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It’s time I brought this feature back. This last week RE.net celebrated one of our favorites (Jeff Turner) birthday by changing our twitter avatars.  As I started to write this post I kept being drawn back to the magic of the day. For me, this is a perfect example of what Twitter is all about.  S...
  And you might have notice something a little strange going on. There seems to be quite a few Jeff Turners popping up. You know, that ResPres guy… Here’s just a few I found on Twitter. There’s also a Video thread on Seesmic here: http://seesmic.com/video/FbFrgAXmZc And if you’ve changed your Ava...
How many times have you said or heard that?  Have last minute docs that need to be signed and the client is at work?  How often has that happened?Can they meet you halfway?So where is halfway?And when we decide where that point is, where do you want to meet?The side of the road isn't the right op...
YES! I have taken a New Position. If you know me, you know I am passionate about two things; Social Media and Technology. I have contended for years that Real Estate Professionals were the greatest people to walk the Earth. So when a V.L.H.T.O.C. * approached me and asked if I would like to teach...
Register to Vote today   or it's too late! (in California) Today is the deadline! If you have not yet registered to vote you must do so today. October 20th 2008 It doesn't matter if you are a Republican, Democrat or "other". If you have an opinion, you have one chance (November 4th) to make that ...
Wow! Consider this somewhat of a Re Blog.  Maybe not so much Re Blog but more of an “Wow YOU guys ROCK!” Yesterday was Blog Action Day.  I was a participant and wrote a post.  The topic was Poverty and my post took on a more personal flavor.  Last night, I headed over to my Feed Reader to catch ...
We are learning to blog and use social medai today in Fremont.We're going to learn all sorts of great stuff like linking, tags, keywords and so much more!Everyone who attended todays class is now set to dominate Google for any keyword they choose.They have the tools and knowldge .Look out world, ...
under the freeway, originally uploaded by zappowbang. Today is Blog Action Day. It’s one day a year when thousands of bloggers around the world write about one singular topic. This year the topic is poverty. That seemed simple enough. So I sat down and started to write… Poverty happens in third ...
A spoonful of credit crunch… Originally uploaded by The Silver Penguin And do it right! The last post was a warning on how NOT to steal images. It was really a setup for this post which deals with finding the right image on the internet and using it properly. To Recap: Poor Faye had used Google’...
File this under Public Service Announcement. Since nearly every cell phone has a camera, and since advanced editing tools are available for free, it makes no sense to steal a picture from the internet. I know it’s easy to do.  Just do a Google image search and you’ll find exactly what you need, r...

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