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From: xxxxxxxxSent: Monday, February 22, 2010 10:29 AMTo: Mike LaySubject: HVCC (Sent via Activerain) You've received a contact message from your Contact Form on the ActiveRain network. Mike,I just read your letter and think it is great. Did you receive any response? I would also like to know if ...
Well, in addition to the knife in the back that the HVCC has been for appraisers, we now have a new competitor to contend with.  Apparently now anyone can be an appraiser, according to Equity National.  I received this email today from Valuation Review. http://www.valuationreview.com/ME2/Audience...
Got this link in an email today.  I didn't research it, but I've seen these guys before so I have to assume there is some truth to it.  I've been hearing about the "shadow inventory" of foreclosed homes that the banks are not releasing for a year or two now, so it is no surprise to me that there ...
I got an email about this the other day, and I believe this is where a lot of the appraisal business is going to be in a few years.  http://www.appraisalworld.com/CompCruncher/ (Check out the video and the sample report) I posted a few weeks ago that I have been in the early stages of trying to d...
If you have read any of my posts, you will have already guessed that the title of this one is sarcastic.  I had a good client (mortgage broker) who was pretty much forced to give up her business due to the HVCC, and ended up merging into another larger practice.  Once there, she recommended me as...
I've got an appraiser friend in NM that does a lot of work for the big AMC's.  He emailed me yesterday to tell me he thinks he finally got the straw that broke his back.  A new requirement from LSI that will "greatly reduce" the number of appraisal challenges (where the buyer/seller/borrower/real...
An appraiser friend over in Houston called today, upset that he is being "dismissed" from Streetlinks appraiser list due to "geographic incompetence".  (Of course my first comment was to congratulate him from not having to do any more of their crappy 1/2 price AMC work, which is not what he wante...
"What is the price per square foot?"  In my job as a residential real estate appraiser, I hear this repeated almost daily.  Other variations include "my neighbor sold for $ (x) per square foot", or "the average in my neighborhood is $(x) per square foot".  Almost always, these comments and questi...
I recently received an email asking me to call my representatives and urge them to co-sponsor H.R. 3044, which would place an 18-month moratorium on the HVCC.  Along with the email were links to several articles talking about how low appraisals are hurting real estate, essentially saying that app...
I see that ActiveRain is becoming much more than a place for real estate professionals to gather to discuss the industry, since I received the following email today:-------------------------------------------------------------------------- Message details: From: lizy oti Email: lizy20094u@yahoo.c...

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