web 20: Does a good Web 2.0 site "Trap" visitors? - 07/06/08 03:17 PM
My friend and webguy, Hal, mentioned I might reconsider how easily I offer multiple links in neighborhood profile blogs that take visitors off my site.  And I jumped up onto my personal Web 2.0 soapbox.  Hal should know by now that I always carry a soapbox with me, but he seemed to have forgotten.
I think that one of the fundamental defining values of a great neighborhood is the number of nearby amenities, retail, services, etc.  I am not helping my web site visitors if I try to restrict what they learn.  And, frankly, I don't have time to pound out 200 words on every … (35 comments)

web 20: "Free Business Book Is Web Sensation" Suze Ormond's book fans download over 1,000,000 FREE copies in 33 hours! - 02/16/08 12:09 PM
Worried publishers question the wisdom of offering books for free:
Women and Money
When will they learn what we are learning, that giving facilitates getting, in Web 2.0 as well as in private life?
That a little vision carries you a long way.
"The publishing community has endlessly debated the effects of making text available online, with some saying that free downloading is a valuable promotional tool and others worrying that sales for paper editions would be harmed."
So Oprah helped Suze give away 1,000,000 copies in 33 hours.  How many new fans will she have created, and how many new sales will be generated?
And … (16 comments)

web 20: Cary NC Real Estate Adventures: "I am not a Lead." I love it! - 01/20/08 03:01 PM
A friend in the office told me he had picked up a good lead.
He asked, "How many leads are you working now?"
Me:  "I don't work with leads."
Kind of a conversation-stopper.  I had to offer more.
Me:  "I'm in the people business."
And, what a coincidence....
The very next day, I came across Chris Drayer's AR blog post: "How many homes did your dog sell last year?"
Thanks, Chris.  Come to Cary, NC, and you have a standing offer of a complimentary cajun-burger and a cold one!
This video says it ALL!
I sent it to my buddy, and got back an email, "Cute."
Not at all the word I would … (16 comments)

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