wake county: Funny Market, and I don't mean "Ha Ha" Funny, in Cary NC - 04/06/14 11:59 AM
Handing off keys and lockbox covers to the next agent, who is patiently waiting, just like I did for the agent before me, and watching the next agent roll up while the guy after me goes into the house.
Multiple offers, time and again, and hoping to at least "Win, Place, or Show."  Too often "Also Ran" with an offer over full list price and few good comps to support it.
"Funny?"  Not to buyers.
And, it isn't a free pass for sellers, either.  Buyers' remorse is kicking homes back on the market, when the buyer brings in an inspector who … (1 comments)

wake county: Cary, NC Real Estate, Bishop's Gate: Wonderful move-up community - 03/23/12 10:58 PM
View current Active Listings in Bishop's Gate.
Bishop's Gate is a nearly complete new neighborhood off Southwest Cary Parkway in Cary, NC.  Bishop's Gate is located between Giverny and Olde Salem. Access to the neighborhood is via West High Street from the Cary Parkway.
Raleigh and North Carolina State University are a 25 minute commute.  The Research Triangle Park, "RTP," is about the same.  Both commutes can vary during heavy drive-time traffic.
The neighborhood was developed in 2003 by Centex Homes.  Approximately 175 modern Euro-inspired manor homes comprise Bishop's Gate, with home sizes ranging from 3300 to 5000 square feet. 
Typical amenities … (1 comments)

wake county: Providence Commons, Cary NC - 03/20/12 10:53 PM

Providence Commons is a neighborhood of bright, modern transitional homes developed by MI Schottenstein homes in the late 1990's, on the west side of the SW Cary Parkway in Cary NC. Residents will find great convenience, with nearby Fresh Market, MacArthur Park, the Cary YMCA, and Preston Corners retail and services close by.
Access to Prestonwood Country Club and other Cary recreational opportunities, including Bond Park, is excellent.
View Larger Map
Homes in Providence Commons tend to be light and airy, 3 to 5 bedrooms, built since 1996, with garages, natural gas, and quiet culdesac arrangements.

Current Homes … (0 comments)

wake county: Can You Afford the High Price of Poor Real Estate Photography?? - 10/10/11 01:46 PM
The Price of Poor Real Estate Photography
I was looking at visitor statistics on my No Hassle Home Search this morning, and one detail jumped out at me.
I have recorded over 21,000 page views so far this month, and 25% or over 5,000 of those views were in Photo Galleries. I.e., consumers routinely look at the property photos when surfing the internet to search for homes. And I am sure that other agents generate more traffic than I do.
It is not unusual for potential buyers to email me and inquire if more photos are available for someone else's … (4 comments)

wake county: Cary NC: Highcroft Village - 05/28/11 12:54 AM
Highcroft Village, Cary NC  
Highcroft Village in Cary NC is a new neighborhood, built by a group of well-known local custom builders.  Located near the intersection of Green Hope School Road and NC Highway 55, Highcroft Village's location offers residents easy access to area features.
View Larger Map  
Homes in Highcroft Village offer commonly expected features such as, modern open floor plans, 4 to 5 bedrooms, and 3 or more bathrooms, 3000--4000 square feet, plenty of hardwood floors, granite, tile, heavy moldings, screen porches, and low maintenance homesites. The Highcroft Village neighborhood association maintains the community swimming pool.

wake county: Cary NC: Green Hope Elementary School Park - 05/21/11 03:08 PM
Green Hope Elementary School/Park, Cary NC Green Hope Elementary School Park, Cary NC  
Green Hope Elementary School Park in Cary NC is a small park, built in partnership between the Town of Cary, Wake County, and the Wake County Public School System. As land is acquired for schools, over the last several years, Wake County has often been able to acquire extra land, and provide park opportunities to the local communities the schools serve.  Nice and efficient.
View Larger Map Get Directions View Bird's Eye Green Hope Elementary School Park  provides simple facilities.  There are three soccer fields, four sand volleyball … (4 comments)

wake county: Springtime means the Turtles come out in Cary - 03/24/11 04:39 PM
These guys were kicking back on a fallen tree in the pond, catching a few of the Spring sun's rays a few Aprils back.

The scene is Wake County's Crowder District Park, Apex, NC. Crowder District Park is 33 acres in Eastern Apex, NC, and a great getaway, with a picnic pavilion, trails, learning center. and Turtles.
And turtle scenes will be available in lakes and ponds all over the Triangle, as they come out to enjoy the sun and warm themselves after a long winter. Hmmmm. I think I have that in common with them.

wake county: The Numbers are In: U.S. Census says Raleigh, NC, Gained 46.3% Population in the last decade. - 03/02/11 03:11 PM
The U.S. Census folks have spoken: Raleigh, NC, ended the last decade with approximately 403,000 residents. That is an increase of 46.3% from the figures at the beginning of the 21st century.
Wake County also gained 43.5% in population to exceed 900,000 residents, as of April 1, 2010. That puts us very close to being the largest county in the State of North Carolina, as Mecklenburg County's population was totaled at 919,000. Predictions are that Raleigh and Wake County will surpass Mecklenburg County, becoming the most populous county in North Carolina, within a year or two.
Any way you look … (10 comments)

wake county: Making the Most of an IDX Home Search in the Triangle Area - 01/30/11 08:20 AM
Internet Data Exchange, known as "IDX," gives you access on my website to any of over 18,000 listings in a 17 county area of North Carolina, whether it the listing is mine or that of another Realtor.  I can help you with any of the properties you find in the Raleigh Cary area.

I call my IDX Search page "No Hassle Property Search."  Some points on how to enjoy using it and how to have the most productive search experience:
1.  You never need to register to search, with no limits on searching.  Use it.  "Drive it like you stole it." 
2.  "No Hassle" … (3 comments)

wake county: From the Recorder's Office Archives: Wives Having to Privately Assure Notaries That They Signed Deeds Without Coercion - 01/26/11 03:17 PM
I enjoy very much the history of real estate, and conveyance of property and the legal means of documentation of transactions.I enjoy spending a little time perusing old documents on the Wake County Register of Deeds Office site.  They have recordings from over 200 years ago.  It was a simpler life in the past.  In some ways.And in some ways, it was a little harsher, or course.  And there are all manner of documents recorded that are not common today.  Some of them are Indentures, where farmers would offer land in turn for a share of crops or profits.
One item that always … (8 comments)

wake county: "My Property Value is Lower Than Tax Value. Can I Appeal to Have the Tax Value Lowered?" is a question often asked by consumers. - 01/12/11 03:06 PM
 "My property value is lower than tax value.  Can I appeal to have the tax value lowered?" is a question often asked by consumers in Wake County, North Carolina.
And the short answer is, "Your chances of success are small."
In more detail, from the Wake County Department of Revenue Site:
"Wake County assessed real estate values reflect the market value as of January 1, 2008, which is the date of the last county-wide revaluation. Any inflation, deflation or other economic changes occurring after this date do not affect the assessed value of the property and cannot be lawfully considered when reviewing … (11 comments)

wake county: Gated Communities in Wake County, NC - 12/31/10 02:58 PM
Gated Communities in Wake County, NC?  Sure we have a variety of gated communities.  Gated communities vary from entry-level affordable condominiums to HUD-approved 55+ Adult Communities, to luxurious estate subdivisions.
Many folks like the security of having a gate to prevent entry to the neighborhood by people without approval to visit. 
Interestingly, Cary, NC, does not allow gated communities.  This measure was imposed to permit easy access for emergency crew vehicles, particularly ambulances and firetrucks.  A few years ago, a subdivision was annexed into the Town of Cary and their gates were removed as part of the process.
Ergo, most gated communities … (0 comments)

wake county: Air Strips in Cary Condo Complexes? Not really, I think - 12/24/10 03:19 PM
Air Strips in Cary Condo Complexes?  Not really, I think!  But, the MLS told me there were.
As REALTORS®, and members of our local MLS's, we are responsible for the integrity of the data we input to maintain MLS's accurate, so that good comps can be pulled. When errors are made, they can be funny like this one, or they can be more serious.
I have been doing a series of blogs featuring custom real estate search links on various features that are desirable to some property buyers in Western Wake County.  And to do my next one, I set up a search for … (2 comments)

wake county: Searching for homes with In-Ground Swimming Pools in Cary and Surrounds... - 12/24/10 11:07 AM
Searching real estate listings for homes with in-ground swimming pools in Cary, Apex, Morrisville and Western Wake County can be a challenge.
Although Cary enjoys a moderate warm climate, we do not have a great many private pools in back yards.  They can be found, but are not the rule as in areas further South, or in the Southwest United States.  This due to a combination of factors.
With the popularity of small lots and low maintenance, many homes just do not have adequate property to support the installation of a nice in-ground pool.
And a community pool is a fixture … (4 comments)

wake county: Finding Waterfront Homes in the Cary, NC, Area - 12/23/10 06:43 AM
Finding waterfront homes in the Cary, NC, area can be an interesting quest.
When I talk to folks who want to live on the water, commonly, they want boat docks or boat houses, water skiing and powerboating.  These can be difficult to find in the Cary, Apex, Morrisville area.

We do have a few large lakes.  Jordan Lake in Chatham County provides drinking water for Cary, Apex, and Morrisville, and is owned by the Army Corps of Engineers.  It offers boat ramps and a marina for storage, but the Corps owns the surrounding perimeter, so there are no private … (12 comments)

wake county: Cary, NC: Searching for Homes with Attics, Walk Up Attics - 12/23/10 12:52 AM
Where to stow your stuff?  We have basements in the Cary, Apex, and Morrisville area.  But they are at a premium.
We have garages, and they take up a lot of the storage slack for folks who used to keep their stuff in basements.  But when innovative shelving and overhead bins and racks are not enough, what about the cars?  And a lot of entry-level housing units do not even have the garage.
Attics are where people next look for storage.

And, a roughed in attic can be very appealing additional living space, when all or part of it is nicely finished.  … (5 comments)

wake county: Barns in Cary, Apex, and Morrisville NC. Scarce as Hen's Teeth! - 12/22/10 03:41 PM
It appears that the real estate buyer in Cary, Apex, and Morrisville, and Western Wake County, might need to be flexible in the desire to buy a property with a barn. They may need to consider building the barn they want.
There just aren't very many listed in the MLS.
Most barns are for horses, as farming in the Triangle is not the dominant economic force it was in the past.  Oddly, enough, thousands of folks in the Triangle live in subdivisions named for the farms they replaced.
Click here to view currently available Western Wake Properties with a Barn.

Scan the QR Code … (6 comments)

wake county: Cary, NC: Tatton Place has Custom Homes in a Quiet Cary Location - 12/20/10 02:06 PM
Tatton Place in Cary was developed in the late 1990's by SAS Institute and built out with custom homes by local custom builders working with W & W Partners.

Tatton Place is located in rural southwest Cary, at the corner of Jenks Carpenter Road and Holt Road.
View Larger Map  
Attractive transitional and traditional homes from 2600--3600 square feet, with 4 and 5  bedrooms, and 2.5 to 3.5 baths on .35 to .5 acre lots comprise the typical homes in Tatton Place.  The neighborhood has quiet streets, with trees and lawns.
Click here to view … (1 comments)

wake county: Western Wake County, NC: Hard to locate, Homes on lots over 2 acres. - 12/14/10 02:06 PM
Western Wake County, NC, offers many benefits to relocating property buyers.  Great Schools, proximity to Harris Lake and Jordan Lake, easy access to Research Triangle Park, availability of shopping and other services, and a road system that will readily deliver you to the rest of the Triangle and North Carolina.
But real estate searches can be frustrating.  One of the more difficult properties to acquire is a home on a lot of over two acres, particularly if the Buyer wants 6 or 7 acres.
The popularity of small lots in subdivisions of new homes means that housing tracts have engulfed vast … (0 comments)

wake county: Wake County and North Carolina Unemployment Rates Decline in October - 11/30/10 02:30 PM
People who are feeling the sting of an economic recession always want to know "when things will pick up."
Well, stats say "things are picking up."
The North Carolina Employment Security Commission released their October, 2010, Employment Report today.
66 of 100 Counties saw declines in unemployment, with 16 steady, and 18 showing an increase.
The Raleigh Cary Metro area unemployment dropped from 7.6% to 7.3% from September to October, 2010.
Statewide, unemployment in North Carolina was at 9.1% in October 2010, an improvement from September's seasonally-adjusted 9.3%, and a 1.4% improvement over September, 2009's 10.5% NC statewide unemployment rate.
This is how … (2 comments)

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