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Confused about Facebook Pages? Do I need a Page? Do I already have a Page? Do I need 1,000 Fans?  Do I need 100 Fans? Do my Friends count?   We'll be talking about them, answering questions, and giving hints on the radio show this morning.  Call in or ask questions in the chat area! http://www.bl...
  It won’t be anything like the land rush of the first Facebook URL frenzy but starting Sunday Night June 28th at 9:00 PM the gates are open for all. Facebook was pretty smart in the way they released custom URLs.   You see, most anyone can create a “Fan Page” for virtually any product, group or ...
When Matt Stigliano (RERockStar) requested a MuellerMap I knew he would do a great job.  Even though he was just starting into recording video, we talked about how he could incorporate a slideshow from RealEstateShows, Flickr or Picasa. What I didn't realize was just how much he was going to "ROC...
Mary Steadman from San Jose, CA that is.  According to her site,  http://www.marylifeblog.com/ she fell on some hard times and lost her job.  The good news is that she has since turned it all around. In her own words… My name is Mary Steadman. Married 3 years to Kevin. I lost my job as a boring a...
Here’s what we do know…  Google has recently secured one million phone numbers! Here’s what we don’t know…  When they are going to launch. What’s Google Voice? To put it in Lord of the Rings terminology, if your cell phone is one ring (pun fully intended ) your home phone another, and your office...
Image via Wikipedia First Lady Michelle Obama is in San Francisco today calling on Americans to make this a "summer of service". She’ll be giving the keynote address at a conference on volunteerism at the Moscone Center which is a kickoff of United We Serve, a national call to community service ...
Matt has a new definition of ROI as it pertains to Social Media.  Recurring Online Interaction I like it.  That's the key to your actual Return on your Investment in social media.  Although Matt doesn't know this, it's a key part of the Social Media Engagement Plan I setup for my clients.  Hey, i...
  Image via CrunchBase Alltop is a site that collects All the Top ics from All the Top blogs* and puts them in easy categories.  (now you can see where the name comes from).  Haven’t heard of Alltop?  Maybe you have heard of one of it’s founders, Guy Kawasaki .  Find a category you like and Allto...
Sharing is Caring... Here's an excellent post by Clint Miller and it's NOT about a dishwasher it's about Trigger Points. Read it, learn it, use it.I have a confession to make.  I hate to do dishes.  And, I don’t mean that I just don’t like doing them…I freaking HATE to do dishes.  And, up until a...
YES! The initial Facebook land rush is now behind us. More than 500,000 vanity usernames were registered within the first 15 minutes. Additionally more than 3 million people registered their Facebook usernames in the first 12 hours after the land rush began.  Wow!  Did you get yours?  http://face...

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