san diego: BIGFOOT LIVES - 10/09/07 08:47 PM
               There are two kinds of people in this world. Those who believe in BIGFOOT and those who don't. I believe in BIGFOOT. I can remember watching a BIGFOOT movie when I was a young boy called "The Legend of Boggy Creek". It changed my life. Let me just say if you're looking for a point to this post there is none. It's just me rambling on about something I felt like blogging about. And who knows there might be a reader who also saw the movie and who would care to comment. I don't believe I'll get a 5 … (28 comments)

san diego: Short Sale Blues - 10/09/07 07:15 PM
I'm singing the short sale blues. I'm singing these blues because it can be so very hard to get the banks to accept an offer. Many of the banks want the offers to be as high as the last closed comps in a market that's clearly trending down. I mean it doesn't take a genius to see that prices are getting lower and lower at least it is here in many areas of San Diego. Some of my favorite blues hits are:
Bank Just Won't Take That Offer Baby
Bank Says Just Get the Buyer up 50 Thousand Dollars … (17 comments)

san diego: Recharge Your Batteries - 10/09/07 06:54 PM
I just got done recharging my battery. I went to Hawaii with my wife on a much deserved vacation. Our first stop was Kauai for 5 days then Waikiki Beach on Oahu for 3 days. We tried to handle only the necessary business and phone calls so that we really felt like we were on vacation. Our team handled most of the business and phone calls while we were away and did an excellent job.
The nice part about it was that our clients really understood that we were on vacation for a week and for the most part didn't bother us. … (12 comments)

san diego: ADDING VALUE - 09/27/07 05:17 AM
I walk my farm area at least every other week. It's a lot of work so I want to make sure that the homeowner will read my marketing piece when they get it off of their door. I decided that I needed something of "ADDED VALUE" in my handout so that homeowners will voluntarily want to keep my marketing piece.
My marketing pieces are always informative, that's a "NO-BRAINER" but I wanted the homeowner to keep my information around the house for exposure of my branding and whatever it is I'm promoting. You know, friends, coworkers, their kid's friend's parents, whoever comes over … (33 comments)

san diego: WHO LET THE DOGS OUT - 09/18/07 10:31 AM
I went to preview a home and I am always careful to read the agents comments on the print out. The comments read "DOGS IN GARAGE DO NOT DISTURB - NOT KNOWN TO BITE". That was a good idea to put in the listing so that no one is bothered by the dogs and no one bothers them. They might not be known to bite but you never can tell they just might not know if they bite.
I go to the house knock on the door and no one answers so I use my lockbox key to get in. I … (11 comments)

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