cary NC: Comparables, Competition, and Compelling Pricing - 06/27/11 03:11 AM
Comps, Competition, and Compelling Pricing Comps, Competition, and Compelling Pricing Everyone wants to see "Comps," comparable closed sales when fixing a price for a new listing.
I agree.  We have to begin with the end in mind, and the "End in Mind" is a closed sale.  A contract price MUST be supported by market activity, specifically recent, comparable sales that have closed.
However, a smart seller and smart listing agent will also consider "Competition."  And that will include properties outside the specific neighborhood where the home to be listed for sale is located. See, while the neighborhood activity must support the sales price for appraisal purposes, Buyers … (2 comments)

real estate: 60 Seconds in Real Estate, Cary NC: Money in the Vault, and it is ON SALE! - 06/20/11 02:57 PM
I grabbed my friend and mortgage money mentor, Kevin Martini of SunTrust Mortgage, and asked him a few rapid-fire questions in the Cary NC, KELLER WILLIAMS® real estate office the other day.
Kevin is a favorite of local Buyers agents and listing agents, because he delivers.
Kevin tells me that he has a huge variety of affordable home loan programs to help folks buy, and, of course, he is tickled with current interest rates he can offer.

Note: This is a special "Extended Play, Director's Cut" version of 60 Seconds in Real Estate, Cary NC.
Bonus Features take it to … (8 comments)

real estate: 60 Seconds in Real Estate, Cary NC: You CAN sell a home in this market! - 06/13/11 05:42 AM
60 Seconds in Real Estate Selling a Home in Cary NC When you hear someone say, "Nothing is selling in this market.  No one is buying homes," they are mistaken. Yes, you CAN sell a home in Cary, under the current economic circumstances.
How? Price it right. Present it well.  Clean.  Decluttered.  Staged.  Repaired.  Fresh! Promote it.  Don't keep it a secret that your home is for sale.  This is where a great listing agent, with excellent marketing skills comes in.
My thoughts in 60 Seconds in Real Estate, Cary NC version:

real estate: 60 Seconds in Real Estate, Cary NC: NC Association of REALTORS® Buyers Agency Agreement - 06/08/11 01:49 AM
Buyers Agency Agreement Buyers Agency Agreements?  Do you need one in North Carolina?
Yes, if you are going to work with a REALTOR® or licensed agent to represent you. It is the law.  An agent cannot represent you in a real estate transaction without a written agreement. The North Carolina Association of REALTORS® provides members with a form that describes the relationship and establishes expectations for the parties. Absent a formal agreement, the default assumption is that the agent is working for the Seller, not for the Buyer.
The Buyer agency agreement serves a valuable purpose for the Buyer.  The Buyer becomes … (10 comments)

real estate: Folks in Cary now may access a great 97% Home Loan: Martini's Affordable Program: MAP - 06/05/11 04:24 PM
Kevin Martini's MAP Program My Main Mortgage Money Maven, Mr. Martini, of SunTrust Mortgage, is possessed of an active brain.  Always working the gray matter.  Always looking for another opportunity to serve the client, and to help make dreams come true. We are fortunate to have him hanging out a SunTrust Mortgage shingle in the Cary Market Center. Clients who work with Kevin always tell me what a great experience he offers, professional, enthusiastic, and thorough.  Kevin can be a real estate professor and teach about the topic, or just be a grind and get it done, whichever is required at the … (2 comments)

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