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Mike Mason is a Realtor who focuses primarily on Miami Shores, Miami's Upper East Side, NorthEast Dade and Miami Beach. He also specialize in Commercial Real Estate. Mike Mason worked as an Emmy Award winning Investigative Television Reporter for 7 years. Mike's Blog aims to provide guidance for Buyers and Sellers as they navigate the rocky road of real estate while helping them to avoid common pitfalls along the way.
While representing some buyers, I recently submitted an offer to purchase an REO home. I later found out that I didn't even have a chance of competing for the deal. The listing agent changed the rules for submitting the offer AFTER it was already submitted and that's just the beginning. I then fi...
I have a few houses listed in which the owners have a litter box in one of the rooms. I've tried to tell them how that could create an unpleasant experience for the buyer but the owners don't seem too concerned. Either they don't care or they just move the litter box to another room. I can't forc...
Craig's List Real Estate Scam - your ad could be used against you! Last month I listed a beautiful rental home in Belle Meade which is in Miami's Upper East Side. I put it on the MLS and also posted it on Craig's List.  Belle Meade is an upscale gated community and homes are not exactly cheap. Th...
Housing Market and Journalistic Integrity both in Decline "You can blame the media for the crappy real estate market." That's what a fellow Realtor told me the other day and, lately, I would have to agree. As a Realtor, I would love to see the newspapers print some good articles about the housing...
In 1922, the Miami Herald became the heaviest newspaper in the world as a result of its humongous real estate advertisements. People in the North heard about real estate prices skyrocketing and investors becoming millionaires virtually overnight.You could say that real estate has been good for th...
 June 14, 2007Florida Senate passes Super Tax Exemption!Today the Senate cast a 25-12 party line vote  to pass the biggest tax-cut in state history, immediately rolling back and capping local-government spending and asking voters to consider a plan to supersize Homeowner tax exemptions. The exemp...
Miami Shores Realtor Mike Mason
Does anyone know of a Hotel/Motel for sale in Miami? My Buyer wants anything between 20 to 100 rooms and from $2M to $10MPlease let me know, Mike Mason 305-527-3088Mike@MikeMason.Biz
Do you have the ugliest house on the block? Do you know someone who does?A Home Improvement Television Series is looking for that 'not so perfect' home in Miami Shores. If your home is chosen they will hire a team of Builders and Landscapers to fix up the exterior.....all for FREE! The Show's Pro...
Last month I had a deal fall through which involved an Investor, a shady Realtor, a questionable Lender and an alleged Title Company the Investor worked with.It began a couple of months ago when a Realtor called to say he was working with a Buyer (who was also an Investor) and they were sending a...

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